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I finally got triggered today.

Upgraded my Shield 9 with an Apex Action Enhancement Red Trigger & Duty/Carry Kit.

- Smoother than the stock trigger
- Reduced take-up and reset
- About 2 lbs lighter (roughly from 8 down to 6)
- Aluminum Glock style safety trigger vs plastic hinged S&W trigger
- Some new springs here and there and a new sear

Trip to the range tomorrow to try it out . . .

DUmmies already preparing to lose in 2020 - LOL

A DUmmie's natural state of being is depression and loserdom.

NewsCenter28 (597 posts)

I dont expect the national media to cover the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary/eventual nominee
If the current occupant is around in 2020 and running. Instead, all we will hear about are his tweets and calls to lock him/her up (the eventual nominee) that is. The only oxygen we will get is during the 3 debates, themselves, and all of the post-debate coverage will be on how Occupant conducted himself. I also expect Occupant to try to steal the show from us during our VP pick and the Democratic National Convention. His stooges, the right wing media, will happily oblige. The media will make it seem like Occupant is running unopposed. Sickening! Sorry, he disgusts me so much I am no longer capable of saying his name.

More here:

New record. Only 8 days to get an Ebay item from China!

I buy lots of misc and little electronic doo-dads from China on Fleabay. Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks to get here, worst case four weeks.

My Dell Laptop keyboard was getting old - one key broke in half and another started falling off. (This is the computer I use the most so the keyboard held up pretty well for how much use it's seen so I'm don't blame Dell.)

I bought the keyboard on the evening of 4/12, it shipped on 4/13 and it showed up in my mailbox today! Easy install and works just fine, even the backlighting. Was advertised as used "99% new" but it's brand new as far as I can tell.

BREAKING! DNC sues Hillary for screwing up 2016 campaign!

Not really. But they should since she's the main reason that Trump got elected.

Trump pulls an Obama

Says he's going to lob missiles into Syria and then doesn't.

Hillary sure is lucky that Comey didn't want to play the perjury trap game with her

WASHINGTON — During her consequential July interview with the FBI, Hillary Clinton displayed a slim grasp of the fine points for handling classified information and often expressed little recall for specific emails containing sensitive information that transited through a private server during her tenure as secretary of State.

Clinton, who could not remember receiving "any briefing or training'' for handling such information, later acknowledged to agents that she did not recognize a common document marking used to identify it as classified information.

Does anyone believe that an incoming SoS never receives any briefing or training on how to handle classified info?

Now where did I park?

Recent flash flood in Brazil.


Weird story from Pacific NW - Pervert's Gingerbread House in the woods

KING COUNTY, Wash. – A Department of Natural Resources worker searching for a long-rumored “gingerbread treehouse” in the Snoqualmie National Forest found the house – and inside of it a cache of child pornography that led to a man’s arrest.

Daniel M. Wood, 56, is facing child pornography charges in King County Superior Court after an FBI investigation tied him to the treehouse and dug up more child pornography in his Mill Creek home, according to court documents.

A summons was issued for Wood to appear in court March 26, and he’s been ordered not to have contact with any minors.

More here:

Good guy with AR-15 stops knife attack

OSWEGO, Ill. -- A man armed with an AR-15 rifle helped stop a knife attack during an argument in Oswego.

It happened on Monday at an apartment building on Harbor Drive.

Police say it all began when someone with a knife attacked another person during an argument.

Neighbor Dave Thomas, who witnessed the attack, went into his home, got his rifle and ordered the suspect to stop.

For those unfamiliar - clip vs magazine

A clip is used to store ammo. A magazine feeds ammo into a firearm.

Here's an example of how clips can be used to assist in loading magazines.

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