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A how to Video to Add a MP3 Button to Youtube

I just created a video to demonstrate how to install my new chrome extension that will convert YouTube videos to audio MP3 files for off line listening.

Please enjoy, and pass the word

Thank you!

Remember Recording Music to Cassettes from the Radio?

Now you can do the same thing at youtube with the chrome web browser and this new FREE extension

You can download the extension from here...

It's an easy drag-n-drop install (see steps at bottom of linked page) and you will get a new blue button at the bottom of all your youtube videos that will convert the video to an audio (mp3) file, and download it to your computer.

I'm loving it, going through an 80's and 90's flashback

psst... pass the word!

Ukraine, Kiev >= Ferguson, Mo?

I have one thing to say to our dear leaders, and their M$M lackeys...

Hypocrisy, is the tribute vice pays to virtue!

and so it goes...

"Hell to Pay!" - Sen. John McCain

"if the plane was shot down by the Russian military or separatists"

what will have to be paid IF it was the Ukraine Gov?

Hillary: Plane 'Probably Had To Be' Shot Down By Rebels In Ukraine

Sounds like some U.S. leaders have it all figured out.

What will be the fallout if Obama starts blaming Russia, I mean Putin?

and so it goes...
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