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The NRA killed Epstein to get gun control off of the front page

So if Trump is a lifelong white supremacist

then why doesn't he know that 88 means "Heil Hitler?"

(I actually knew that already from watching A&E documentaries on skinheads back in the 90s. They'd show members of "the master race" having beer parties and smashing beer cans on their foreheads. LOL.)

Obama's legacy - FAIL!

Hillary's campaign (who Obama said was the most qualified candidate EVAH) was seen by many, including Obama, as a referendum on his "legacy." And she lost - to reality TV star DONALD TRUMP of all people!

Now several of the top Dem candidates have as one of their main platform planks getting rid of his "signature" legislation, the ACA.

He called ISIS the "JV."

But he did win a Nobel Peace Prize!

Worst Star Spangled Banner EVAH!

How stupid is Jerry Nadler?

Although I doubt it will happen, if Nader succeeds in getting grand jury testimony to continue his fishing expedition (which hasn't gone well so far) does he not realize that this will also give Republicans the ability to subpoena grand jury testimony?

The Democrats yesterday did succeed in taking someone down yesterday

Unfortunately for them it was Mueller.

It's amusing how the MSM pretends they aren't as bad and wrong as the Democrats

They spent over two years pimping the Mueller is going to being the president down narrative and now that the Democrats have failed miserably pretend that they're just observers.

Here's what some R should ask

"Mr. Mueller, where you able to find your car keys this morning?"

I'm streaming CBSN on YouTube

They're going all Rachel Maddow.

I'm starting to feel really bad for Mueller

"Can you repeat the question?" a zillion times.
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