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Obamacare-related Tax credits to lower Tax refunds of millions this year

I was under the impression that the ACA would lower costs for the average family by about $2,500 a year. What happened?

Obamacare-related Tax credits to lower Tax refunds of millions this year

US President Barack Obama’s healthcare insurance law was once seen as a big political advantage for the congressional Democrats as the Affordable Care Act was touted as “the largest tax cut for healthcare in American history.” But experts have come up with entirely different arguments about health insurance and tax refunds.

According to the experts, the Obamacare has made an already complicated tax system more complex for many consumers as over one third of the nearly seven million American households, receiving tax credits to help pay for Obamacare to get insured, will lose all or a portion of their expected tax refunds this year.

George Brandes, vice president for health care programs at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, said, “More than a third of tax credit recipients will owe some money back, and (that) can lead to some pretty hefty repayment liabilities.”

U.S. Tried to Take Foley and Other Hostages From ISIS

EDGARTOWN, Mass. — A United States Special Operations team tried and failed to rescue James Foley and other Americans held hostage in Syria during a secret mission in early July authorized by President Obama, senior administration officials said Wednesday.

A day after Sunni militants posted a video showing Mr. Foley being beheaded, officials described what they called a “complicated operation” in which several dozen commandos were dropped into a remote area of Syria where American intelligence agencies believed several hostages were being held by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The officials said they believed a number of the terrorists were killed in the operation.

But when the Special Operations team arrived on the scene, the hostages were not there. Officials said the commandos exchanged fire with militants, and one American was slightly wounded when one of the United States aircraft came under fire.

All of the team members were evacuated successfully. “It was not ultimately successful because the hostages were not present at the location of the operation,” a senior administration official said, speaking on background about the mission. “We obviously wish this had been successful.”

A good effort SOCOM.

Ferguson protesters: The peaceful, the elders, the looters, and the ‘militants’

FERGUSON, Mo. — On one corner of a battered stretch of West Florissant Avenue, the epicenter of ongoing protests, young men pull dark scarves up over their mouths and lob molotov cocktails at police from behind makeshift barricades built of bricks and wood planks. They call the gasoline-filled bottles “poor man’s bombs.”

The young men yell expletives and, with a rebel’s bravado, speak about securing justice for Michael Brown, the black teen fatally shot Aug. 9 by a white police officer, “by any means necessary.”

... They will not give their names. But their leaders say they are ready to fight, some with guns in their hands. “This is not the time for no peace,” said one man, a 27-year-old who made the trip here from Chicago.

He spoke after a small group of fellow militants held a meeting behind a looted store, sketching out ambitions for the days ahead.

And it starts

It was only a matter of time before some morons in the press did this. I'm just surprised it took them more than one day.

Is the media trying to get Ferguson police office Darren Wilson lynched?

CNN broadcast a report Friday that showed the house, including the street number, of the Ferguson police officer who police say shot Mike Brown. The officer has been in hiding due to death threats since the shooting last Saturday. His name, Darren Wilson, was just released Friday morning.

Another news outlet apologized for broadcasting video of Wilson’s home while others have virtually drawn a map to Wilson’s house for those bent on vengeance.

Yahoo News named the community Wilson where Wilson resides and published a photograph of the officer.

Why is Feminazi bad but Teabagger okay?

I've noticed in the last few days that the term "Feminazi" is not liked by the Left wingers on this site. I agree. I don't think it's appropriate and it shouldn't be used. But I have to wonder why the same people see no issue with using the equally offensive term "Teabagger?" Now, I know some will say that the second term was one that the Tea Party used themselves. Well, that would work if they were still using that term to describe themselves. But it's pretty clear from the threads here, and on the net generally, that the term is considered a pejorative by the majority of RWers. So, why the double standard?

Why did President Obama break this promise?

