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U.S. personal freedom ranking slips
Under Obama, U.S. personal freedom ranking slips below France
Americans' assessments of their personal freedom have significantly declined under President Obama, according to a new study from the Legatum Institute in London, and the United States now ranks below 20 other countries on this measure.

The research shows that citizens of countries including France, Uruguay, and Costa Rica now feel that they enjoy more personal freedom than Americans.

The cross-country comparisons in the index should be taken with a grain of salt. The perception of what freedom means in New Zealand, which has the highest personal freedom ranking, may vary from how Americans measure their own personal freedom. But regardless of how the U.S. compares to other countries, there is no denying that Americans felt less free in 2013 after four more years of Obama’s presidency.

Obamacare "will be devastating to public employee health plans"
Public employee unions came out big for U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen on Tuesday. Many of those who held signs, made phone calls, knocked on doors and voted for Shaheen will lose their current health insurance because of her. Her vote gave the nation Obamacare, which is poison to generous union health insurance plans. Is Shaheen going to let her friends’ health insurance be decimated?

Obamacare’s wealth redistribution scheme is financed in part by a complicated array of new taxes. One is the medical device tax, which Shaheen has said she would vote to repeal, even though she voted to create it. Another is the “Cadillac tax,” which imposes a massive 40 percent tax on health insurance plans worth more than $10,200 for an individual or $27,500 for a family of four. Many New Hampshire public employee unions enjoy such luxurious plans.

The Cadillac tax will be devastating to public employee health plans in New Hampshire. These Democrat-voting union members will find themselves in the same boat as private-sector employees whose plans were canceled even after Shaheen promised that people who liked their plans could keep them.

This is only one of many problems with the law. Obamacare has more design flaws than the Pontiac Aztec

ACA Approval at 37%
As New Enrollment Period Starts, ACA Approval at 37%
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As the Affordable Care Act's second open enrollment period begins, 37% of Americans say they approve of the law, one percentage point below the previous low in January. Fifty-six percent disapprove, the high in disapproval by one point.

but the law's new low in approval -- and new high in disapproval (56%)

Another liberal blinding success. Obama's signature achievement.

the 'wusification' of the culture continues.

What a pansy ass this guy is. I would have worn the shirt again at the news conference just to shove it in the faces of the perpetually offended, and passed out copies of 'Tactical Girls Gun Calendar' as gifts to all the reporters there.
Rosetta mission scientist Dr Matt Taylor cries during apology over 'offensive' shirt
Rosetta scientist Dr Matt Taylor breaks down as he says he made "a big mistake" by wearing a shirt during the mission's live stream featuring cartoon images of women wearing bondage gear and firing guns.

The space scientist broke down in tears today and apologised for wearing a gaudy shirt which featured cartoon images of women wearing bondage gear and firing guns.

During a press briefing this afternoon on the progress of the Rosetta mission, Dr Taylor, the lead scientist, appeared visibly upset and struggled to speak. Eventually he said: “I made a big mistake and I offended many people and I am very sorry about this."

video at link

The liberal utopia of government overreach

and the philosophy of "guilty until proven innocent". EEOC randomly investigating and punishing businesses where a formal complaint hasn’t even been lodged against the business. The Obama administration loves them some Mao, Stalin, and Kim Jon Il.
Rand Paul didn’t hold back in a hearing on Thursday hearing, confronting P. David Lopez who has been nominated to serve as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission new general counsel. Paul used the hearing to lambaste the idea that the EEOC can investigate and punish businesses where a formal complaint hasn’t even been lodged against the business.

It’s something Paul called “entrapment.”

“Do you realize the downside of the unlimited nature of going after people with no complaint and what this is going to do to business?” he asked out loud, getting more fiery as he went along. “Do you not understand what we’ve got to somehow balance that we want people to have jobs?”

“You’re going after law-abiding people where there’s been no complaint and you don’t feel, at all, any compunction or guilt over what you are doing?” That’s when he really let Lopez have it: “How can you show up to work? How can you show up to work with a straight face and prosecute people where there’s been no complaint? How can you do this? I don’t understand how you wouldn’t resign immediately, and say, ‘This is abhorrent. This is so against everything America stands for.’

Remember liberals KNOW better than YOU

Bow down to your betters. The ends justifies the means.
Fifth Video Emerges, Showing Gruber Mocking Man Worried About Obamacare

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Net neutrality. A perfect example of the liberal obsessive compulsive disorder to regulate everything.

The Internet has been arguably the most successful, dynamic, empowering, profitable, liberating, and beneficial phenomenon in history. It did this largely because the free market controlled it. So what do liberals want to do? Put a bunch of brain dead apparatchiks in charge of it. Now government committees will control the direction and future.

A surefire formula for success.

The Gore Effect is in full force this week
The Gore Effect is an informal and satirical term which alleges a causal relationship between unseasonable cold weather phenomena and global warming activism.
The phenomenon that leads to temperature decrease whenever global warming or climatic change is discussed having Al Gore's work as important reference.
Climate Change Conference Opens In New Orleans, As Deniers Prepare To Take Over Climate Policy In Washington
Climate change is being discussed this week at Tulane University, in New Orleans. As one of America’s foremost climate change deniers, James Inhofe, prepares to take charge of the major senate environment committee in January, French and American climate scientists are gathering to discuss the effects of climate change, and what can be done to stop it. WWL TV in New Orleans reports that the climate scientists’ goal is to change American public opinion on climate change, and the scientists feel that New Orleans is the perfect place for their meeting.

Ninety eight percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is real, and that humans are the primary cause. Residents in coastal cities such as New Orleans are already witnessing rising sea levels due to increased temperatures.
Relentless November Arctic Cold In Plains, Midwest, Rockies to Last Into Next Week
A potent blast of arctic air is plunging into the nation's mid-section and south this week, sending temperatures crashing to values you might expect in mid-winter. Subzero temperatures are possible in parts of eight states at various times over the next seven days, as this polar invasion takes a large chunk of the nation into its grip.

What a bunch of fucking losers. Every time they hold some global warming conference it snows on them. Now the doomers can freeze their tiny tiny brains while predicting the end of time.

Yes we can!

But then again why does a dictator need to listen to anyone?

World on brink of new cold war thanks to Obozo's and Hillary's incompetence.
Tensions between the major powers have pushed the world closer to a new Cold War, former Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev said Saturday.

The 83-year-old accused the West, particularly the United States, of giving in to "triumphalism" after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the communist bloc a quarter century ago. The result, he said, could partly be seen in the inability of global powers to prevent or resolve conflicts in Yugoslavia, the Middle East and most recently Ukraine.

"The world is on the brink of a new Cold War. Some are even saying that it's already begun," Gorbachev said at an event marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, close to the city's iconic Brandenburg Gate.

Gorbachev called for trust to be restored through dialogue with Moscow, and suggested the West should lift sanctions imposed against senior Russian officials over the country's support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. Failure to achieve security in Europe would make the continent irrelevant in world affairs, he said.

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