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I'm 100% sure that socialism works

As long as I'm in charge and get to determine what everybody else's "fair share" should be.

The second half of this is pretty intense

body cam of pursuing armed shooting suspects:

What Trump should've done at the summit press conference just to toy with the media

He should've pretended that he thought he was off mike and then audibly whispered to Putin that he'd have more flexibility after the midterms.

Trump is meeting privately with Putin in order to

MSNBC is downright hilarious

While I was doing stuff around the house this afternoon I put MSNBC radio on my Internet TuneIn radio.

The people they have on already have President Trump and his "minions" tried and convicted. I can't help but laugh at how far they leap on their conclusions and how much they make up. If these people actually believe the crap that they're spewing then they all need to seek professional help.

Hey, lefty, thanks for the free ammo!

Several years ago I bought a Slide Fire bump stock for my AR-15. I bought it as a novelty item and have never even bothered to use it. I thought the original pricing was kind of high but I kept my eye on them for a few years and after the market was saturated they went on sale at a lot of firearms etailers. I picked mine up for $110.

Earlier this year Washington State did the typical lefty emotional reactionary thing and banned them, making possession of one a felony and upping the penalties if one is used in a crime. As signed into law possession does not become illegal until July 1, 2019. As part of the bill the Washington State Patrol will implement a buyback program for $150. So I'll make $40 out of the deal that I plan to spend on .223 ammo. Then I'll got out and burn that ammo with my bump stock prior to surrendering it to the state. Yeehaw!


Boy, that Trump guy sure is a sneaky fellow

Looks like our intel services (all 17 of them) have the names of every single Russian who's been "hacking our elections" since 2016 but after well over a year of intense investigation and probing it doesn't look like Mueller's crew with unlimited resources have found a single link to the Trump campaign.

But we KNOW the Trump campaign was in collusion with Russia the whole time because WaPo, NYT, CNN & MSNBC tell us so.

Does anyone think that Russia is the only country trying to hack our elections?

Doesn't it seem odd that our much vaunted intel services only seem to be able to find Russia trying to poke around in our electoral systems?

What about China?

Or other countries?

By my count Strzok has 1 minor win and 2 major losses

WIN: He helped prove that Hillary is above the law.

LOSS 1: Got busted cheating on his wife.

LOSS 2: Trump is president and his efforts to the contrary failed.

Latest & greatest trigger

Being sold on Amazon and Ebay:

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