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DUmmy Cyrano hinting at a "revolution" if Trump wins in 2020


The DUmp should be a lot of fun to watch election night if the site stays up

Tough talk from Eliot Bongwater

"I say we arrest for attempted murder anyone who denies climate change"

What's the "we" you gutless coward? Everyone knows you'll never do anything that requires even a hint of courage if there is the slightest chance of you getting hurt or arrested.

DUmmy starts discussion on what they might do if Trump wins


"Or will you work against the next Trump regime in a different way? " There seems to be an increase in posters hinting at violence if Trump wins again, although this is certainly not the most blatant statement I've seen.

Or has Kentuck been taken away and replaced with a mole?

Bouncy? Pathetic Loser? Or Both?

Link to the Delusional Dummy's post:

I can't imagine going through life like that poster, seemingly being triggered 24/7.

For your amusement, the DUmmies are really triggered


Most of them have no clue how funding the government works and perhaps it is starting to dawn on them that Blinky really isn't a very good Speaker of the House.

Just wait DUmmies until whoever your chosen one loses the 2020 election and the Republicans regain the House and keep the Senate.

I just hope the two sites remain up on election night.

What if Pelosi doesn't have the votes to impeach Trump?

I strongly suspect there are enough Democrats in purple districts that know they will get voted out of office in 2020 if they vote for impeachment.

If Blinky brings impeachment up for a vote and loses, it would be a devastating political defeat for the Democrats.

Paranoia & Fear over at the Delusional Underground

"What is to stop Barr from ARRESTING Mueller, Hillary, and the heads of the Intelligence Community?"

"Looks like Trump is beginning his coup."

Break out the popcorn

Gloom, Despair, Rage & Depression at the Delusional Underground

The thread made me laugh:

Federal charges brought against MA Judge Shelley Joseph for helping an illegal evade ICE

Federal charges brought against Massachusetts Judge Shelley Joseph, accused of helping immigrant avoid ICE



Democrats Begin Refunding, Rejecting Donations From Ilhan Omar


So begins the backlash, we'll see how much this impacts Democratic fundraising in the 2020 elections.
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