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Apparently, in the warped mind of...

The "D-monster", paying a cadre of bankruptcy lawyers to help him fuck over his creditors, is considered to be "a sacrifice" for his country..???...WTF...????Is he CRAZY...???

Tim Kaine just buried the trumpster..

His speech was a masterpiece...Where WAS he @ a year ago when we were lining up POTUS candidates...???

WOW..!!! He's blowing smoke...

Up EVERYBODY'S ass..!!!

Watching the Cleveland fiasco right now..!!!

The entire Colorado delegation has walked out...This should get interesting..!!!!

Gavin Long..

"sovereign citizen" from Kansas City ....On his birthday...
(apparently there's some confusion as to his race)

Can a declaration of war be..

Issued by the US congress on an organization such as ISIS..??
AFAIK, that action can only be taken against another actual political entity, not an "insurgency"

The "IFC's" are slowly taking over this board...

And it's only a matter of time until the voices of rationality will ALL disappear, just like they did on the "mother ship"
I'm hoping against hope that this doesn't happen before November..

This Comey hearing is purely...

A showcase for various reps to play to their constituents..A total bullshit waste of time and money..!!!
Comey has VERY CLEARLY stated his position as an investigative authority, and there's no way any of those idiots are going to change ANYTHING..!!

History will someday...

Note July 5th, 2016 as the day our country was saved from the possibility of a totally disastrous event...
it'll probably take a while, but eventually, astute historians will recognize the fact that the events of yesterday, completely negated the possibility of a Trump victory in November...And thereby saved us, and the rest of humanity, from certain disaster..
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