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Hi. How R U? Great. I'm fine, thanks for asking. (Looks visitor over) Nice shoes. So what brings you here? Me? I'm a guy. I like gals enough to marry one. I eat meat because it is tasty. I've worn black socks with my sandals, and I'm not afraid to do it again. I'm old enough to have worn a leisure suit when it was cool. I don't drink or smoke. I've never done drugs.

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Democrats ONCE AGAIN Block Emergency Relief For Social Justice Demands, Media Blames Republicans

Just Stop Ilhan Omar Scolds Progressives Who Plan to Sit Election Out or Vote for Trump
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Wednesday scolded progressives who may “plan to sit this election out or vote for Trump.” She issued her warning after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced the suspension of his presidential bid, begging them to remain active and “fight like hell” to oust President Trump and “end the rise of fascism in this country.”

Sanders formally ended his year-long campaign on Wednesday, conceding that the path to the nomination simply is not feasible. He tried to encourage supporters, reminding them of their greater movement and contending that they are “winning the ideological battle.”

Omar, one of the three “Squad” members who endorsed the Vermont socialist, also sent a message to Sanders supporters amid the movement’s “setback” and urged them to remain active.

“We always knew it would not happen overnight. But I know our cause is just. And I am more committed than ever to fighting for somebody I don’t know,” she said as part of a lengthy Twitter thread, sending a pointed message to those who may be planning to sit out the election or vote for Trump instead of Joe Biden (D), the party’s presumptive nominee.

“For those of you who plan to sit this election out or vote for Trump, just stop,” she said. “The livelihoods of millions of marginalized people are at stake.”

“We must all fight like hell to get Donald Trump out of the White House and end the rise of fascism in this country,” she added:
They better stay on the DNC plantation! Don't make the muslim mad

Dementia, What Dementia? Biden Says Americans Never Let Our Democracy Sakes Second Fiddle
Biden Misremembers Year of Pandemic, Says Americans ‘Never Let Our Democracy Sakes Second Fiddle’
the title says it all.
I cannot see anyway the DNC will let this guy survive the convention. They must replace him there or face utter, devastating defeat in November.

NYT Smear Of Trump Was So Bad That Even Snopes Slammed Them As Fake News

Austria will begin reopening

Austria will lift some of its Wuhan coronavirus related restrictions next week. It will begin by reopening non-essential shops of less than 400 square meters on April 14, and then all shops and malls on May 1. Strict rules about masks, social distancing, and the number of people allowed into a store at any one time will remain in place.

Schools will remain closed until mid-May. Public events are banned until the beginning of June. All of these decisions are subject to change, depending on conditions.

Austria’s prime minister said that his early response to pandemic has enabled the country to begin reopening. Austria instituted its national lockdown on March 16. It was, I believe, one of the first European nations to do so, but not by all that much.

Austria has around 13,000 reported cases of the virus and is adding to that total by about 250 per day. Fewer than 300 Austrians are reported to have died from the virus. Yesterday’s total was 30.

The country’s logarithmic curve of total cases flattened around the beginning of April, but has not yet moved downwards. The number of currently infected people in Austria is declining, though. It peaked at around 9,300 on April 3. As of yesterday, April 6, the number was 8,300.

The fact that recoveries are now outpacing new cases appears to be the key factor in Austria’s decision. Absent a new wave of cases, the country need not fear that its hospitals will be overwhelmed.

In the U.S. our number of active cases (the currently infected) continues to soar.

Donna Shalala Talked Up as Joe Bidens Running Mate by New York Times Columnist
While Florida might not be the most important swing state come November’s presidential election, it is the largest. Simply put, it is near impossible for President Donald Trump to win a second term without Florida though the Democratic candidate, presumably former Vice President Joe Biden, could build an electoral college majority without the Sunshine State.

Politicians from the Sunshine State always garner some buzz as potential vice presidential candidates but, in the 175 years of statehood, no Florida politician has ever been included on a major ticket. Of course, that could change this year since Trump moved from New York to Florida.(snip)

Now another Democrat from the Sunshine State is being mentioned as Biden’s possible understudy: U.S. Rep. Donna Shalala, D-Fla.

Shalala was included in Thomas Friedman’s column in the New York Times over a potential “national unity Cabinet” for Biden. While there are nods to the right–U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, to State–Friedman’s dream team, no surprise, veers sharply to the left. Former Vice President Al Gore to lead the EPA! U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, to the UN!

(snip)...having turned 79 in February, Shalala is even older than Biden. She didn’t exactly shine on the campaign trail in 2018 when she flipped a South Florida congressional seat and helped Democrats take over the chamber. While she might help Biden in Florida and Wisconsin, where she served in higher education, she’s not exactly a dynamic political force.

Still, Shalala should play a major role in the federal response to the coronavirus crisis. Having served all eight years during Bill Clinton’s presidency, Shalala is the longest-tenured secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) in American history. She also served as chancellor of the University of Wisconsin and as president of both Hunter College and the University of Miami.
1) why do Democrats insist on elderly establishment types to lead?
2) She is OLDER than Biden
3) she is lackluster and has NO charisma
I can only conclude Democrats are tossing this election away as no one good wants to run.

Bernie Staffer Immediately Drops Pretense, Goes FULL Socialist As Soon As Bernie Quits

Bernie Sanders QUITS, Supporters Declare WAR On Democrats.

Question for Lefties: Biden is the Defacto winner. Have you given up and accepted Trump as POTUS?

If it were possible to find someone with more baggage that Hillary, then Biden is your man.

10 stages of COVID QUARANTINE re: GANDALF (Impressions Dub)

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