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AP POLL: 71% of Republicans think Trump their Best Candidate to win 2016

Another indication of how far off the rails republicans have become.

Have Republicans Immunized Democrats by False Scandals

The whole boy who cried wolf problem.

I know they have with me, as soon as I hear of a reTHUG led investigation I immediately dismiss it as more of the same dirty politics that they have played since Nixon.

Anyone else feeling numb to the BS political "investigations" coming from republican "leaders" these days?

(Democratic Debate) Sanders: 'People are sick of hearing about Clinton's emails'

Gets standing ovation.

Since "Welfare" is specifically cited in the U.S. Constitution...

Why do conservatives hate that aspect of our constitution so much?

being such strict constitutionalists, allegedly, and all...

hmmm... I wonder

Race to the BOTTOM

How Class Works — Richard Wolff Examines Class

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