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is a wall necessary or sufficient to keep immigrants from wherever out?

a wall requires a garrison. easy enough of you are a chinese emperor, but there is plenty of evidence that hadrian's wall was not usually manned well enough to be more than a minor inconvenience to a well armed band of picts.

the israeli wall on the west bank seems to be effective, but the wall is a high tech, movable offensive weapon. not even trump will authorize shooting anyone who approaches the wall.

maybe a wall is not necessary. stringing remote sensors along the border and drone patrols backed by mobile helicopter borne infantry. add regular patrols with ground penetrating radar and the border could be defended to a great degree.

in the other hand, the usa's ruling class is dependent upon illegal labor, and have no intention of keeping their model employees out,

the problem is not that we don't have a wall. it is that we don't have a will.

cia complicit in cocaine imports

this may not seem to be "news" but the link on cia,gov to their insp. general's report is the slammer to accusations of "conspiracy theory."

In all of these investigations, the evidence is not that the CIA willingly set out to flood the streets with illicit narcotics. Instead, we witness a situation where the CIA accepted that the ends justified the means. To topple the Soviet-friendly government in Nicaragua, any means were justified. From arms trading to drug smuggling, illicit activity was willfully ignored rather than face the fact that the CIA had sold the American soul the devil. By pretending that these horrors were not happening on their watch, the CIA became a participant to crimes. And yet, nothing will likely ever be done to address this history. The pride of old men, and the blindness of young, makes it unlikely that the agency will ever willingly admit to what has transpired.

The CIA’s relentless campaign to obfuscate their culpability to drug abuse had tragic results for the reporter who dared air it, Gary Webb. Under attack by CIA-affiliated media sources, he was forced to resign. His name and reputation were destroyed by the CIA and their allies, and eventually, he took his own life in 2004. Despite that, the accusations within his report have

Despite that, the accusations within his report have stood the test, with the CIA’s culpability in the rise of cocaine within the inner city laid out for all to witness. While some conspiracy theorists have claimed that Webb was eliminated by the CIA once he had vanished sufficiently from the public eye, citing that his suicide was done by two bullets to the head, there is no hard evidence to give credit to such a claim. His death, however, did clearly benefit the CIA regardless and gave a stark warning to any other journalists who dared point out that the emperor has no clothes. If they were to dig too deeply, they could wind up like Webb, discredited, unemployed, and alone.

the wager in final jeopardy is the last chance to win

1. only the winner gets money. nobody wants to be second (wins a trip) or third (wins luggage)

2. consider the category. if you are great at world history or suck at opera might influence your bet.

3. consider your opponents. if he is a rocket scientist you can guess he might bet high on physics and has a good chance of getting it right. if she didn't ring in on english literature she might not bet much on shakespeare.

4. consider the game. a final jeopardy "shakespeare" is ALWAYS one of king lear's daughters. of you know reagan, goneril, and cordelia you've got a one in 3 chance.

5. if you have more than twice the 2nd place contestant you can't lose unless you get greedy. if you are the second place guy, and he has more than twice your score, decide whether you really want the trip to las vegas (with no money to spend and no luggage) or if the luggage is nice and will last forever in your attic.

enjoy the game, rat fink.

proposed reparations solution should please everyone

the problem - conservatives think there is too much federal land in the west.
the solution - open up 40 acre tracts of excess federal land for homesteading by the descendents of slaves.

the problem - animal rights advocates think we are mistreating wild horses
the problem - the excess of army mules after the cuvil war no longer exists
the solution - 40 acres and a wild horse.

the problem - ranchers do not want to pay for federal grazing rights
the solution - grazing areas should be privatized by granting to homesteaders.

the uptown home invader may be the uptown rapeist

he seems to be an affluent 22 year old tulane student who collects girls' underwear.

Police probing Uptown home invasions for which a Tulane University student was arrested Thursday (Jan. 21) are also examining whether the incidents are connected to a rape Monday a block from where one of the burglaries took place, according to the man's arrest warrant and a police spokesman.

The student, 22-year-old Oliver Jerde, has been charged in three Uptown burglaries and has not been accused of any sex crime. But Tyler Gamble, spokesman for the New Orleans Police Department, said sex crimes detectives and 2nd District officers are jointly probing possible links between the rape and burglaries, which he said occurred in a similar time period and in the same Uptown area.

if this is the guy he is the son of noted architect jon jerde

A Tulane University student accused of several Uptown home invasions is the son of prominent Los Angeles architect Jon Jerde, who designed the Mall of America in Minnesota and the Bellagio in Las Vegas, among other high-profile shopping and entertainment projects.

Jerde, founder of the architecture and urban planning firm The Jerde Partnership, died last year at 75.

On Thursday, New Orleans police arrested Oliver Jerde, a 22-year-old student at Tulane, after police found him removing items from a house on Pine Street. Police said detectives linked Jerde to at least two other recent home invasions. A law enforcement source Friday (Jan. 22) confirmed he is the son of Jon Jerde.

welfare queen sentenced to 2 years probation

Moseley first applied in 2011 to receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is administered through the state Department of Children & and Family Services, according to testimony in her trial. The state initially denied her application because it correctly showed that she was self-employed, and her required tax forms revealed her income exceeded the program's guidelines.

But when she reapplied the following year, Moseley did not list her employment and began collecting the benefits, according to a news release from north shore District Attorney Warren Montgomery's office.

During the December trial, state workers testified that Moseley repeatedly called to check on her benefits and abruptly corrected them that her title was "Dr." Moseley, when they used only her first name or called her Mrs. Moseley, according to the news release.

An investigation later revealed that Moseley fraudulently collected $11,954 in SNAP benefits and another $3,477 from the Child Care Assistance Program, the district attorney's office reported.

maybe she can go to night school and become qualified for a minimum wage job?

2 more responsible gun owners

this teen was showing a handgun to a 16 year old girl. what could go wrong? "the weapon fired." by itself? probably. when the gun "just goes off" does it always kill someone?

this toddler's grandmother (a security guard) kept her gun under the pillow with predictable results .....

in grandmother's defense our serial home invader (so far no murders or rapes but who wants to wake up with this creep in their bedroom,) is still at large .......

"make america great again."

now would be a great time to raise gasoline taxes by $1 or $2 to discourage use and to repair some of america's roads and bridges. a tax raising price at the pump to around $4 would not be unreasonable.

welcome to skinflint michigan

their emergency manager saved $hundreds of dollars and only poisoned the poor citizens. a real model for future urban austerity.

i like the idea of using potholes as landfills.

mf global 5 years after "losing" 1.5 billion in customer money ....

this story is 2012 but kind of explains what sort of went wrong without using the words "j p morgan bailed in corzine's margin calls by grabbing his customers' deposits.

"If there’s a hard and fast rule about not using customer funds for proprietary purposes, and there’s no dispute that at least $900 million in customer funds did somehow get used for proprietary purposes, why isn’t anybody going to jail?"

corzine, former goldman sachs ceo, us senator, and n j governor can not have been this stupid? can he?

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