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Bernie's Christmas Speech (Powerful)

Saudi Arabia Demands NO-FLY-ZONE in Syria

What if Russia puts one up first?

Is Hillary going for the Jesus look with that burlap sack she's wearing?

In the dem debate or is it just me?

Century of Self - How Gov and Biz use our emotions


An excellent documentary that looks at how our emotions are managed to produce a desired response (behavior).

Truly fascinating and eye opening.

I believe it is also as politically neutral as you can be nowadays, and night and day when compared to what is broadcasted as a documentary in the U.S.

I'm sure DI folks, with their insatiable curiosity, will enjoy it.

Our Country wouldn't be in the mess it's in if our leaders didn't have their enablers...

the M$M who now posits that there are not only 2 sides to everything, but both sides have equal value.

Just fixing that one major problem would go a long way to helping us get back on track simply by keeping our leaders honest with the facts.

How can we fix that?

I have no good ideas myself... I don't think we should have some heavy handed gov arbiter of the truth that censors people, maybe it's something along the lines of equal time, but then who pays for that... not sure how to fix it, but I certainly think that the current culture of the 'fair-n-balanced' media is a big part of what is wrong with our leadership today.

Or maybe this is simply just the way it's supposed to work... and those with the $$$ and the microphones rule.

On a Terrorist Watch List? NO-GUNS-FOR-YOU


Do Conservatives Support the ideals of Sociey?

Or has even that basic bedrock concept of our modern world been abandoned by the wrong... I mean "right", CONs?

It seems to be the root of all evil when listening to the hate barkers (print, radio, and teeVee) on any given day.

When those red meat extremist sentiments started to be echoed by our leaders I knew we were in for very dark days ahead.

So, have conservatives given up on the notion of society being a positive aspect of our nation and her aspirations?

Bring da Trump! (VIDEO)

Who needs Fake Mass Shootings when you can just shake the crazy tree harder?

How PC low will the NRA Go?

We are locked in a titanic, civilisation threatening, global war with the evil doers, but we MUST NOT even consider changing any regulations about firearm PURCHASING because... if you do, you HATE america and you LOVE the evil doers (paraphrasing).

talk about being politically correct, they are the world champs, no doubt!
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