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this place is rapidly becoming..

" freeperland lite "....

Can you recall the single moment that changed..

Your life completely..??
Mine was on a Friday morning in late Sept '63...
My friend "Eddie", who's younger sister I had been dating, called me to tell me that his mom, who worked at the local SS office, had sent out my draft notice..
I immediately sped down to my local Naval reserve HQ's to join up ASAP...
When I got there, they took all my info, and advised me that they needed an officer to swear me in, and a medic to give me a physical, and to come back Monday..Which would be too late, since my "greetings: from" JFK would certainly be delivered by then, and I'd be stuck as a grunt..!!
Just as I was about to leave, the CPO who processed me happened to glance out his window, ans spotted a medic Lt.Jg. about to get into his car to go home..He immediately opened his window and shouted out to him that he was needed back in his office immediately..
He was a bit annoyed at first, but once I explained my quandary to him, he gave me a quick exam, and swore me in..
Within less than a year, I was on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Nam, waaaaaay better than in a trench over there..!!
And the rest is history...

Breaking news..!!!

The "Comey tapes" have been found..!!!
Just over on the other side of that "wall"..!!!

6.5 quake in Cal..

Just got a call from a friend there..!!!

Watching Megyn Kelly skewer Alex Jones..!!

You go girl..!!!

according to THIS website...

Bernie Sanders voted FOR Russian sanctions..
But then who trusts internet info these days...??

Why is POTUS so concerned about being investigated..??

If he's innocent, why worry..??

Sessions has raised the ...

Practice of "shukkin' n jivin" to an "art form"....

It's absolutely hilarious to watch. the "basket dwellers" jump ...

all over their once idol, Comey..!!
They have managed to raise the term "sheeple" to an entirely new level..!!!!

You always know when you've got the "basket dwellers" by the...

"short hairs" ....They immediately begin "incessantly" posting "Hillbillary" bullshit...
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