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"am i my brother's keeper?" cain

genesis 4 poses a few questions, i'm wondering why god cursed farmers and preferred herdsmen? god gives cain a clear choice : give up farming and take up sheepherding. why do christians and jews persist in farming to this day if god is so against it?

then there is the "mark of cain?" does anyone explain this mark?

then there is the progeny of adam and eve. did they have any children who were not named in the bible?

the "land of nod" is seems to me to be a generic life of nomadism " (since god did not make him "nod off" as i often did at sunday school....) "to the east of eden." where do literalists place this hitherto unlocated country?

and one more : god could have imposed the death penalty for cain's murder of his brother, but instead chose exile.

identity politics in the bronx?

“I can’t name a single issue w roots in race that doesn’t have economic implications & I cannot think of a single economic issue that doesn’t have racial implications.The idea that we have 2 separate them out & choose 1 is a con” ocasio-cortez

she is going to be difficult for the vichy dems in congress to control. my bet : non important committees and very little time at the podium.

property for sale

can these guys really sell something that they do not own?

establishment leader toppled in primary!

joe crowley, leader of the denocratic caucus and a very establishment 3rd way vichy democrat was defeated by young democratic socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez in a new york primary yesterday.

congratulations ms ocasio-cortez on a great victory for your district, your state, and americans everywhere.

will crowley run as an independent in november? he certainly can raise the money and craves power, he might suceed pelosi as minority leader if he can pull it off.

has capitalism outgrown democracy?

zizek sees a strange world where the most successful economic decisions are made by central planners in the forbidden city, it in the board rooms of goldman sachs with no regard for the consent of the governed .....

vsroufakis begins with a short history of capitalism's origins in the enclosure of the commons by the feudal lords (who thus brought about their own demise.

is democracy (or a "republic") necessary for capitalism? how important is "consent of the governed?"

motto of fascist italian "black squads"

who invaded former austria hungary (inc slovenia) after ww i ......

i don't care.

has any act of "liberal violence" matched the oklahoma city bombing?

or the bombing at the atlanta olympics? the shootings at abortion clinics? the burning of black churches or the church shooting in charleston?

or the anthrax letters? or the ricin letters?


"Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye." matthew 3:5

border fence seperates people from jobs

the new fence seperates the new orleans neighborhood of holly grove (mostly black) from white flight jefferson parish. so far no one, not either parish nor the the railroad claims to have built the fence or to own it. the railroad also denies placing the "railroad property no trespassing " signs along the fence. the railroad certainly has an easement for their tracks, but not ownership.

if no one takes ownership of this fence, are the residents (who also have an easement by nature of access) justified in destroying portions of this fence?

note to mrs trump

don't let your husbanf pick out your clothing.

by now you've seen the latest designer jacket worn by mrs trump on her visit to the caged urchins. that looks more like something a street gansta or a pro 'rassler would wear than the fashionable and tasteful (in clothes at least) designer outfits usually seen on the first lady.

did the exodus actually happen

god might work in mysterious ways, but .......

pbs had a special on last night about hannibal crossing the alps with 30,000 men, a herd of horses and burros, and famously, 37 elephants. the passage took a few weeks 2200 years ago and the army can be tracked by digging a few meters down and looking for elephant manure. no problem.

the exodus, as described in the bible, involved 12 tribes numbering 2 million people with herds of sheep and camels. do the math. the leading hebrews would be well across sinai before the end of the column left egypt. by the end of 40 years that many sheep and camels would have deposited enough fertilizer in the desert to grow crops.

the hebrews left no archaeological evidence of their passing and the egyptians made no mention of the spectacular plagues or the missing population. we don't even know who was pharoah at the time. the only mention of "israelites" is from the time of merneptah, in which the tribes af canaan are listed with the israelites being "utterly destroyed." "hebrew" was less of a tribe name and more of a word for "pirate" or "bandit."

professors friedman, prop, and others have a few explanations that seem reasonable. most involve far fewer hebrews, probably a few levites, moving into canaan and taking control of a local population.

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