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Hi. How R U? Great. I'm fine, thanks for asking. (Looks visitor over) Nice shoes. So what brings you here? Me? I'm a guy. I like gals enough to marry one. I eat meat because it is tasty. I've worn black socks with my sandals, and I'm not afraid to do it again. I'm old enough to have worn a leisure suit when it was cool. I don't drink or smoke. I've never done drugs.

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Three reasons African-Americans are voting in record numbers for Republicans this year
Three reasons African-Americans are voting in record numbers for Republicans this year

Here’s the astonishing truth the media’s not talking about and Democrats refuse to believe — Donald Trump is getting more than double, and sometimes more than triple, the black vote Romney got 4 years ago.

Recent polling by Remington Research shows Trump getting 22% in Florida, Romney got 5 percent. In North Carolina, Trump’s getting 19%, Romney got 4 percent. Trump’s getting 22% of black voters in Wisconsin compared with Romney’s 6% 4 years ago. And in Pennsylvania, Trump scores an astounding 29% against Romney’s 7% share in 2012.

First, for the first time since anyone can remember, Republicans have broken the communications monopoly Democrats have enjoyed among African-Americans. Trump is persistently reaching out to them; visiting their churches and neighborhoods, making a commitment to rebuild America’s cities, economy and jobs.

Second, Trump’s not the only one speaking to African Americans. The organization I am honored to Chair, the 2016 Committee — best known for our successful effort to draft Dr. Ben Carson into the presidential race — has, in the last three months, raised and spent more than $1.3 million in 6 battleground states on radio ads targeted to African American voters. It’s an ad effort focused on Trump, but providing real value for Republicans down-ticket as well.

The third and most significant reason for the shift in African- American voter preferences this year is African-Americans have grown weary of shopworn liberal policies aimed at buying black votes while limiting black opportunity and prosperity. Hillary promises to double down on those failed policies.

The article goes into greater detail on each reason, and is well worth the read.

Wall Street contemplates possibility of a Republican sweep as Trump gains in polls
Wall Street contemplates possibility of a Republican sweep as Trump gains in polls

With the recent rise in Donald Trump's poll numbers, Wall Street is starting to contemplate the prospect of a better-than-expected Republican Party showing on Election Day.

"It's incredible to see how much the US election has changed in recent weeks," Strategas' Daniel Clifton wrote in a report to clients Thursday.

"The FBI report of new emails from Hillary Clinton's private server has turned the election from a referendum on Trump to a referendum on Clinton. ... In our meetings this week in NY and Boston, it was clear to us that investors are not prepared for a Republican sweep."

Trump Up TWENTY Points Among Catholics in New IBD/TIPP
Trump Up TWENTY Points Among Catholics in New IBD/TIPP

Christians overall support Donald Trump a whole lot more than Hillary Clinton. Catholics prefer him by twenty points (54-34). Protestants, meanwhile, like him a wee bit more (56-34).

Clinton Foundation paid for Chelsea’s wedding, WikiLeaks emails show
Clinton aide says Foundation paid for Chelsea’s wedding, WikiLeaks emails show

So. Do ya think Chelsea declared that as income on her taxes?
The cheating nut doesn't fall far from the cheating tree.

Man committing NO crime manages to intimidate Fragile Flower at polling place in VA

Link to the anti-Trump hit piece.
What was this monster doing?

He was passing out literature while wearing a Trump T-shirt and open carry. He obviously was NOT in the immediate radius of the polling place.
Police refused to arrest him, because he was committing NO crime.

Trump shirt = legal
Passing out Literature = legal
open carry = legal

If legal activity intimidates you, please find a college campus where you can vote in a safe space and receive counseling afterwards.

That is all.

Link to the DI site where you can go wring your hands with the timid.

Iowa Poll: Trump opens 7-point lead over Clinton
Iowa Poll: Trump opens 7-point lead over Clinton

I just read that the last time a GOP nominee for president carried Iowa by more than 1 point was Ronald Reagan back in 1984.

Dave Chappelle Defends Trump, Rips Clinton: ‘She’s Not Right and We All Know It’
Dave Chappelle Defends Trump, Rips Clinton: ‘She’s Not Right and We All Know It’

Chappelle further shocked the New York crowd by defending Trump. He took issue with the media stating as fact that Trump had admitted committing sexual assault in the recorded conversation. “Sexual assault? It wasn’t. He said, ‘And when you’re a star, they let you do it.’ That phrase implies consent. I just don’t like the way the media twisted that whole thing. Nobody questioned it.”

The comedian stated that Trump’s resilience in the face of the leak had impressed him. Comparing Trump to The Terminator, Chappelle said, “That would have devastated anybody else.” Chappelle added that Trump’s handling of the debate immediately following the controversy had won him over. Referring to Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz’s hostile questioning, he said, “Something about this was backward. A gay white man and a white woman asking a multi-billionaire how he knows the system is rigged and insisting it’s not. Does that sound right to you? It didn’t seem right to me. And here’s how you know Trump is the most gangsta candidate ever. They asked him how he knows the system is rigged and he said, ‘Because I take advantage of it.’ He may as well have flashed his membership card for the Illuminati right then.”

