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Dems: It's bad for Russia to meddle in our elections (if they even are)

But perfectly fine for the Obama admin to meddle in Israel's election in order to subvert Netnayahu.

Hillary Clinton is a lot like Lincoln

Except that he was a tall male Republican who told the truth a lot.

I'm very proud of the fact that I got re-elected with 67% of the vote.

In a state that is 2/3 registered democrats.


Trump talks smack about women. Hillary enables rapists.

She has a good laugh at getting the rapist of a 12 year old off on an evidentiary technicality.

She attacks and disparages her husband's concubines and sexual assault victims.

When her husband boinks an intern and shoves cigars in her, she blames it on a vast right-wing conspiracy.

But Trump is unfit to hold office?

It's a pretty low benchmark

But at least neither one of them is as bad as Biden

This week's anti-Trump meme - proof of how slow the left is

Trump lost $900+ million in 1995.

He wrote a book about it in 1997.

The left didn't figure it out until this week.

The left doesn't like business

If a business endeavor makes profit then that is evil and done on the backs of employees.

If a business endeavor loses money then that evil and stealing taxes.

After temporary post-debate blip

Hillary is back down to a meager 2.5% lead over Trump on the RCP average.
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