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U.S.-style socialism fails: Residents flee New York, Chicago and San Francisco

Even ‘U.S.-style socialism’ fails: Residents flee New York, Chicago and San Francisco due to non-sustainable economics
What do New York, San Francisco and Chicago all have in common? They’re all willing victims of socialism.

The far-left political ideologies that have consumed these cities are now driving them deep into financial ruin — and citizens are fleeing in greater numbers every year. Whether it’s a lack of job opportunity, exorbitantly expensive housing costs, or high taxes, there’s no shortage of bones to pick with socialist policies. While liberals may herald socialism as the progressive dream, its ideologies don’t hold up very well in the real world.

There is no stronger evidence of that than the mass migration from the most liberal states and cities in the union. New York, San Francisco, and Chicago are among the hardest hit — and it’s easy to see why. Citizens say high taxes, exorbitant costs of living and poor job prospects are driving them to look for new places to live.

The authoritarian, socialist left-wing has been ravaging American states and cities for years, and now, Democrat politicians are reaping what they sow: Citizens around the country are engaging in a mass exodus from liberal cities.

As a recent report shows, the state of Illinois has now been suffering population decline for five years in a row.

Mary Miller, a 44-year-old Illinois native, told Chicago Tribune exactly what drove her to move across the country. “It’s taxes. It’s corruption. It’s politics,” she said. Census data shows she wasn’t alone: Over 45,000 Illinois residents fled the state between 2017 and 2018.

Estimates suggest the city of Chicago is losing 156 people every day. As a whole, Illinois suffered one of the greatest population losses in the country during 2018 — second only to New York.

According to reports, New York lost a net total of 48,510 residents between July 2017 and July 2018. Out-migration, or the moving from one state to another, is a key driver for population loss in the Empire State.

Some 180,000 residents moved to other states across 2018. Since 2010, it’s estimated that New York has lost a million citizens to out-migration. The New York City Metro Area has been hit hard by massive relocation. And in sunny California, cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are undergoing a similar population decline.

While New York may be leading in population exodus at the state level, survey data shows that San Francisco is topping the charts for relocation among cities. And as Business Insider reports, a growing number of those moving away are Silicon Valley investors.

In February 2018, it was estimated that 49 percent of Bay Area dwellers were looking to leave San Francisco.

Citizens relocating from left-leaning states and cities all seem to share the same complaints: High taxes, the high cost of living, and low opportunity.

As Business Insider reports, recent tax reforms in San Francisco have made the already-high cost of living even more burdensome. Some citizens even say that they are leaving for no reason other than the stifling socialist political ideologies which seem to have overtaken the city.

The effects of liberal politics can be observed in New York and Chicago as well. Regardless of who you talk to, obscene taxes, unaffordable rents and other exhaustive costs of living are giving residents no choice but to move elsewhere. Indeed, it seems that socialist “inclusive” policies adopted by these major cities are unceremoniously ousting inhabitants. Who would have thought?

As it turns out, raising taxes to the point of insanity is a great way for politicians to drive their cash cows on to newer, greener pastures.
voters moving out of Lefty hell holes. Just in time for the census.

Democrat HQ Hit In HILARIOUS Fake Hate Hoax

Chris Rock Rips Jussie Smollett at NAACP Image Awards: What the Hell was He Thinking
Chris Rock slammed actor Jussie Smollett at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Image Awards on Saturday, declaring that the embattled Empire star had lost his respect.


“They said no Jussie Smollett jokes,” Chris Rock said. “I know. What a waste of light skin. You know what I could do with that light skin? That curly hair? My career would be out of here. F****** running Hollywood.”


“What the hell was he thinking?” Rock warned. “From now on, you’re Jessie from now on. You don’t even get the ‘U’ no more. That ‘U’ was respect. You don’t get no respect from me.”
If you cannot get respect at the NAACP Image Awards it will just never happen.

Her heart is not in The Bronx: AOCs own district turns against congresswoman
Amid her zeal to save the world with the Green New Deal, Rep. ­Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has ­ignored residents in her own Bronx back yard.

