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Hi. How R U? Great. I'm fine, thanks for asking. (Looks visitor over) Nice shoes. So what brings you here? Me? I'm a guy. I like gals enough to marry one. I eat meat because it is tasty. I've worn black socks with my sandals, and I'm not afraid to do it again. I'm old enough to have worn a leisure suit when it was cool. I don't drink or smoke. I've never done drugs.

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Liberals/Lefty cannot govern. Los Angeles is a Sh*thole

Proud Boys Won A PR Victory In Portland While Antifa Beat Random People

Why Jurassic Park Looks Better Than Its Sequels

Hey guys! Time-lapse video of border wall being installed in Tecate, California

Joe Biden Event Draws 30 People While Trump Packs Out Rally in New Hampshire
Presidential election "rivals," Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, both threw 2020 events in New Hampshire on Thursday night, and although they were "just down the road" from each other at the same time, they drew very different crowd sizes.According to a local Massachusetts newspaper, The Eagle-Tribune, Democrat Biden drew a crowd of “about 30 supporters” while Republican Trump packed out an arena for his rally in the same state.
Yeah...and Biden will beat Trump in 2020. This is shades of Hillary 2016. She couldn't draw a crowd either.

Farmers at the Iowa State Fair Say Theyre Backing Trumps Trade War (Sorry RC)
The title says it all. But the link is there for your perusal.
The source is ultra Lefty, Mother Jones. Sorry RC but farmers are NOT abandoning Trump.

Mexican President Looking To Extradite El Paso Shooter To PREVENT His Possible Execution
The El Paso shootings were horrific. Patrick Wood Crusius, a crazed man with white supremacist views, gunned down over 20 people at a local Walmart on August 3 and wounded scores more. He was targeting Mexicans. His manifesto is littered with racial overtones, yes, but he noted that his views predated Trump’s 2016 win, that Republicans are terrible, and that a lot of people have to die to in order to maintain the sustainability of the planet. There is an eco-terror angle that makes up the core of his manifesto that the media is ignoring. Eco-terrorism isn’t an activity of the far-right and the anti-Trump media need to deliver uppercuts to the White House that trashes them on a daily basis. Meanwhile, a mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio who is a self-avowed leftist is having his political views masked by the news media because, well, it just doesn’t fit the Left’s ‘all mass shooters might be racist right-wingers’ narrative. The Dayton shooter was pro-gun control, by the way. Anyway, I digress.

President Trump said that the El Paso shooter should get the death penalty. I think many would agree given the heinous nature of the crime, but Mexico’s president does not want that. In fact, he said he’s exploring ways to possibly extradite Crusius to prevent his possible execution (via AFP):

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Friday that Mexico does not want the El Paso shooter who killed 22 people -- targeting Mexicans -- to be executed, and will seek to extradite him from the United States.

Lopez Obrador, an anti-establishment leftist, said that while Mexico condemns Crusius's "reprehensible, abominable" crimes, it does not want to see him put to death.

"Our constitution does not allow the death penalty. We do not want the death penalty, as a matter of conviction. Life imprisonment does not exist (in Mexico), either," he told a press conference.

"I have given instructions to explore the possibility of requesting this person's extradition," he added.

"We do not want impunity. We want the punishment to be exemplary.... It should serve as an example that human beings must end such acts. These irrational acts of extreme hate are not good for the United States or any country."

Eight Mexican nationals were killed in the shooting. A federal investigation into whether this was a hate crime and an act of domestic terrorism is underway.
so a crime by a crazed killer on American soil needs to be handled by a foreign country because they have neither a life sentence nor a death penalty. Makes perfect sense only to a Lefty just as crazed as the killer.

Terrifying 'giant fork' Chinese forces prepare to use on Hong Kong protesters
Terrifying 'giant fork' Chinese forces prepare to use on Hong Kong protesters
Amnesty International has criticised the use of the "electric shock capturing fork" against protesters
Photos at link
Chinese riot police have been seen training with terrifying giant fork devices aimed at controlling rioters by pinning them to the ground.

It is believed that some of the crowd control devices are capable of emitting electric shocks in a bid to neutralise any perceived threat.

The 8ft poles with U-shaped prongs on the top are being used by both police and armed forces in practice drills as they prepare to enter Hong Kong.
Pay attention, this is what the Democrats will do to us if they ever get our guns.

ICE is blasting the Mecklenburg County Sheriff for releasing a rape suspect in Charlotte. ICE re-arrested the suspect

In August 2019 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested Oscar Pacheco-Leonardo, 33, in Charlotte, NC. Oscar is a Honduran national, and illegally present in the United States. Oscar is accused of raping a child.

Oscar was originally arrested by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department for First Degree Rape and two counts of Indecent Liberties with a Child on June 14, 2019. ICE issued a detainer June 15 on Oscar, but the detainer was not honored by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden, and Oscar was instead released from Mecklenburg County custody on June 16 according to ICE.

Claims by ICE say that by releasing a previously deported illegal immigrant facing serious criminal charges, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff Department chose to release a serious public safety threat onto the streets of Charlotte where he was free to potentially harm others for nearly two months until he was re-captured by ICE.

Oscar was arrested by ICE during a targeted enforcement operation in Mecklenburg County on August 9, nearly two months after the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office refused to honor an ICE detainer and release Oscar, the sheriff’s office did not even notify ICE of the release.

Oscar was previously deported from the United States to Honduras in July 2006, and he subsequently illegally reentered the United States after deportation, which is a felony act under federal law. After the resolution of any potential federal criminal charges, Oscar is subject to deportation again to Honduras.
To a Lefty, a child raped is morally superior to deporting an illegal

Trump administration $8 billion fighter jet sale to Taiwan, angering China (You sad, RC?)
The State Department submitted the package to Congress for informal review late Thursday, and it is not expected to meet opposition, according to several U.S. officials and other people familiar with the matter. It would be the largest and most significant sale of weaponry to Taiwan in decades.

The deal has been in the works for months, and lawmakers from both political parties had questioned whether the White House would scuttle it with hopes of softening the ground for a U.S.-China trade pact or otherwise seek to use the jets as a bargaining chip in the deadlocked negotiations.

The Chinese Embassy did not respond to a request for comment, but Beijing has repeatedly expressed its hostility to such deals.

“China’s position to firmly oppose arms sales to Taiwan is consistent and clear,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in March, after press reports that the Trump administration had tacitly approved the sale. “We have made stern representations to the U.S. We have urged the U.S. to fully recognize the sensitivity of this issue and the harm it will cause.”
Some here prefer tyrants to free men governing themselves.
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