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Trump Busted Soliciting Foreign Money for His Candidacy - Search Warrants Issued (LINK)

Did anyone hear about this latest treasonous scam?

Trump University is about to give some Americans a free business lesson (VIDEO)

(Though much less articulately)

Will Hillary Make an Abe Lincoln VP Move to Defeat Trump?

Pick a republican.

It would be a bold move, and potentially be an effective trump antidote... however, Bernie would be just as effective but the establishment would never tolerate a true independent who values his constituents concerns and not just wall st.

What Does A Progressive Economist Say About Brexit?

Are We Witnessing The Fight Between Neoliberalism & Neofascism?

Little Indian: "Thinned Skinned Bully, Driven by Greed & Hate" (VIDEO)

speaks truth to wanna-be power

Brexit Gives NeoLib Elite Coronary... that feeling you get when you see the blues in your rearview

at least, and me too!

but they are the ones responsible for this mess we're currently in... up to and including the huge migration, and terrorism issues... and therefore the rise of demagogues the world over (which never ends well when they get in).

My question is... was it enough to sober them the fuck up, and start making a real effort to start listening to the complaints of we the people (not just the $$$ folk)?

And stop calling everyone names who don't go along with another one of their 'bright' trade globalization ideas?

Globalization should be much more than simply a means to make the extreme minority even more money?

Or will the demagogues get in?

It's not 'heroic' to stand up for what 90% of the american people want; better gun control

but it will require a herculean effort to break through the lock that the monied elite have on congress.

in fact, as they get nervous that this issue gives too much exposure to that root problem (captured gov, especially after brexit) they may throw the NRA under the bus sooner rather than later.

Brexit Strengthens Bernies Platform

As it clearly demonstrates that voters are so disgusted with neoliberal policy's that mostly benefit the financial elite, a tiny minority, while leaving most with less.

Which candidate/campaign will make the most of this sentiment, or should I say capitalize on this mood?

Trump: Texas would never secede from US if I were president (VIDEO)

..."because they love me"

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