“I thought AOC would be our savior, but that’s not the case,” complained Roxanne Delgado, a local activist who said she has tried for months to get in touch with the congresswoman for help saving an animal shelter and to clean up parks in the district.

Delgado, 40, says she has made numerous calls to Ocasio-Cortez’s offices in Washington and Queens and sent a barrage of tweets after the freshman lawmaker encouraged residents during a recent visit to a Bronx public library to hit her up on social media.

But she’s heard nothing back.

“NO email or contact on @AOC’s page except DC number which has full #voicemail and no one picks up,” Delgado tweeted on Monday.

The Post made several calls to both the Washington and Queens offices last week. The same recording at both numbers gives Ocasio-Cortez’s Web site and doesn’t allow a caller to leave a message.

Another Bronx constituent told a community gathering last month that they needed Ocasio-Cortez for a sitdown with post-office officials to sort out difficulties he was having with mail delivery.

“I want AOC or a representative from AOC to be there,” Anthony Vitaliano, a former cop and Community Board 11 member, said at a Feb. 28 board meeting.

By contrast, he said, residents’ needs received much more attention under Rep. Joe Crowley, whom Ocasio-Cortez unseated in a surprise primary upset last year.
SJWs don't want to serve...they want to RULE.

AOC Flips Out. (Mark Dice)

Crybaby Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blames Unpopularity on People Who Tell the Truth
Crybaby Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blames Unpopularity on Fox News, Breitbart
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has entered week two of her crybaby meltdown over disastrous poll numbers and now she’s blaming Fox News and Breitbart News for her unpopularity.

Quinnipiac is one of the most unreliable left-wing pollsters out there (not named Marist or CNN), so when the Q-poll has bad news for America’s Socialist “It Girl,” it is worth taking notice.

Quinnipiac found Ocasio-Crazy’s national favorability rating sits at a pathetic 23 percent; her unfavorable is 36 percent, which means she is upside down by double digits — 13 whole points.

But here is sweetest part of the song … only 47 percent of Democrats — Democrats, y’all — view Ocasio-Crazy favorably. Seven percent view her unfavorably and 44 percent have no idea who she is.

Among Independents, the self-proclaimed socialist (who grew up in Westchester — LOL) is upside-down 16 points — 20 to 36 percent.

Ocasio-CowFart is even upside down with women, 27 to 30 percent.

Faced with this news, the freshman congresswoman went the full-black helicopter. After posting a link to her terrible, awful, very bad polling news, she tweeted, “It’s almost as though there is a directed + concerted far-right propaganda machine with a whole cable news channel, and a dark-money internet operation propped up by the Mercers et al dedicated to maligning me & stoking nat’l division”

What’s driving Ocasio-Crazy crazy is that this is the fourth poll this year that proves just how wildly unpopular she and her terrible ideas are.

Gallup has her upside down by ten points, 31 percent favorable to 41 percent unfavorable.

Earlier this month, a Siena College poll found that President Donald Trump is more popular in the bluer than blue state of New York than she is.
bottom line: nobody likes an SJW bully.

Maxine Waters Admits Defeat: Impeaching Trump is off the Table
Maxine Waters Admits Defeat: ‘Impeaching Trump is off the Table’
Democrat resigns to Mueller's conclusion on the Russia investigation
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who has been calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment since he took office in 2016, has admitted there is no longer any point in pursuing the 'pipe dream.' Waters, who became a leading Democrat in the anti-Trump "Resistance" in Congress, and famously said she had been 'sent by God to stop Trump,' frequently called for the president's impeachment before the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. But the Democrat's priorities seem to have changed. “I think we do nothing now but concentrate on getting the information, getting that report,” Waters told Politico.

Water's even admitted that removing Trump from the White House was nothing more than a pipe dream.

“ never been discussed as a strategy for this caucus. It’s only a few of us," she added.
When Mad Maxine gives up...IT IS OVER.

