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Louise Mensch Fools Liberals Again With Major Conspiracy Theory

I'm still waiting for the indictments? Aren't you?

"For undisclosed reasons, 'anonymous sources' are leaking to Mensch—but not to major news organizations

According to renowned Russian conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch, the mainstream media “is being scooped on the story of the century.” In her Patribotics blog post, Mensch claims—based on anonymous sources—that a “sealed indictment has been granted against Donald Trump.” Claude Taylor, Mensch’s conspiracy theorist partner (who touts himself as a former Clinton White House staffer even though he only worked in the volunteer office) took to Twitter in tandem: “Louise Mensch and I are reporting that a sealed indictment has been issued against Trump by FISA court to serve as the basis of Impeachment.” For undisclosed reasons these “anonymous sources” are leaking to Mensch and Taylor but not to major news organizations.

The first major problem with this claim is that FISA courts don’t issue indictments—they only review surveillance applications for foreign spies—and they don’t oversee any grand juries that would issue such indictments. The use of any information obtained from surveillance warrants would have to be authorized by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who reviews all the applications. “No information acquired pursuant to this subchapter shall be disclosed for law enforcement purposes unless such disclosure is accompanied by a statement that such information, or any information derived therefrom, may only be used in a criminal proceeding with the advance authorization of the Attorney General.”

Even though Mensch and Taylor’s overtly false claims were mocked by many, but thousands on Twitter fell for the conspiracy—including several journalists and public figures with large platforms.

Celebrity George Takei tweeted his hope for “a sealed indictment of Trump from the FBI.” Too bad the FBI doesn’t issue indictments, either—that would be the Department of Justice. Actress Emma Kennedy corroborated Mensch’s FISA indictment conspiracy, and GQ‘s Keith Olbermann retweeted “could be huge if true.” Olbermann and others claimed Mensch’s initial FISA story was true, but The New York Times debunked it. “To date, reporters for The New York Times with demonstrated sources in that world have been unable to corroborate that the court issued any such order,” responded the Times‘ Charlie Savage.

So far Mensch has accused Bernie Sanders of being a “Russia agent of influence,” claimed the Ferguson Riots were funded by Putin and that Anthony Weiner was catfished by Russian hackers. She called ProPublica, Democracy Now and several other media outlets Russian shills, accused anti-fascist protesters of being Russian actors, cited the Boston Marathon bombing as a Russian attack and linked a London terrorist attack to Putin."

Audio recordings link voter fraud scheme to Dallas County Elections employee

Arizona Man Arrested for Threatening Congresswoman Over Trump Support

The tolerance of the left on full display.

The FBI has arrested an Arizona man on suspicion of threatening to shoot Rep. Martha McSally (R., Ariz.) for her congressional votes in support of President Trump.

Tuscon Unified School District employee Steve Martan, 58, was arrested for allegedly threatening to assault and murder McSally in three different, expletive-filled messages left on her congressional office voicemail on May 2 and May 10, the Arizona Daily Star reported Monday.

A criminal complaint for the case was filed in U.S. District Court in Tucson on May 12 and detailed the content of each voicemail.

"Yeah this is for Martha McSally," Martan allegedly said in the first message, before saying that he wanted to wring the lawmaker's neck.

All roads lead back to Russia.

Except when they don't. I find this line of reasoning by the far left to be absolutely fascinating. They will take any minor or non-substantive factoid (Trump went to Russia for a beauty pageant) and spin it into a complete theory of international political intrigue. I can't imagine anything more vacuous and unproductive.

No arrests today. What happened?

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