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Dear Leftys and lurkers from DU,

What the hell is with all this "Fuck you" this and "Fuck you" that, "Shame on you" this and "Shame on you" that?!? Think this will solve your problems?!? Here is the answer when it comes to your problem solving, OH HELL NO! Your backs are against the wall and all options are running out. And those beatnik poetry written speech scripts that the big wig posters on DU is on deaf ears. My advice is this: Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how deep is your anger and hate. And ask yourself if you are willing to make the sacrifice for your passions. You should study, in all aspects not 1, about one of the left's greatest unknown heroes, Leon Czolgozs.

A response to Jmowreader

This is gonna be short and sweet. If or when RvW is overturned, it is not, repeat- NOT a ban on abortion. It just simply reverts legalization of abortion laws back to the states where, in my view, it belongs. You and YOUR PEOPLE are proving more and more that all you want is for America be a stateless nation.

McCarthyism Debunked

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