White peoples diets are killing the environment.
If you want to read this drivel, click on the link. Essentially, only whites eat potatoes, apples, milk and beef.
Farming destroys the earth doncha know. Oh, and cow farts are bad.

Apparently Blacks never barbecue steaks, potatoes, or cereal for breakfast.

When Lefty is out of power he gets to be very amusing.

Colo Counties Declare Themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries In Face Of Gun-Grabbing Bill

More than two dozen counties in Colorado have taken a page from the left’s playbook by declaring themselves “Second Amendment sanctuary counties” in anticipation of the passage of a bill that allows local governments to seize people’s guns without due process.

In February, Democrats in the Colorado legislature introduced HB19-1177, commonly known as the Red Flag bill. The law allows the government to seize firearms from a law-abiding owner after as long as a petitioner “establishes ” by a preponderance of the evidence that the gun owner “poses a significant risk to self or others.”
This Is an Insane Idea Ripe for Abuse

There’s a lot wrong with this idea. First, the Red Flag bill makes it easy for anyone to file a petition, including angry former lovers from many moons ago. A petitioner can file on the phone or in person, doesn’t have to provide his address, and doesn’t have to reside in Colorado. A petitioner doesn’t have to appear in person at any hearing, and there is no cost to file a petition.

The petitioner only has to meet the “preponderance of the evidence” standard, which is a lower standard than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard used in criminal trials. It basically asks whether the petitioner’s proposition is more likely to be true than not true. This is the same standard that kangaroo courts for campus sexual assault and harassment rely on, per the guidance of the Obama administration.

Second, the Red Flag bill ensures gun owners, not their accusers, bear the burden of proof, and makes it very difficult for the gun owner to defend his or her constitutional right to bear arms. The owner is completely unaware a petition has been filed against him until the police show up to confiscate all his firearms. Since a search warrant is issued at the same time a temporary extreme risk protection order (ERPO) is issued, the police may search the house even after the owner surrenders his firearms.

The first opportunity for the owner to defend himself comes at the 14th day after the ERPO hearing, after he has already surrendered his firearms. Since the whole thing is treated as a civil process, the owner is not eligible for a public defender. So he also must pay attorneys to get his guns back. If he can’t afford an attorney, he is out of luck.

The owner also must provide “clear and convincing evidence,” a higher standard than the “preponderance of the evidence” standard used to take his guns, to show he doesn’t pose a threat and to request his firearms back. However, a judge who isn’t satisfied can still issue a permanent ERPO, which prohibits the firearm’s owner from “possessing, controlling, purchasing, or receiving a firearm for 364 days.”

During this time, the owner has only one chance to request the termination of the ERPO. The original petitioner will be notified of such a request and is allowed to ask for an ERPO extension (via phone, not in person). As you can see these double standards make false accusations possible while doing little to ensure a fair due process for Colorado gun owners.

Third, the Red Flag bill likely won’t make communities any safer. Conservatives in Colorado argue that if there’s sufficient evidence proving the gun owner poses a danger to others, the police should take custody of the person. Simply taking firearms away but leaving a known dangerous person out in the community seems irresponsible. As we learned from past tragic attacks domestically and internationally, someone who is determined to do evil will use anything, whether a knife, a gun, a delivery van, or other objects, to harm others. So removing the person rather than tools seems a more sensible solution.

Weld County Commissioner Steve Moreno said the Red Flag bill “is nothing more than a feel-good measure that will not stop the actions it is aiming to prevent. There are other solutions that must be seriously considered when talking about mental health issues in this country. This bill is not it.” However, since Democrats control the Colorado Assembly and governor’s mansion, the Red Flag bill is expected to pass easily and be signed into law by Gov. Jared Polis soon.
Counties Declare Second Amendment Sanctuaries

The Red Flag bill splits Colorado law enforcement. While Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock offered his support, sheriffs from other countries including Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams oppose this bill because they are concerned it is unconstitutional. They also don’t want to spend law enforcement resources in building and guarding the storage for weapons confiscated from owners.

