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Trumps no-fly list position

I have to post this again because Republicans and other threads are still confused about the issue

They are claiming Donald stated position is not his stated position , they keep asking why I am posting the same thing over and over, the answer is simple, the truth still has not sunk in

Here it is again people
I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns.

"I kind of like it when a lot of people die"

- George carlin

Anybody else agree with George?

I must say this about the anthrax terrorist

It was very effective at killing Americans, super smooth, you got to applaud that

I can see why the Republican Party loves him so much, he is one smooth criminal

The way he piled up those bodies so quickly, in order to push a political agenda, even Satan himself must be impressed

Very very impressive

Perhaps The country will get to enjoy his work sometime again in the future

I'm sure the Republican Party would've loved to stand up and defend him again, he should give them a chance to do so

This story never took place, never happened, it's fake news

This never happened, all of the stories are fake news, this event simply never took place

That's right folks, this story never took place , I am being accused of lying because I only post six or seven links to back up my stories, not enough for the mental patients

Total federal funding being withheld from sanctuary cities is ...

$2.3 billion

That's a combination of all the cities

California's GDP is $2.6 trillion


That is like a drop in the ocean

Trump thinks this will get people to pay attention, the cities have already told him to go fuck off

Who would've guessed ....

The Republicans simply don't care about a private email server being used for government business by the president

We just learned that Trump has a private email server that his Twitter is hooked up to

Who would've guessed that they would flip flop on this issue ?

Oh that's right, everybody expected this

Trump voter fraud expert, is committing tax fraud

Checkmate, trump using private server for government business

This is extremely dangerous, using his logic he could be snatched off the street and thrown in jail

The Republicans were fine with him using a private email server, as long as it wasn't use for government business

We all know his Twitter is being used for government business, and it is attached to the private email server

Time to lock up this mental patient, and any of his followers like getting in the way, should also be locked up

The republican plan to pay for the wall

Is to tax Americans traveling into Mexico, five dollars apiece at the border

They think this is a way to make Mexico pay for the wall

Fucking delusions are running wild now

EZ pass to pay for the wall , good idea?, Or total insanity?

Five dollars a Crossing has been brought up as a number

Around 14 million Mexican tourist cross the border every year

At five dollars apiece, how long would it take to raise $15 billion?

There are 120 million people in Mexico, if every Mexican citizen cross the border and paid five dollars we would hit around $600 million

That's a real brilliant idea you guys have there, please proceed with this immediately


The ignorance is staggering
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