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Forbes: Budget Deficits Really Don't Matter

Ignore The Endless Talk Of Doom, Budget Deficits Really Don't Matter

Pierce County tax-shames Seattle

A serious slap at Seattle: Pierce County plans $275 tax incentive for companies, taking aim at its Northwest neighbor

Pierce County on Tuesday plans to introduce a new tax incentive program for employers looking to bring jobs to the county — a direct slap at the City of Seattle which last week introduced a controversial “head tax” on some of its biggest employers.

Pierce County, which includes Tacoma, a port city with a population of just over 200,000 people, plans to offer employers a $275 tax credit per employee —as long as the jobs pay more than $65,000 annually.

The choice of $275 per employee isn’t a coincidence. After all, Seattle approved a plan earlier this month to charge employers with income of $20 million or more $275 per employee, drawing criticism from the business and tech community who say it amounts to a tax on job creation.

Who do you think is more corrupt?

I'd include Hillary too but she'd get all of the votes.

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then. Hogg gets something right.

Parkland Survivor David Hogg Calls on Media to Stop Naming School Shooters

I don't get all of the pessimism about NK

OK, the left will look for any way to use it to discredit Trump. No surprise there.

No, I don't really trust KJU either.


1 - The alternative is to have NK continue openly developing, testing and sabre rattling. I can't see how that's a better road to travel.

2 - Yeah, NK can still try to develop in secret but with nuclear arms it is not feasible to test them secretly. If he is promising not to and does so then the world will know and it would be egg in China's face. China is not someone KJU wants to embarrass or piss off.

3 - Trump will not agree to some hollow bullshit treaty like Obama did with Iran. He'll do his best to get as tight monitoring and verification as possible.

4 - Despite being a "madman" of sorts to date, it is possible that KJU realizes that he's better off in the long run by not being as much of a dick as he and his predecessors have been in the past. Easing sanctions on a country that's already a shithole will make life better in NK and, assuming he cares somewhat about his "legacy," may see his future as brighter by being a better "world citizen."

For those who disagree with me, what better course do you propose? (I wouldn't be opposed to assassinating him but I don't think that's viable and could create a lot of tensions in other world politics.)

Why all the nasty posts about McCain?

I certainly no fan of his. In fact, I purposefully did not vote for president in 2008. That is the only time I've ever not voted in a presidential election.

But I don't see the need to post nasty stuff about him in his last days. I'd just as soon that he fade away and be long forgotten.

What's the most important feature for a CalTrans extended cab pickup?

Sleeps four comfortably.

OK, it's an old joke but a good one.

I just rode Highway 1 down and up on one of my motorcycles at speed along this road and CalTrans does an amazing job of maintaining it and paving it despite the beating it takes from the weather and erosion. (I suspect the reason they do so is because it generates lots of tourism tax revenue. These stupid socialists are too ignorant to know that they're really capitalists at heart. They just like it when the state is the capitalist.)

Aisde from In-n-Out, CA1 is the old thing California still has going for it.
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