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I-610: Before and after

Does 12 years count as "weather" or "climate?"

U.S. Has Gone a Record 142 Months Without a Major Hurricane Strike

Anybody else remember all of the global doomers claiming how much worse hurricanes would become after Katrina due to too many people not driving a Prius?

"The Constitution does not say that a person can yell wolf in a crowded theater."

8/23 quote of the day!

Pelosi: The gift that keeps on giving.

CNN goes full court press - funny to watch

I cut the cable a couple of years ago when I moved and haven't seen any CNN other than Internet clips for years.

Was curious how they'd react to Trump lambasting them last night so I streamed CNN on YouTube for about 45 minutes as background noise while I was doing some stuff this morning. They were having everyone on they could to attack Trump. It was pathetic - funny to watch though.

It's amazing how easily Trump trolls them. Like he's got a laser on the wall and they're a cat. They can'thelp themselves.

Democrats Keep Lying About Voter Suppression

Democrats Keep Lying About Voter Suppression. These 5 Facts Show It Isn't Happening.
It's their way to silence discussion about voter fraud.

ByAARON BANDLER July 19, 2017
Every time there are investigations into voter fraud and attempts to crack down on it, the Democrats have a bad habit of wailing about it being some sort of attempt at voter suppression. For instance, columns like this argue that President Trump's commission investigating voter fraud is using its investigation as a pretext for voter suppression.

Here are five facts showing that voter suppression isn't happening.

1. Thus far, Trump's commission has only asked for voter data. These include "names, voting history and other information, as permitted under state laws." A total of 26 states have said they would provide data to the commission but not everything the commission is asking for, while 14 states and Washington, D.C. have refused to comply.

This has resulted in hysteria from organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), that claim this is some sort of violation of privacy. But as Robert Knight pointed out, the commission is simply checking if state voter rolls match up with federal records, a method that is "already codified in the National Voter Registration Act, best known as the Motor Voter Law." They're attempting to weed out ineligible voters, which is not some nefarious scheme to encroach upon privacy and implement voter suppression.

More here:

The Nazis made some cool shit

When I was a little kid back in the 60s my dad used to take me with him when he went to buy used tools at a local pawn shop. The pawn shop had a whole glass counter filled with Nazi paraphernalia - daggers, emblems, etc... I'm pretty sure all of the items were "trophies" that US service men had brought back from Europe when returning from the war.

While dad was buying and bartering over tools on one side of the shop I was always over ogling at all of the cool Nazi stuff. For example, the knives were incredibly well-crafted and ornate, true works of art. Being a mere six or seven years old, I had no clue what WWII was really about though.

As I grew up and took history classes I learned the pure evil that was Hitler but I do remember being mesmerized by all of the cool Nazi shit as a little kid.

How bored do you have to be?

To go out and protest against the KKK and white supremacists?

It's self-evident that such views are idiotic. One might as well go out and protest that the sky is blue.

By counterprotesting people are just giving them the attention that they are so desperately whoring for.

But I guess after the Russia crap petered out for the MSM they need some other shiny object to drone on about 24/7.

Wolf Blitzer doubles down on stupid

DUmmies celebrate vandalism

Is it time to tear down The Washington Monument?

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