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Is the Duck Gonna beat Billary?

sheesh... he's gonna crush her as our ubiquitous tabloid journalism comes back to haunt us all (as some have been pointing out for ages) and then there are the minorities he's gonna pull away from her (obviously not all, but he doesn't need all to win, but she does) as he broadens his 'message' (aka appeal)...

what's DI think this far out...

for the comments... are we gonna get something out of this sad state of affairs (emails, hacking our democracy, the duck aka: how conservatives broke reality we all find ourselves in today on both sides of the 'aisle'; the dynasty (expert politicians) and reality tv (the duck, palin, more coming soon) grow up a little

if past is prologue... hell no

FBI probes foreign hacks of state election systems

By Ellen Nakashima August 29 at 1:43 PM
The FBI is investigating a series of suspected foreign hacks of state election computer systems and websites, and has warned states to be on the alert for potential intrusions.

The Aug. 18 warning, issued after two states suffered intrusions into their systems, comes amid heightened concern over Russian hacks of Democratic Party organizations and possible meddling in the presidential election.

The FBI “flash” alert, which is not intended for general public release, listed Internet protocol addresses and other technical fingerprints associated with the hacks.


looks like the duck might have been on to something ;>

Donald Trump Is Right. Black People ARE Poor. Stop Lying to Yourselves.

psst... pass the word ;>

Hacking the Vote: Will Hillary do it AGAIN?

psst... pass the word ;>

Trump Pivots to the Middle (why is that shocking?)

That's what every politician does during this phase, no?

So, why is everyone 'shocked' the Donald's doing it?

Is that being more presidential?

Will it get him more voters?


A Clinton Admin will continue to Increase Tensions with Russia

Are the American people willing to risk WWIII by continuing to support the establishment who only has endless war arm sales, and a falling standard of living for us?

For most of my lifetime our leaders worked to de escalate tensions with Russia... since the neoLIBs and neoCONs took power it has been the exact opposite.

Now we think we can decide the leaders of the rest of the world, and anyone who disagrees with us we simply murder them and their people.

Are we going to allow this to continue to be the new normal

(VIDEO) Donald Trump Visits Louisiana Flood Victims While Hillary and Obama Do Nothing

Interesting critique by a man with a lot to say that isn't heard in the M$M.

Black Trump supporters called 'racist', 'Uncle Tom' speak out. A call for unity.


We all have to stop talking past each other.

U.S. Foreign Policy: We Pick 'Your' Leaders or We Destroy You

How's that been working out for US?
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