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the socio economics are interesting

since all off the motorized gangs drove out of the dust bowl, and generally robbed the institutions that were foreclosing the homes and farms of the era. all of the gangs had a "robin hood" reputation which may have had some basis in fact.

there was a short decade when faster cars and automatic weapons could overpower a small town police force and get away at high speed. technology did more to kill the motorized gangs than melvin purvis' posse.

trump wall passes tests. or does it?

army special forces are stopped by the walls imposing size and height

but ........

what do i think? these prototypes are a joke. if you want a great wall, build a great wall. the prototype was built by qin shi huang over 2000 years ago. an american company built a decent wall in palestine not long ago.

what is wrong with the existing border defense that can't be fixed with chain link and more patrols and technology? bolster defenses where they are weak.

how do you rate trump at this #1 campaign promise

the better parallels are to alcohol prohibition

note : al capone stopped murdering people in chicago when prohibition ended.

the drug war has a racial angle, and also a corporate angle. hemp was widely used for rope and for newsprint. du[pnt wanted to sell nylon. hearst wanted to sell pulp wood.

nixon revived the drug war because he could not arrest protesters for peacable assembly, but he could arrest them for possession.

by 1980 the drug war had approached dormancy. "just say no" is a rather libertarian slogan meaning, i think, if you don't like drugs don't take them." this was, of course, weaponized by wm bennet and nancy reagan for reasons at which i can only guess.

are we still in this third drug war offensive? or has a truce been called at the state level in many states? civil forfeiture us still a huge money maker in many localities, and many local police forces are thoroughly corrupted by drug money. the privatized prison systems and prison industries thrive on drug possession charges.

can anyone still believe that the cia (and possibly others) is not involved in drug trafficing?

i was also impressed by the acropolis

stonehenge was fenced in when i was there, visible but i wanted to walk among.

the long climb up fuji was worth it.

pompei and herculeum are worth the trip.

when i was walking i would walk around the battlefield at chalmette (battle of new orleans) once or twice a week. which reminds me i've been to gettysburg. incredibly emotional.

i'd like to visit (in no particular order)

machu pichu
any mayan city. tikal maybe
angor wat and the plain of jars.
easter island

maybe next lifetime.

start with a childs balloon

draw a few stars on the balloon with day glow magic marker. now inflate the balloon.

whatever we mean by the big bang, it is a mathmatical singularity. at some point in the matrix algebra a division by zero occurs. division by zero is not an allowable operation (try it on your calculator.)

how many dimensions are there? we exist in 4, but the fields unify in 11. the bible is silent on this point, which might mean as much as "the image and likeness of god" which may not have the outward appearance of a bearded human at all. most mammals have that same image and likeness of bilateral symetry with jointed appendages, all plants and animals look like cells under a microscope.

"let there be light?" does thay mean electromagnetic radiation? or will you have particles with that? the math that leads to schroediger's cat is called "the uncertainty principle for a reason.

bobby's full name is roberto suave

katrina blew the roof and side off of the house next door. the ol' lady was sitting outside (you might remember how hot it was with no electricity those days) and she heard something from the wrecked house. underneath the bathtub was an old calico with 4 tiny kittens.

one didn't make it, 2 we gave away to friends in chalmette, and the 4th was a fiesty little orange tabby male. he and the ol' lady have been tight ever since.

as bobby reached puberty he would stay out all night catting, thats what tom cats do. he would come home for breakfast, of course, but he would be so beat up and scratched up that the ol' lady finally made me have him fixed. by that time every kitten in the neighborhood was an orange tabby.

by the way, they still fight and still mount the females, but like the ol lady says, "he's shooting blanks."

is "western culture" sustainable?

should the american culture of planned obsolescence and consumerism, promiscuity and hypersexualization be emulated by others?

individualism (if i understand your criteria) is attainable by the elites in every culture, and illusionary to lower classes in the west. and isn't the point of indivifualism that i can step out and create my own culture or synthasize one like lunch on a chinese menu.

which brings me to healthy diet , isn't that a part of culture. we might be about last there if there weren't so many cultures stripped of their resources by western capitalism.

marriage and the family are much more stable in most other cultures than in the west. isn't that a positive for them.

the leakers who scuttled settlement in jones vs clinton and instigated impeachment

in the 2000 story conason describes a few of the lawyers who were working pro bono with lawyers for paula jones and kathleen willey. the women, and their attorneys of record, wanted to settle. but the pro bono lawyers were in on the negotiations and leaked the details (and some false stuff) to drudge for the purpose of prolonging the scandal.

the pro bono lawyers, called "the elves," included laura ingraham, ann coulter, george conway (kellyanne's husband) and surprise surprise deputy specual prosecutor bret kavenaugh.

" But a settlement, no matter how favorable to Jones, wouldn't have served the
political purposes of the so-called "elves," an informal group of conservative attorneys who were secretly assisting her case. At a delicate
stage, the settlement discussions could be scuttled by creating distrust
between the Clinton and Jones camps. And there was no better way to raise
tensios among the lawyers than by leaking sensitive investigative material
about the president to the press."

in a much more recent story conason explains ....

"As a prosecutor in the Office of Independent Counsel, he (kavenaugh) was among the most avid and vengeful advocates of the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He insisted that Kenneth Starr humiliate Clinton in the grand jury probing his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. But his partisan zeal may have carried him even further.

During the period leading up to impeachment, Kavanaugh was closely associated with a secretive cohort of young conservative lawyers -- known as "the elves" -- who were determined to bring Clinton down. Veteran elves who later became famous included Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and George Conway III, husband of Kellyanne."

democracy in america

is there a practical dufference between a republic and a democracy, or is self rule a concept that might me a little more complicated?

even the french estates general, the ultimate example of mob rule, consisted of representatives of the church and aristocracy as well as the commoners.

most parliamentary governments are considered democracies, but the members pf parliament are elected to represent their districts and the house of lords consists of hereditary aristocracy.

the archtype republic, rome, had a senate of hereditary patricians.

the archtype democracy, athens, was ruled by all free citizens. in practice that meant mosty those men with liesure to hang out at the acropolis instead of wotking.

at any rate, our representatives are elected democratically, blurring the distinction even more. is calling our system a "democracy" so wrong as to quibble?

is a monarchy a form of good government?

i suppose if i were a philosopher writing in 18th century europe i'd better sure as hell say so.

i suppose there is an occasional king arthur, but generally life under a monarch is, in the words of one of those 18th century philosophers, 'nasty, brutish and short.'

on edit : arthur was probably fictional, and camelot is only remembered as wonderful in comparison to the saxon and viking kings under whom the britons suffered.

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