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I can almost fondly recall a time here...

When you could almost have a rational discourse with several of the more "ardent" members of the RWNJ genre...
These days, in light of the facts that a total maniac has seized control of their primary system, and the more astute among them recognize that their attempts at destroying Hillarys image is failing miserably, they have all seem to have become unabashed trolls..!!
Posting bullshit trying to represent Democrats as the "Jim Crow" party, and such nonsense is rapidly becoming old and stale, and almost no longer worthy of the favor of a reply..!!
However, if we don't at least let them KNOW they're full of shit occasionally, in their obviously irrational minds, they might begin to imagine we're being silent because they're right..!!
In reality, the only thing they're "right" about, is their position on the social spectrum...And that is of no value in a rational world...

Here's an interesting take on the Trump fiasco....

As written by my childhood best friend and neighbor Henry A. Giroux:

"Trump is the embodiment of a political party and casino driven social order in which informed judgments, moral responsibility, and collective action disappear from the world of politics. Trump’s often insulting, humiliating, misogynist, and racist remarks signify more than the rantings of an antediluvian, privileged white man who is both savvy in the world of public relations and delusional in the world of politics. Trump represents the new face of what Hannah Arendt once called the “banality of evil.” Unapologetic about the racist nature of his remarks, unreflective about an savage economic system that is destroying the planet and the lives of most of its inhabitants, and unaware of his own “criminal” participation in furthering a culture of fear and cruelty, he is typical of an expanding mass of pundits, anti-public intellectuals, and right-wing fundamentalists who live in a historical void and for whom emotion overtakes reason."
The rest of his rather lengthy diatribe is long, but impressive,,,

$2.00 gas..!! YEA..!!

The Circle K down the street is selling gas for $1.99.9/gallon..Thanks Obama..!!!

Tom Brady just threw TD pass #400...

I clearly recall watching Drew Bledsoe go down injured @ 15 yrs ago, and asking myself..WTF is this Brady guy, we're really screwed now..!!!

Run Donald run..!!

Spend a billion bucks..!!....Maybe the Koch bro's will spend another billion to squelch you..!!
A "win /win" situation for America..Two billion dollars funneled back into the economy..!!
Maybe THAT'S how "trickle down" is supposed to work..??..

Scott Walker out..

Just saw a news flash..."And the beat goes on"....

Who cares abot "The Donald vs Carly" news whe you've got a real rivalry...

Situation on hand nearby to watch...

A conversation overheard in the oval office...

a couple of days ago:
"Hey Barack...Do you think we should invite "clock boy" over for a meet up"??
GOOD IDEA..!!..It'll drive those RWW fools up a frikkin wall..!!"
Maybe we can get "The Donald" to send one of his limos over to pick him up..??

Ted Cruz's father is a "Christian activist"

Color ME surprised..!!.....Sorry 'guns" I couldn't maintain my "passive agressiveness" any longer..!!..

Hillary really "dumped trump" last night..

On the Jimmy Fallon show..!!
She made him look very "real"....(And that's not a good thing..!!)...
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