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Just watched 11/8/16 on Netflix

It's kind of boring but it does have a happy ending - lots of liberal tears.

Trump should restaff the FBI and intel agencies with conservatively biased personnel

Lefties won't mind because according to them it's OK for those entities to have a political bias.

Like clockwork - another DUmmie predicts martial law

I'm pretty sure that Mad King Donald would reply to any such national emergency (terrorist attack, economic crash, etc.) with a swift declaration of "temporary" martial law and suspension of civil liberties and the democratic process. Needless to say, that "temporary" state would, curiously, never come to an end...

Bad taste Roy Moore Joke Thread - add yours

1 - Moore likely to win as weather is expected to dip into teens.

2 - Roy Moore will either win or come in a little behind.

In U.S., 33% have put off medical treatment because of cost

In U.S., 33% have put off medical treatment because of cost

More put off treatment for serious conditions than non-serious

More with private insurance put off treatment in 2014 than 2013

Alleged NYC Terrorist Got To U.S. Through Chain Migration

Akayed Ullah, 27, is the alleged perpetrator in the attack that left four, including him, wounded. Ullah is from Bangladesh and has lived in the U.S. for seven years.

Department of Homeland Security spokesman Tyler Houlton tweeted that Ullah is a “Lawful Permanent Resident from Bangladesh who benefited from extended family chain migration.”

At least to me, the Trump-Russia collusion believers are very similar to 9/11 truthers

To start with, they claim that Trump is a blithering idiot who, at the same time, engaged in hidden subterfuge to illegally collude with Russia and, to date, no actual evidence of such collusion has been found. Much like claiming that Bush was an idiot who was behind some grand 9/11 conspiracy.

They draws charts and have all sorts of links so if you're bright enough (like they are) all you have to do is "connect the dots" to prove the conspiracy.

They WANT to believe so anything that can remotely be construed to support their conspiracy is taken at face value and therefore proof. The Steele stuff for example.

I think many of them are still in denial that Hillary could have actually lost to Trump. Just like many 9/11 truthers do not believe that something as "simple" as the 9/11 hijackings could cause the damage it did and take so many lives.

Anyone who doesn't buy into their conspiracy theory is stupid and a sheeple.

Fortunately Mueller, in order to indict and successfully prosecute, will need to bring some actual evidence and/or vetted testimony to the table. To date we have seen none.

Why President Trump will not conduct a nuclear first strike

If he does so then the market will tumble and the economy will take a dive. This would severely hamper his chances of getting re-elected.

The DUmp: Democrats Just Gave Up 2018

The DUmmies are giving up.

More liberal tears:

The lizard people are here! (Armed nutjob gets arrested.)

An Eatonville man waving around an AK-47 and screaming about the arrival of “lizard people” was detained after stopping traffic on Pacific Avenue in Parkland on Saturday evening, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

The 54-year-old, who deputies said was intoxicated, was taken to an area hospital for a 14-day mental health evaluation, a Thursday afternoon news release said.

The man said President Donald Trump had called his home and warned him that the lizard people were coming and that his family was already held hostage by the “alpha dragon.”
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