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Obama: Unprecedented Stock Market Gains of 200% under his Presidency

More for the history books, but in recent decades everyone who's paying attention knows that the stock market does waaay better with democrats than republicans.

So the simple formula now becomes...

When we have a democratic president; BUY
When we have a republican president; SELL

if you're a wise investor

SCOTUS Rules Publishing Race Hatred Illegal; Falls outside 1st amendment Protection

The result was that an Illinois law making it illegal to publish or exhibit any writing or picture portraying the "depravity, criminality, unchastity, or lack of virtue of a class of citizens of any race, color, creed or religion" was upheld.


Take note purveyors of hate propaganda, the FBI may be taking an interest in your delusional and ILLEGAL behavior.

ADMINS: Please take note.

Supreme Court says Texas can bar Confederate flag license plates

Time to take all the racist hate flags down from all public property.

SC Supreme Court Orders Confederate Flag to be Taken Down

As a violation of the The Equal Protection Clause under the 14th amendment of the United States constitution.

How would you feel when you read that headline?

How long must we wait before we hear a decision to step back from our nation's past hate symbolism ?


psst... pass the word

Those SPAMMING “black on White crime” Here, helped set Roof on Fire.

Now I get why so many conservatives here are having a sad.

They resemble this guy, and they are having a breakdown, because they know that they and their ilk's behavior of racist stereotyping, are directly responsible for this horrific act.

The kid googled "black on white crime", and the first site that came up was a conservative RACIST, HATE site.

My question is, where was DI ranked?

And do we want this place to be one that feeds into this kind of behavior, or prevents it?

Should the racist confederate flag be flown on government property anymore?

The Heritage of Hate... what's not to be proud of... some may say, and have... right here, even

Should the government let the phone companies use their server farms

For their bulk data collection, or should we be forced to pay for the privilege of being spied on, again?

BTW: have any of the phone companies discussed costs, yet?

Is America's Hacking of Global Communications an Act of War?

America in the Middle East (VIDEO)

Learning curves are for pussies

So, what do we do now? Send in the marines, or maybe the national guard?

Or maybe hire Iran and Yemen Houthis, to fight ISIS and al qaeda, at least the Houthis were successful against al qaeda until Saudi Arabia came to al qaeda's aid and started bombing the Houthis?

One thing is for sure, the chimp should have listened to his father and stayed out.

Axis of Evil: Iran, Iraq, and North Korea...

What would happen if EVERY nation had nukes?

I used to think that we needed to ban them, but after decades of witnessing that effort fail, and the many proxy wars, and since the soviet union collapsed, direct interventions, I have started to consider the above question, especially after that bizarre Axis of Evil speech chimpy gave in 02.

It seems to me that countries usually only attack weak countries.

So, if every country had a full arsenal of modern nukes (Satellites, ICBMs, Subs, Artillery, Suitcase, the whole she-bang.), would there be less wars?
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