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Hey, G4, how about Hillary, the DNC and DWS colluding with Russia?

Is it OK for them to create a false dossier to cheat against Trump?

Most college educated people hang up on Gallup when they call

or lie to the pollsters.

I tell them I'm an unemployed black single mother who makes less than $25K.

Why Democrats oppose legal gun ownership.

They may pretend to support the 2A but in reality they attempt to pass legislation to make it as hard as possible for legal, law-abiding citizens to purchase and/or carry firearms.

Why? Because a properly armed and trained firearms owner is much less likely to be a victim. And the whole Democratic platform is based upon victimhood.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray got what he wanted - all records made public

Is this "the beginning of the end" for Trump?

I'm a 58 year old male.

I decided decades ago that nature was right and that I am, in fact, a man.

The chances of me ever "needing" a sex change operation are somewhere between zero and none.

Why should I be forced to purchase so-called insurance for something like that that I will never need?

Confirmation bias inherent in peer review

Those who worship at the altar of climate change often cite the number of peer reviewed climate papers published in various scientific journals as if the fact that something has been peer reviewed means it's the only valid position on a topic and it means that said paper has been objectively reviewed. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the peer review process is steeped in confirmation bias and is not objective at all.

When a paper is submitted for inclusion in a publication it is first reviewed by the editorial staff. If the editorial staff doesn't like the paper for whatever reason then it gets rejected and is tossed aside. For example, if the editorial staff doesn't like the content or conclusions because the paper disagrees with the current consensus view then it will most likely be rejected right off the bat.

If the editorial staff thinks the paper is well-written and adds value to their publication then it is subjected to peer review. How are the peers selected? They're chosen from peers that the journal's editorial staff thinks are good reviewers based on their past performance as peer reviewers.

After the paper has been reviewed, the editorial staff considers the recommendations of the peer reviewers and makes a final decision on whether or not to publish something. They are not obligated to heed the recommendations of the peer reviewers.

OK, Lefty, here's your chance

to post all of the supposed fake news that made her lose.

Show us the lies that were told about Hillary.

If you choose not to purchase something is it "lost?"

If you're being federally mandated to buy healthcare "insurance" but find it too expensive and wouldn't buy it if given the option not to but, for example, would choose a different, less comprehensive type of plan, or none at all have you actually "lost" something?
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