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Yep, I had my telescope out again.

Here are the last two nebula pictures I took.

These are false color images.
What is different here from my other pics is that I am not imaging broadband RGB (Red/Green/Blue) for a photometric (how the eye sees it) image, but rather a narrow band emission line image.
I replaced the 100nm wide Red/Green/Blue filters with 7nm wide Hydrogen alpha/OxygenIII/SulfurII/ filters.
So the image isn't what the eye would see, but the image represents what the elemental emission lines of those three gases look like when they are mapped to the normal RGB image channels (if that makes sense).
In this image, the SulfurII is mapped to the Red, the Hydrogen alpha is mapped to the Green, and the OxygenIII is mapped to the Blue channels.
This is typically called the 'Hubble Palette' because it is the way many of the Hubble Space Telescope images are presented.

This one is called 'Elephants Trunk' and is located about 2400 light years from Earth:

And this one is called 'Pacman' it is located about 9200 light years from Earth:

New Hampshire governor vetoes 3 gun control bills

Good on the governor!!!

Judge dismisses DNC lawsuit against Trump campaign

regarding WikiLeaks and the Russian government.
LOL another bag o' dicks for lefty.

Last night SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites in LEO

Someone got a video of them passing overhead the Netherlands 22.5 hours later -


Funny man Tim Conway passes away at age 85

Ooops - another good idea gone wrong....

I bought a new astrophotography camera for my telescope.


I took my first picture with it a couple of nights ago.
Here is M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy.
It is located just under the handle of the Big Dipper and is 21 million light years from Earth.
The camera has a mono sensor but I make color photographs with it by taking four separate images with color filters and then combine the individual grey scale color channels into a final LRGB color image.
LRGB is Luminace, Red, Green, Blue.
This image is short on exposure time but it is a stacked composite of 60 each 120 second Luminance photos, and 15 each of the individual red/green/blue filter photos also at 120 seconds for each photo.
I think I'm going to have fun with this camera!!!

Does anyone here roast their own coffee?

I just started.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo1 now live

Now T-4 minutes.
Live on NASA TV and SpaceX webcast.
Launch of unmanned crew dragon capsule to the ISS.

It's snowing in Northern Arizona!

16" at my house and it's still coming down!
My dog loves it!

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