I voted for President Obama in 2008. I, like many Americans, was ready for a change. What I received, however, was far from it. The renewal of the Patriot Act and the increase in NSA surveillance were two of a number of reasons I didn't vote for him again in 2012. This was something he promised to fix, something that was relatively easy to fix, yet he continued and expanded the policies of the previous administration in this regard.

When President Obama was running in 2008, I copied all of his policy positions (in .pdf format) to my laptop. I was cleaning out some files today and ran across them. After reading a few, I decided to post some excerpts here to show his promises stacked up against the reality of his presidency.

I'm going to start with Homeland Security:

(From 2008 campaign website)

“We are here to do the work that ensures no other family members have to lose a loved one to a terrorist who turns a plane into a missile, a terrorist who straps a bomb around her waist and climbs aboard a bus, a terrorist who figures out how to set off a dirty bomb in one of our cities. This is why we are here: to make our country safer and make sure the nearly 3,000 who were taken from us did not die in vain; that their legacy will be a more safe and secure Nation.” - Speech On U.S. Senate Floor, 3/6/07

Revise the PATRIOT Act: Barack Obama believes that we must provide law enforcement the tools it needs to investigate, disrupt, and capture terrorists, but he also believes we need real oversight to avoid jeopardizing the rights and ideals of all Americans. There is no reason we cannot fight terrorism while maintaining our civil liberties. Unfortunately, the current administration has abused the powers given to it by the USA PATRIOT Act. A March 2007 Justice Department audit found the FBI improperly and, in some cases, illegally used the PATRIOT Act to secretly obtain personal information about American citizens. As president, Barack Obama would revisit the PATRIOT Act to ensure that there is real and robust oversight of tools like National Security Letters, sneak-and-peek searches, and the use of the material witness provision.

Strengthen Warrantless Wiretap Approval Process: Barack Obama opposed the Bush Administration’s initial policy on warrantless wiretaps because it crossed the line between protecting our national security and eroding the civil liberties of American citizens. As president, Obama would update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to provide greater oversight and accountability to the congressional Intelligence Committees to prevent future threats to the rule of law.

Restore Habeas Corpus: The right of habeas corpus allows prisoners to ask a court to determine whether they are being lawfully imprisoned. Recently, this right has been denied to those deemed enemy combatants. Barack Obama strongly supports the bipartisan efforts to restore habeas rights. He firmly believes that those who pose a danger to this country should be swiftly tried and brought to justice, but those who do not should have sufficient due process to ensure that we are not wrongfully denying them their liberty.

What if a Republican President issued an executive order.

This hypothetical President has just signed an omnibus bill that raised the corporate tax rate to 45%. The law is very clear and is due to take effect in January of the following year (approximately six months away). He issues an executive order delaying the implementation of the tax for any corporation with over 2000 employees for two years. His reasoning is that it would be too much of a burden on the companies, and that his executive order is perfectly legal because he has wide discretion in implementing the law.

What are your thoughts on this scenario?

Jimmy Carter speaks.

I voted for Jimmy Carter for President. It was probably one of the biggest errors I've ever made as a voter. When President Carter equates Hamas to a legitimate political actor, it reminds me of why I regretted that vote.

The United States and EU should recognize that Hamas is not just a military but also a political force... Only by recognizing its legitimacy as a political actor -- one that represents a substantial portion of the Palestinian people -- can the West begin to provide the right incentives for Hamas to lay down its weapons...

Pregnant Chelsea Clinton Rocks Maternity Look We Never Saw Coming

Now in style news we never saw coming -- pregnant Chelsea Clinton rocked some faux leather maternity pants on Thursday. I'm sorry, normally I try to build up to things like this, but this time I just had to blurt it. Chelsea Clinton wore pleather pants this week. Pleather maternity pants. And the most surprising thing is she looked good in them.

The former First Daughter was attending the 2014 Wildlife Conservation Society Gala with her parents, so it's a good thing those pants were faux. Although I'm not sure cattle could be quantified as "wildlife" per se, but still. Probably bad form to wear animal skin to a gala honoring the animals.

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