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america "open for business" by easter

so why do we need a $2T free shit package?

why will the companies being bailed out be secret until after the election?

secretary general calls for global cease fire for duration of pandemic

i'm sure there are lots of reasons to ignore his request.

socialism - listen to you guys

"pelosi is so mean. she will not let our god emperor buy our votes, and big money campaign contributions, with free stuff."

turns out that i'm the only capitalist on this board. what a laugh you fake american trump worshippers are!

government certainly has a place in the solution to this problem - defense industrialization, research, resources, whatever. but bailing out the most profitable corporations after 3 years of the greatest economy ever bragged about by man a mere week or 2 after the emergence of a hoax? get serious.

give mnuchin "discretionary authority " to spend a trillion dollars? have any of you checked out what mnuchin was doing during the last bail out? get serious.

bail out the hotel and casino industry? may as well subsidize golf courses and frozen steak salesmen.

coronavirus - cuban doctors headed to italy

a cuban medical brigade led by 52 doctors is headed towards italy to combat the virus. cuban doctors are already working in venezuela, nicaragua, suriname, jamaica , and grenada.

what trump should say instead of attacking the press for asking softball questions

or telling the doctors which drugs you "feel" might work.

this is a 4 minute speech that evokes american history and the sacrifices of our ancestors, a speech that could come from trump if he would get his head out of his own ass.

does trump need a new vice president?

pence can not, in trump's (a trump is a "smart guy") judgement do the simple job of leading the cofefe virus task force.

trump's numbers looked good, perfect, until pence began botching the daily press conference.

apocalypse fashions

"This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper." t s elliot

trump is a very emotional man

and he plays with the emotions of his followers. this fails to impress people who must deal with reality

ingraham - "americans need certainty"
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