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It's really not Hillary's fault.

She never saw the e-mail from the State Department. That's her story, and she's sticking to it.

Democracy Alliance Pledges to Keep Donors Secret

Shadowy donor club to shield donor names, internal deliberations from public view.

December 4, 2014

A shadowy club of ultra-rich liberal donors assured contributors at a recent closed-door meeting that it will not disclose their involvement if they wish it to remain secret.

The Democracy Alliance says opacity in political funding and the influence of “big money” is corrosive to the democratic process, but the group currently discloses nothing about the hundreds of millions of dollars it steers to leading liberal and Democratic organizations.

It is now discussing steps to increase transparency of its operations, according to internal documents from the organization’s November conference obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. However, it insists it will keep key information from public view.

The Alliance is assuring donors that DA will not reveal their work in steering massive sums to major political groups.
This is kind of funny since they said the exact same thing *this* year. I guess a year wasn't enough time to nail down the transparency pledge. It just amazes me when I hear the same bullshit from the left about the Koch Brothers. Don't you get it? They're *all* the same.

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