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The Liberal Meryl Streep caught hanging around with the right, from 1991.

1Liberus-Maximus 3:16 "And it shalt be manditory law that left shall only flock with left and right shall only flock with right"

This is funny!!!


The demoncrat party won the house. They should be happy.

Guess not. As a wise man once said, "Only the left deals in absolute."

Point the chin, Daddy


Check this c out.

If or when we win tomorrow, she needs to be found. When she is found, someone should walk right to her face, stick that chin out where it is directly at her eye. Then point that chin and make her do something about it as such as to let her know it better be perminate. Let her know this is how it is to War It.

So what if the left lose?

And to you leftists like Graham and such, don't say "We won't" because you wil admit you have no contingency plan. Also protests no longer works anymore. Times change and the days of "MLK/Gandhi" type protests are dead, gone and ignored. #PureFacts

Here is the response, NanceGreggs

I’ve been hearing the bullshit all day – the “Trump isn’t responsible” bullshit, the “both sides do it” bullshit, the “let’s not point fingers” bullshit – and it’s time to shut it down.

To those spewing the “both sides are to blame” bullshit, I pose the following:

Name one Democrat who has called Mexicans rapists and drug-dealers, who has labelled people of colour as coming from “shithole countries”, or has tried to ban Muslims from entering the country because they’re terrorists.

Answer: Don't know about Mexicans or people of color, but LBJ said a whole lot worse on Vietnamese refuges.

Name one Democrat who has called KKK members and white supremacists “very fine people”.

Answer: Everyone who glorifies Robert Byrd

Name one Democrat who has encouraged violence at a political event, with the promise of paying for the legal defence of anyone arrested for engaging in that violence.

Answer: Saul Alinsky

Name one Democrat who has actually campaigned on the idea of divisiveness, and has instilled an us versus them mindset in their supporters.

Answer: Every democrat since 2001

Name one Democrat who has led cries of “lock ‘em up” when referring to their political opponents.

Answer: Every democrat during the GWB presidency

Name one Democrat who has physically assaulted a journalist – and then name one Democratic president who ever praised someone for doing so.

Answer: Hollywood Left, Clinton

Name one Democratic president who has taunted, insulted, and belittled our nation’s allies.

Answer: Obama

Name one Democratic president who has not only praised, but embraced our nation’s true enemies – enemies responsible for violence against their own people, and threats against our country.

Answer: Again Obama

Name one Democratic president who has referred to his political opponents by demeaning nick-names, has repeatedly stated they have “low IQs” – or went so far as to question their citizenship.

Answer: Obama once more

So let’s stop the bullshit. There is no such thing as “both sides do it”, when one side is being continually encouraged to hate those who disagree with them, to hate those who look different than they do, to hate anyone and everyone who their “pResident” tells them to hate.

I’ve heard it said all day that Trump isn’t directly responsible for this act of violence against his political foes. Again, I call bullshit.

Every person who was targeted with a pipe-bomb today is someone who Trump has specifically pointed out as an “enemy” of himself and his followers. He has railed against them repeatedly, and has incited his supporters to see them as enemies as well.

Trump owns all of this. He owns the violence he has incited, and the hatred he has encouraged in order to fuel that violence. He owns every statement, every tweet, every rally cry that has demonized not only his fellow citizens, but the institutions that underpin our democracy – such as our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and a free press.

To hear Trump continually rant against his “enemies” and then absolve him of any responsibility for those supposed enemies being targeted for violence – or even death – is to be complicit in his hateful rhetoric. It is to turn a blind eye to everything he has said and done that has led up to this day. It is to ignore the obvious – the constant encouragement to perceive political opponents as people deserving of violence and/or death.

I heard NY Governor Andrew Cuomo say today that there is “anger on both sides” – and that’s true. But there is only one side that is stoking that anger with lies, encouraging that anger with hateful rhetoric, and vilifying those they hope that anger will be directed at.

Any pretence that today’s events are not a direct result of the shit Donald Trump has been stirring up is an insult to the intelligence of those who have heard the vitriol, and knew that the consequences were inevitable.

Nancy, that was all too easy.

Stalinist Millionare George Lopez attacks Trump Supporter

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - George Lopez got into a scuffle at a Las Cruces Hooters, according to TMZ.

The famous comedian is seen on a video reaching for a man's camera and firmly grasping the man from the back of the neck.

According to TMZ, someone close to Lopez said the man was taunting him with pro-Trump sayings. Lopez is a known opponent to President Donald Trump. He will be in El Paso this December as a part of his "The Wall" tour.

Broadway's Carole Cook shows some sort of "Sacrifice"

The Secret Service wants to hear from the veteran TV star who thinks it would be a good idea for someone to "John Wilkes Booth" President Trump.

Sources connected with the Agency tell TMZ, Carole Cook's comments to our photog when she left Craig's restaurant Sunday night were enough to trigger an official inquiry.

Here is what cost John McCain his presidency!

Jumping the shark as it happened
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