In anticipation of the bill’s passing, more than two dozen Colorado counties, including Douglas County, the seventh-most populous county in Colorado, passed “Second Amendment Sanctuary” resolutions. Many did so at the request of their duly elected sheriffs.

These counties affirm their support for their sheriffs “in the exercise of his sound discretion to not enforce against any citizen an unconstitutional firearms law.” They also promise not to appropriate government funds to build storage facilities for firearms seized by law enforcement. More counties are either considering similar measures or, like Arapahoe County, the third-most populous Colorado county, waiting for the final wording of the bill to decide the best course of action.

Facing increasing opposition from counties, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weise, a supporter of the Red Flag bill, dismissed the resolutions as something that couldn’t override a state law. He said sheriffs in those counties should resign if they refuse to follow the law. El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder responded that he and county commissioners would “vigorously challenge the constitutionality” of the bill and “protect the second, fourth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendment rights of all lawful gun owners in the state, and not just in El Paso County.”

It looks like a legal battle will emerge as soon as the Red Flag bill passes.
Sanctuary Provisions Are a Double-Edged Sword

Declaring a jurisdiction a sanctuary from laws they don’t like is an idea originally embraced by the left. Immigration sanctuaries are jurisdictions that have decided not cooperate with certain federal immigration enforcement actions or enforce federal immigration laws regarding illegal immigrants accused or convicted of crimes. It’s reported that in 2015 alone, “more than 200 state and local jurisdictions did not honor requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain individuals.” Today the United States has more than 300 such sanctuary jurisdictions.

Back in 2013, Victor D. Hanson warned the left: “For every left-wing city that declares immigration statutes inoperative, a right-wing counterpart might do the same with the Endangered Species Act, gun-registration laws, affirmative action, or gay marriage. The result would be chaos and anarchy, not compassion.”

It’s interesting that the left now pushes back against gun sanctuary counties by using similar language to what conservatives have said about immigration sanctuary cities—”Our nation and state depends on the rule of laws” and “Everyone must obey the law.” But there is a fundamental difference between sanctuary on the left versus that on the right.

The left supports illegal immigrant sanctuary because they don’t want to obey federal laws they don’t like. They choose to protect law-breakers who may pose security threats to communities and law-abiding citizens. The left supports the Red Flag bill and opposes the gun sanctuary counties because they oppose gun ownership and Second Amendment rights. Once again, they rely on a state law to disobey federal laws they don’t like.

Conservatives believe that federal laws trump state laws and our Constitution trumps them all. No one gets to choose which part of the Constitution to disregard. Therefore, conservatives reject illegal immigrant sanctuaries and support the “Second Amendment Sanctuary” for the same reason—upholding the law of the land and defending law-abiding citizens’ constitutional rights.

Colorado isn’t alone in this fight. A similar Red Flag bill is working though the New Mexico legislature right now. Twenty-nine out of 33 sheriffs there signed a letter disapproving of the bill, and 24 counties have passed a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution, affirming their support of their sheriffs not enforcing what they view as unconstitutional gun control legislation.

What’s happening in Colorado and New Mexico has national implications because similar Red Flag bills passed in at least eight blue states in the United States in 2018, including New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. In recent testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, David Kopel, a Constitution scholar at the Independence Institute, said “Nearly a third of such orders are improperly issued against innocent people.”

Conservatives in these blue states have been looking for ways to push back against aggressive gun control legislation that they believe infringes upon their constitutional rights. Now Colorado and New Mexico have shown them what they can do.
Democrats use city populations to abuse their power. Democrats leave no option but to disobey their unconstitutional laws.

Trump adds a deadline on his threat to close the border
President Donald Trump on Friday repeated his threat to close down the border between the United States and Mexico, but this time he noted he would act next week if Mexico doesn't step up.

"If Mexico doesn't immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States throug (sic) our Southern Border, I will be CLOSING the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week," he tweeted.
Shut down remittances to Mexico until the situation is resolved, and they will resolve it faster than you can blink.
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