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Armed Counter Protesters At KKK Rally in Dayton......your thoughts....

Evidently only 9 KKK members showed up, but there were quite a few armed counter protesters

Now, this guy ain't packing airsoft....that Lancer mag shows there's rounds in it so I have to assume he's carrying a round in the chamber.

I think taking a AR or any long rifle to something like this is stupid, if I had seen this my hand would be on my CCW piece and the 1st wrong move I would draw and fire. It's legal to open carry in Ohio but a damn good way to get shot IMO

You don't hear Hoyt mentioning this at the Dump.....

Colorado Students walk out of remembrance service after it becomes anti gun

So, instead of honoring the kid who helped stop a massacre liberals dance in his blood

So, does Kamlia Harris arrest herself if this Dumpester gets his way

Since Kameltoe has admitted owning a pistol (semi auto weapon) she should turn it in.

My question for Kamel Toe is since she also admits smoking pot does the ATF investigate her? That violates Federal law, she either lied on her 4733 form or had someone buy it for her, another federal crime.......

Another Dumpster "When do we riot" post

My question is when do the leftist have the guts to riot in someplace besides Portland or Berkeley? You know, area's in the Midwest that voted for Trump and have no problem with using the Rooftop Korean method of riot suppression

Well, I finally got around to do my taxes this weekend.....same refund as last year

For all the hype about people getting lower refunds I must be a minority

I do know I got less taken out per week, $25.00 bucks a week on a 40 hour work week and I worked ALOT of overtime last year so I figure overall I got a extra $3000 I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

That ain't much for some people but for this working class stiff it's more money in my pocket (and gun safe ) Santa got me this last year

Never owned a brand new USGI spec M-1 Carbine before. I ain't careful I might ask Santa for a Garand this year

Ok gun people, anyone looking for a deal on Beretta M-9's or 92FS's?

Decent sale running here

I picked up one, $480 total with shipping and FFL

I didn't really need it, I've owned a 92FS for 20 years. With the Army switching to that Sig POS I figured I was going to get another 92FS this year for giggles to keep NIB (I sometimes do that, buy a firearm to pass on as a heirloom down the road)

They also have a decent price on the Italian made 92FS's

I should have gotten that, like the 3 dot sights better but I figure for a safe queen I'll save a couple bucks

DUmpsters are in full censorship mode again "Take this poll down"

Gotta admit, there are some voices of reason in that thread but their few and far between......most are trying to twist the poll saying only Republicans watch CBS

George Takei says "the left must mobilize!!"

What's he going to do, take his shirt off and grab a sword

The only reason this clown is still a D list actor is he came out of the closest and found Twitter.......

Anti Gun Chicago Politician Arrested, 23 guns found in his office,amp.html

Typical Democrat, guns for me but not thee

I love it when Dumpsters show their true colors

You have to wonder what that "reckoning" would be. Sounds alot like a "final solution" to me, if you consider 50-60 million people "evil" that need "cleansing" you better remember quite a few of those who you want to "cleanse" are heavily armed and willing to defend themselves.

And the left calls Republicans Nazi's......sounds like they want to repeat at least FDR's concentration camps
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