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An open letter to that dumb SOB in Walmart today.

As a federal prosecutor and former criminal investigator with 35 years in law enforcement, I just wanted to say that open carry in a Walmart (or anywhere else really) is a stupid idea. Since we both were armed (mine concealed) I think I might have some valid points here. First, you were using a pancake holster on a loose belt with no thumb-break. I would never do it, but how easy would it have been to take that Sig compact from you? Keep that weapon tight against your body, at least.

Next. Even though you might think you were protecting your wife, who was with you, you were doing the exact opposite. As a bad guy, you would have been my first target. After all, it's important to take out the greatest threat first, right? And friend, that was you. Now, since, as a bad guy, I'm probably not a truly excellent shot, the chances of hitting both you and your wife would be pretty good.

After you, I would have targeted any military or police looking people (you know military t-shirt and such) or those that appeared to be in good shape.

Then finally, and in no hurry, those typical run of the mill victim bastards. In my mind, they pose no threat at all, and I can just take my time shooting them.

Bottom line, take your head out of your ass and try to think tactically for a second. It just might save your life.

I've been listening to CNN lately ...

Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Treason, and Trump Tower meeting. Anything else going on that I should know about?


And other words the left doesn't have a clue about. Yet, this doesn't stop them from throwing the word around. Fucking morons.

Pelosi Vows To Avenge President Obama If Its Last Thing I Do By Opposing Trump SCOTUS Nominee

Saw this on Weasel Zippers and had to laugh. I think she must have a deficiency of some sort. And yes, I'm being serious.
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