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obama, of course, never compared himself to god

that was up the rwnjs

according to this theory

cohn, who along with cia, ran a homosexual ring similar to the Epstein compromat scheme, was also involved (through lionel trains) with bloomfield and permindex. that involved cohn with clay shaw and the new orleans end of the jfk conspiracy.

as trump's mentor, could cohn have dropped something on cruz' father?

"So Cohn not only ran child sex rings for CIA satanic cults, and ran homosexual and paedophile entrapment rings for the CIA to collect blackmail material, it also looks like Cohn was involved somehow with the JFK assassination".

what did trump learn from roy cohn?

a very interesting interview from 2016 with daily caller editor Jamie Weinstein

the chisen one

people are saying that epstein used trump's airplane to traffic girls

epstein arrived at the hospital alive. that is where the switch occurred.

anrifa, real or not?

ok, righty, I can see that you are afraid of the boogey man. show me what you got.

I want an interview with an Antifa leader

I want a web address

I want something in the real world that shows that there is really an organization with leaders and communications that calls itself "Antifa" and advocates violence.

the greenland crisis is from a 1995 simpsons episode

i may be wrong here, but when someone calls you "king of the jews"

the correct response is "thou sayest it" rather than claiming the crown of thorns and bragging about how great it is to be the son of god, even if he never gave you anything.

would red flag law have stopped this mass shooter/

1. made “credible threats to conduct a mass shooting and suicide” to acquaintances who informed the FBI."
2. female friend of McVicker's told law enforcement that he “intended to take his knife and slit the pastor’s throat" while also “shooting a church up,"
3. his mother told police that he has abused methamphetamine and cocaine in the past and owns one handgun.
4. reportedly has a history of mental illness,

the guy was arrested for "planning a church shooting" which may not be a crime. should this guy be released and his weapons returned?

is this the antifa that you guys are afraid of?

this crap is put out my rwnjs to stimulate that fear. if there is an "Antifa" it was created as a boogy man and sounded like a great idea to some not so bright children.
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