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Navy vet, 100, persuades protesters to let him speak: 'Give me a chance'.

Way to keep it classy. This is why these protests are garnering less and less support. What kind of lowlifes would interrupt such a ceremony? A bunch of classless fools.

Navy vet, 100, persuades protesters to let him speak: 'Give me a chance'

U.S. Navy veteran Dario Raschio was all smiles Saturday as he awaited a special honor from U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, who joined him at Portland Community College's Southeast Campus to present the 100-year-old with a handful of medals.

"I feel I'm no hero," said Raschio, dynamic and spry, before the event. "I don't accept it as being a hero. I accept it as being a part of my job."

Shortly after Wyden began speaking, though, protesters erupted in the back of the room, shouting "hands-up, don't shoot!" More than 100 pushed through the doors, banged on the windows from outside and hoisted signs.

Raschio and his daughter, Pam Brown of Portland, had a front-row seat to the spectacle. Raschio's smile faded.

Demonstrators across the country have used "don't shoot" and "hands up" as rallying cries following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, last fall. "I can't breathe" references the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who died in July following a chokehold by a New York City police officer.

Half of Obamacare subsidy recipients may owe refunds to the IRS

Many of us have suspected this would happen. Now it's confirmed. With the employer mandate now in play, expect even more pain to follow.

Half of Obamacare subsidy recipients may owe refunds to the IRS

As many as 3.4 million people who received Obamacare subsidies may owe refunds to the federal government, according to an estimate by a tax preparation firm.

H&R Block is estimating that as many as half of the 6.8 million people who received insurance premium subsidies under the Affordable Care Act benefited from subsidies that were too large, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

“The ACA is going to result in more confusion for existing clients, and many taxpayers may well be very disappointed by getting less money and possibly even owing money," the president of a tax preparation and education school told the Journal.

While the Affordable Care Act fines those who don't have health insurance, it also provides subsidies for people making up to four times the federal poverty line ($46,680).

Harry Reid might be immune, but Sarah Palin certainly isn't

A lot has been said today about the incivility concerning Senator Reid's training accident. For the record, I responded in one of those threads with the following:

MeatSandwich (3,138 posts)
7. I don't like Harry Reid as a politician one bit. But as a human being, I would hope for his speedy and mostly painless recovery. Just my two cents.
With that said, I did a bit of research and found the following tweets directed toward Sarah Palin and her family. I am not going to excerpt them here simply because some of them are so vile that common decency prohibits me from doing so. I would be interested in your thoughts once you have read through the link I provided.

Twitter death threats to Sarah Palin
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