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What are the climate change believers here doing in their personal lives to mitigate their impact?

Riding public transportation or walking whenever you go anywhere?

Selling your cars?

Donating your personal funds to further research on the subject?

Installing solar panels to supply your heat/electricity?

Not having children to eliminate the carbon footprint their entire life will impose upon the planet?

Let's hear it.

Empirical evidence that men get paid 60% more than women.

Hillary only got $250k per speech from Wall St.

Obama gets $400k.

The 9-11 conspirators have really let us down.

Over fifteen years ago they used silent explosives to destroy the WTC buildings but haven't released that technology to the general public.

If they'd share the silent explosive technology then we could fire subsonic ammo "silently" without a suppressor.

Disclaimer: I am not a 9-11 nutter - which is why this is posted in the Fun section of DI.

The Bern is a mean misogynous cheapskate (DU)

smirkymonkey (21,740 posts)

I waited on Bernie Sanders in Burlington

After I graduated from college I moved to Burlington, VT for a year (UVM was my second choice) and I was a waitress on Church Street. Bernie Sanders was a patron one day with three other people - he paid the bill. He left me less than a 10% tip. So much for "Mr. Economic Justice". At least when it comes to women I suppose.

FYI, I am not saying this to be devisive (sp?) - I voted for him in the primary because I liked his message. However, the more I hear about him, the less impressed I am. I thought people should know what he is really like in person. He wasn't that nice.

Which do you think will sell more copies?

Three months later, what did the women's march accomplish?

Aside from generating a decent carbon footprint that is.

Oh, and leaving lots of trash around.

2020 Dem White House Ticket with highest name recognition


This is pathetic

Michael Garland Elliot passed peacefully on April 6 after kind friends informed him that the current White House Resident, Donald Trump had been impeached.

A friend lied to the Oregon man in order to give him comfort during his final hours, and this lie was the last thing he heard before passing.

I wonder how many people in NK will be executed for the failed missile test

After his posturing, this is a major embarrassment for Kim Jong Dumb.

Requiring a license to drive is racist

Because some black people (according to the left) can't get ID.

And requiring insurance oppresses poor people who can't afford it.
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