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America, Don't be a Sucker! (VIDEO)

Sound familiar...

Now that the M$M is behaving like RW Hate Radio... RW Snowflakes NOW Have an Issue with it...

anyone else notice that?

The RW is going on, and on about the media coverage on Trump, calling it 'fake news' (which it has been for decades, since the loss of the fairness doctrine when their news desks became profit centers) etc.

But from my non-partisian perspective (hidden bias excluded) the M$M is simply sounding in tone and substance more like radio talk shows (aka; hate radio - and if you don't see it, then you need to broaden your reading list) which is terribly biased, and fake, filled with hate and emotion that the RW has suckled on for years.

but now that the same kind of BS media is aimed at them... all they can see is the bias, and BS... but fail to see it in themselves.

strange, eh?

ETA: America, Don't be a Sucker!

Try not to laugh; We're not at war with Islam, nor Muslims... we're at war with M$M Lies! (VIDEO)

...when you consider the truth that leaders and our M$M refuse to cover... that all of this war, and terrorism, since 911, has been started by a small Group of Wahhabi Extremist, Funded by the West, via SA that have actually funded an attack, on US... that risks a scale of conflict, a scale of disenfranchisement and alienation, that is an abomination to all human beings who inhabit this planet.

jump right to the important part of the video (2 minute, 50 seconds in)...

or watch the whole video...

psst... pass the word

Get Insurance Companies out of Healthcare

They're the ones who fucked it up so bad that we even need a fix to begin with.

Of course any insurance company plan isn't going to work re; keeping costs down, and providing everyone coverage.

Waay past time for universal HC which will do both.

It's only a matter of time before the people get what they want as this past election here and abroad fhas shown; folks are sick and tired of the corporations and MIC running our country.

The establishment is on its way out, as long as they don't make voting illegal.

NYT: "Establishment Democrats Seems To Be Insane!"


but the www is

The Russian Connections (VIDEO)

The Vital Role of Organized Labor

Published on
Saturday, June 17, 2017
by Common Dreams
The Vital Role of Organised Labor

"What is so 'radical' about working people demanding to regain their middle-class status?" Macaray asks
byDavid Macaray

"Fortunately, the apparatus for resistance is already in place," Macaray writes (Photo: AFSCME/Twitter)



After decades of being screwed over by our "bosses" and tolerating the intolerable, people have had and seen enough.

People are starting to fight back in keeping with our long-standing tradition of fairness, transparency and equality. While acknowledging that "equality" has been an objective that has been something we struggle with considering our history, it is still an objective that is still on the "board" so to speak, and therefore something we are still striving towards, and making progress with. Which always gives me hope to carry on the struggle!

NYT: Russia threatens to target U.S. warplanes over Syria

Newt Gingrich shamed for blaming GOP baseball shooting on Democrats using 'vulgar' language

These HATE monger cheerleaders, who have been doing this for DECADES, trying to make more political bullshit hay out of this tragedy

Maybe Now Republican Leaders Came Come Together on Gun Control?

It's long past due at this point most reasonable people would agree that the extreme liberalization (guns for everyone, everywhere) obvIously ain't working!
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