Noting that he voted early in rural Yellow Springs, Ohio before heading to New York, Chappelle said he “didn’t feel good” about voting for Clinton. “She’s going to be on a coin someday. And her behavior has not been coin-worthy,” he said. “She’s not right and we all know she’s not right.”

Trump Mocks Hillary for Profanity laced Jay-Z appearance
'I've never said what he said in my life!' Trump blasts Hillary for appearing onstage with Jay-Z after the rapper drops F-bombs and N-words during concert rally – and draws a larger crowd all by himself!

Donald Trump clobbered Hillary Clinton on Saturday morning for appearing with Jay-Z in Cleveland
The rapper dropped one F-bomb and N-word after another, and then Hillary embraced him onstage
Clinton has been openly critical of Trump's 'tone' and the 'lewd' language he has used in the past
'I tell you what: I've never said what he said – in my life!' Trump declared in Tampa, Florida
Clinton held her campaign rally with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, drawing 10,000 people with free tickets
Many of them exited before Clinton spoke, and Trump drew a larger crowd by himself in Pennsylvania
He told a crowd in the town of Hershey: 'I'm here all by myself... No guitar, no piano, no nothing'

Donald Trump mocked Hillary Clinton on Saturday for appearing alongside Jay-Z on a Cleveland, Ohio concert stage after the music superstar dropped F-bombs and rapped with N-word after N-word.

'I actually like Jay-Z. But you know, the language last night! Ohhh! Ooooh!' Trump said in Tampa, Florida. 'Maybe I'll just try it. Should I use that language? Can you imagine if I said that?'

'So he used every word in the book,' the Republican presidential nominee fumed. 'I won't even use the initials, because I'd get in trouble. It'll get me in trouble. He used every word in the book last night.'

'I tell you what: I've never said what he said – in my life!'

Worse things were said on Hillary's stage than on Trump's tape. Oh, and check the highlight in the title spread.
People walked out after the free entertainment. No one wanted to hear Hillary's monotone.

and a question for the people who actually read OPs: How is it that Trump can draw a bigger crown with no entertainment, than Hillary with Big Names?

LA Times: Trump +5.
48% to 42%.

HuffPo writer: Why I Can No Longer Support Hillary Clinton
Why I Can No Longer Support Hillary Clinton

It took me a long time to write this. I had to dig deep into my being to come up with these words. I’m recanting my endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

I’m aware of how vindictive Clintonians can be. I’m not speaking about the Clintons themselves, but of those surrounding them. Perhaps the saying is true: dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres. Your staff, your donors, your surrogates, and those you surround yourself with are a reflection of who you truly are, no? If not, why not curb any unacceptable behavior? Silence, indifference, or inaction is as incriminatory-at least to me.

There has been no repudiation, let alone denunciation, of what was said in those emails-just denial, finger pointing, and doublespeak. To appoint the very same folks who carried out many malicious behaviors to tip the scales for Hillary is just as unpardonable. Why reward unethical behavior? It’s mind-boggling.

There are nearly 1000 replies. None of whom support Hillary.
Here are a few...names will not be quoted. But I'm just going down from the top

It is rare that I ever say anything positive about the Huff. I am a former Obama voter and Democrat.
Once they became the party of war, continuing the war profit machine of human suffering, I left.
I constantly read articles supporting Hillary and Obama, forgetting their bombs and guns kill more people in more countries than Bush bombs and Bush guns did.
Thank you for waking up, if not for other reasons ,at least you have awoken.
I am an independent fully anti-corruption period. I do not care who exposes it, why they expose it or how they expose it. If the exposed information is true, I do not care if it is China,Russia,the mafia, or Satan himself.
I am voting Trump. At this point, if Bernie was the nominee, I would switch to him. But Hillary's corruption over 30+ years has to end.

Nicely written and well thought out. I like that you did NOT say who you are voting for. I have many friends that have jumped on the "Trumpocrat" wagon. They will vote Trump but then the rest democrat except in a few rare occasions.

I happen to be a Trump guy now. Mainly because I think HRC is a significant danger. And because of that I can't vote 3rd party. It's a fact one of those two will win, and I think HRC is the most dangerous, thus it has to be Trump.

Marxism is self destructive. You can't always be on a crusade against some enemy. At some point if you're entire ideology is about pitting groups against each other, you'll alienate too big a portion and they'all revolt.

Hopefully the Democratic Party crashes and burns. You lost me when you made Christians the bad guys. Now you're losing the millennials. Bye bye haters.

I have a new-found ton of respect for sincere progressives. Left or right, we're all cattle to the ogliarchy. If Stein got elected I would at least look forward to an honest election four years later. If Clinton consolidates power we're all fucked.
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