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Oyster Dressing

It's Thanksgiving. Time for oyster dressing! recipe link:

If Democrats succeed in banning guns what should people do?

More and more the leftists are more forthright and open about their desire to ban private ownership of guns. If they succeed in doing that what should the People do?


We're all gonna die.

Let me summarize for you. Doomers gotta doom.

The Earth is in a death spiral
Climate breakdown could be rapid and unpredictable
avert collapse
We could see changes of state so abrupt and profound that no continuity can be safely assumed
grief and fury
We are facing extinction
existential crises
Hopeless realism
collapse is yet inevitable
collapse of civilisations
past civilisations have collapsed
The oligarchic control of wealth... explains the comprehensive institutional failure now pushing us towards disaster
Think of Donald Trump
rightwing organisations;
the Murdoch empire
oil and motor companies
environmental breakdown
economic growth is incompatible with sustaining the Earth’s systems.
beyond environmental limits
physically impossible.
planetary death spiral
failed institutions
averting collapse
we cannot save ourselves

An Ice Age in 120 seconds: Timelapse reveals how the Alps changed over 115,000 years

a 24 week old baby

or as some may say "a mass of cells"

Thirty Years Of Failed Climate Predictions

Socialism. Gotta love it.

Its a good thing the government banned private ownership of firearms.
Bishop Says Nicolás Maduro Has Turned Venezuela into a ‘Concentration Camp’

Venezuelan Bishop Jaime Villarroel denounced the regime of President Nicolás Maduro for treating citizens like criminals and turning the entire country into a huge “concentration camp.”
Villarroel, the bishop of Carúpano in Venezuela, said the government practices torture and cases have already been filed before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court against the Venezuelan government, speaking at a press conference in Mexico City Wednesday.

The Maduro regime “is carrying out an extermination, killing our people through hunger and lack of medicines,” the bishop said, insisting that “Venezuela is a concentration camp where the Venezuelans themselves are being exterminated.”

Basset hounds: gotta love 'em

Geographic distribution of DIers?

I am curious as to where people are located. In what state (or country if not U.S.) do you live? I am in Colorado.

I wish global warming would hurry up.

4" of warming this morning. I'm already tired of winter.
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