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The Establishment Freaking Out Over a Possible Trump Victory in Nov.

As they have been wrong all along during this campaign season, they must be shitting their pants considering how close the election is, and how close the polls are.

It is truly unbelievable that Billary is not able to CRUSH this Cheeto Hitler in the polls by now... and I believe with all the obvious bias in the coverage these days will only serve to push more voters away from their preferred candidate if only to thumb their noses at the establishment.

We had a great wakeup call with the Brexit vote, but we have learned nothing from it and are only serving to tip more people over into trumps camp (while holding their noses) as a anti-establishment voter tsunami will propell his incompetent and bigoted a$$ into the White House

RT Bank Accounts Cut in UK, Assange Internet Access Cut... so much for that freedom of speech...

we like to tout...

RT: NatWest to close Russian channel's UK bank accounts

Wikileaks: Julian Assange's internet access 'cut'
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