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Whataburger fires employee for refusing to serve police officers

Is this a trend? I've seen a number of stories about this over the past few weeks. Now, personally, I don't think so. But we have several posters here who like to post "bad cop" stories, then extrapolate that to an epidemic of police corruption across the country. Can I then extrapolate this to an epidemic of cop haters across the country?

A Texas Whataburger employee was fired Wednesday for refusing to serve two police officers in what the company is describing as an appalling incident.

Officers Michael Magovern and Cameron Beckham were working off-duty security at a construction site on I-35 early Wednesday morning when they decided to stop at the restaurant in Lewisville, FOX 26 reports.

Magovern said before he could even place his order, the man behind the counter told him “We don’t serve police officers.”

The two officers decided to leave and went and got food at Dairy Queen instead.

"We were appalled to hear of an employee refusing service to two officers, as we have proudly served first responders across our system for decades,” Whataburger said in a statement Wednesday. “As soon as we heard of this isolated incident, we began our own internal investigation overnight. The employee that refused service is no longer employed with Whataburger. We've also invited the officers back today so we can apologize in person and make this right."

Fed rate hike likely to modestly temper growth

The Federal Reserve could raise interest rates for the first time in almost 10 years on Thursday.

A Federal Reserve interest rate hike Thursday could shake markets but is likely to cause just a ripple in the solidly growing economy, analysts say.

And some economists say rates are so low that a small bump might actually spur growth. The Fed's benchmark short-term rate has been near zero since the 2008 financial crisis.

Many experts say it's a toss-up whether the Fed will pull the trigger Thursday after a two-day meeting. Waiting until later in the year or early 2016 could allow tumbling unemployment -- now a near-normal 5.1% – to eventually trigger an undesirable pickup in inflation. But acting amid market turmoil and global economic weakness could jeopardize the six-year-old recovery.

Good, bad? Discuss. I'll join in if there are some replies.

People we lost in 2015

122 pictures and descriptions of notable people we lost in 2015. Personally, I didn't know we had lost so many that I was familiar with.
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