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Question for ex service guys on firearms training, pistol qualifactions

How common is it for service members not to have qualified with a handgun?

Here's the backstory. I was at the range today (50 yard lanes) tweaking a scope on a new AR build, older gent wearing a Vietnam Vet cap and his grandson set up on the lane next to me with a Glock 19 and a box of ammo.

That set's off my "new shooter" alarm (Glock 19 at 50 yards.....that's optimism for sure ), so I start watching both very closely for safety reasons.

I notice neither know how to release the slide on the weapon, so I volunteered to help. I asked the grandson if he had any experience and he says this is his 1st time at a range.

I then ask the his grandpa if he'd qualified with a 1911 while he was in the service, he says no....he hasn't fired a weapon since Vietnam.

At that point I go into full NRA Pistol Instructor Mode, showing both how to safely handle the pistol (Glock is the last pistol I would try teaching someone how to shoot on but I didn't bring a pistol today because I wanted to concentrate on zeroing my rifle, my CCW weapon is a S&W Shield and that stays on my hip unless I need it ).

I was just about to move to the 100 yard lane so I went into the office and asked one of the range masters I know to help both of them out.

He takes them both to the 15 yard pistol range and gets them set up. After I get done at the 100 yard lane I go back and 2 shooters at the 15 yard lane have taken both guys under their wings and are showing both of them proper pistol safety and shooting. I know Grandpa had a smile on his face.

Is that unusual that a vet has zero pistol experience ?

Brady Anti Gun Group Loses Lawsuit

And for those claiming a pro gun source ain't a legitimate link, copy of the ruling

Next up for the Brady Bunch to lose will be the suit against Bushmaster.....and the kicker here folks is the DoJ under the anti gun leadership of Holder defended the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act (or PLCAA as it's known)....I bet that twisted Holders shorts in knots no end having to defend THE LAW AS IT'S WRITTEN

Disturbed Women thinks she's entitled to White House

what's good for 1 side is good for the other

Talk about walking into a boobietrap

Walking While White Gets Woman and Child Beaten

Someone will be along to defend this, payback for white privilege I guess

ATF director says ALL AR-15 ammo poses problem for law enforcement

Yeap, sounds like the Obama administration wants to ban all 223/5.56 ammo........

Why Don't We Just Provide Iran with Nuclear Weapons

Since the left seems unconcerned about Iran getting nucs after a 10 year "treaty", why not provide them with tactical nucs right now?

Since Israel has them already you can say we're balancing the playing field

Anti Gun School Administrator Arrested for Trying To Kill Drug dealer working for him, using a gun thyself

Another good anti gunner getting guns and drugs off the streets, to eliminate the competition I guess

I'm surprised he didn't work for Bloomturd
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