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the "code of the west"

the "code of the west"

is simple. break it, you end up on boot hill.

one version, as told to young ron howard by john wayne …………...

"I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them."

the code in any form is simple. here is eastwood enlightening eli Wallach ….……

"there are 2 kinds of people in the world, tuco, those who have loaded revolvers, and those who dig. you dig."

there is a nice little list in this article. please post a few more quotes if you can think of them ….

a deprogrammed moonie explains the cult of trump

10 minutes of fun

"the vision thing" was belittled by ghw bush

trump certainly has a vision. a very distopian vision to be sure.

Bernie has a vision, and I can see ms warren's vision as well. some of the others are less clear. the purpose of our primaries is to present these visions to the people, to ombine and refine them, to answer the questions ("how do you pay for that?" and to demonstrate that a lot of people agree and will help make it happen.

“Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not?” rfk

iceland energy expended on bitcoin mining to exceed 840 gigawatts

and increasing fast. this kind of wasteful abuse of energy may eventually evaporate the ocean.

so how about this green new deal : let us require use of cash in all transactions

trump tweets about the trump foundation.....

gee! what a great guy!

reality check on bloomberg

in 1992 perot got about 18% of the popular vote and 0 electors. perot was known for opposing nafta and for a rescue operation in iran. he qualified to participate in the debates where he made several memorable points ("giant sucking sound of jobs leaving …." on bush and Clinton. (the current debate process was formed to prevent any 3rd party participation. it won't happen again.)

outside of new York city Bloomberg is known for exactly 2 issues :
gun control and the ban on large soda drinks. one is a loser (ask beto), the other a laughing stock. Bloomberg will take that r c cola from their "cold dead hands."

inside new York city Bloomberg was mayor for 12 years. during that time trump did a lot of business with the city. if the business was not corrupt, trump will still say it was.

as a dem Bloomberg will be soundly thrashed. as a 3rd party/indy Bloomberg might run 5th in the popular vote.

should the former new York mayor run for president?

the era needs one more state legislature for ratification.

the virginia delegates plan to be that last state legislature.

do the repubs plan to stop this simple constitution amendment from granting full citizenship and equality to over 1/2 of all American voters? is this ft sumpter in civil war ii?

we like to fight on economics, but will you guys choose to open the 2020 election season with this hottest of culture war issues? or will your televangelists concede that our mothers and sisters are equal?

"over my dead body." Phyllis schaffley

the biggest news story of the week is not the amy rohrback/james o'keefe tale of epstein's island

the biggest story is from djtj's new book "triggered" about the lovely afternoons he and his brother spent with a celebrity black guy, proving that his father is not a racist (but is really disconnected from reality.) .

will trump be booed at the lsu/alabama game?

normally i'd say, "trump has finally found a sports crowd that likes him," but if his security and motorcade interfere with tailgating he may regret it.

any repub senator who does not support trump is doomed politically

how did that happen? before trump's nomination several other repubs had sizeable followings. now? id cruz or Rubio were oppose trump they would never win another election.

lindsey graham was a reliable second for McCain. now McCain is dead and graham is trump's sycophant.

now for the question. at some point trump will be finished. i'd hope sooner but in no case later than 2025. what happens then? does democracy break out among the grass roots of the gop? or does the next billionaire strong man step into the saddle? is anyone on the horizon?
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