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For all the Dems who are about to lose their seats and the majority for a waste of time and tax payer money called impeachment. #Guaranteed

DUchebag happy a relative Trump supporter had a stroke.

1 hr ago
9. One of my cousins, trump supporter got real upset
He always tries to taunt me about how great trump is doing. He even showed up at my house with a friend wearing a MAGA hat. I didn't even blink and found out today that the poor guy suffered a stroke yesterday. About 2 weeks ago, when we were together at his mom's house, he didn't say anything about trump, so I asked how he liked our 'traitor in chief' and he blew a gasket on me .... the stress is beginning to show among trumpanzee's. They can't defend the trump anymore!

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong: "KILL DONALD TRUMP!!"

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