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Ultimate example of American Exceptionalism

The only country where an abused poor black child can grow up to be a rich white pedophile.

(Micheal Jackson)

How The Taliban and Saddam could've avoided the evil Bush's predetermined wars

Had The Taliban seceded to the demand that they turn over Bin Laden then the NATO (not US) led invasion would probably not have occurred as there would have been much less political support for it.

Saddam was given several options to avoid war:

1) He could have complied with the UN WMD inspection regimen and similarly much reduced the political impetus for his overthrow. He chose, however,. to think that France and Russia, major oil customers, would continue to cover his ass in the UNSC.

2) 48 hours prior to "shock and awe" Bush gave him yet another chance to avoid war by abdicating and taking the Idi Amin retirement plan. Saddam chose not to.
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