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Once again reality isn't cooperating with the global warming alarmists
Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago...despite Al Gore's prediction it would be ICE-FREE by now

Seven years after former US Vice-President Al Gore's warning, Arctic ice cap has expanded for second year in row

An area twice the size of Alaska - America's biggest state - was open water two years ago and is now covered in ice

The satellite images published here are taken from a further authoritative source, the University of Illinois’s Cryosphere project. They show that as well as becoming more extensive, the ice has grown more concentrated, with the purple areas – denoting regions where the ice pack is most dense – increasing markedly.

Crucially, the ice is also thicker, and therefore more resilient to future melting. Professor Andrew Shepherd, of Leeds University, an expert in climate satellite monitoring, said yesterday: ‘It is clear from the measurements we have collected that the Arctic sea ice has experienced a significant recovery in thickness over the past year.

Democratic politician makes insulting, racist remark
Right on cue, Democratic politician makes insulting, racist remark about Clarence Thomas’ marriage
Hours after Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas remarked that he has endured more racism from northern liberals than from southern conservatives, an Alabama politician demonstrated that southern liberals can be just as racist as their northern counterparts.

Alabama state Rep. Alvin Holmes, a Democrat and black man, derogatorily referred to Thomas as an “Uncle Tom,” and said he doesn’t like the esteemed Justice because Thomas is married to a white woman.

Crying Racism When There Is None

Some common sense talk about people overplaying the race card.

Your tax dollars at work

Because the nanny state liberals will always find a way to piss away your hard earned money.
Government publishes detailed instructions on how to safely roast marshmallows
The U.S. Forest Service on Friday published a nearly 700-word article on how to safely roast marshmallows, all in preparation for Saturday, which is National Roasted Marshmallow Day.

As one might expect, the article is riddled with safety tips that might make you think twice about even carrying matches into the forest at all, let alone actually igniting a marshmallow and putting your family’s life at risk.

Bad things can happen when you call others racist
As I’m sure you all feel the same, there is perhaps nothing more infuriating than when a liberal cries racism when there has been nothing of the sort. After hearing similar cries however, an older Liberal got put on his butt after bringing a verbal dispute to a physical level.

After calling out members of a younger crowd for being racist, one young man sucker punched the Liberal after watching him head butt his friend.

Watch George Will Perfectly Diagnose The Constant Liberal Cry of ‘Racist!’
The context of the discussion: the two blatantly outrageous statements about Republicans this week, one from Hank Aaron which compared the Republicans to the KKK, and the other from Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Israel who said that a significant part of the Republican base is racist.

The reality is that Will is exactly correct. Most of the country hates Obamacare, foreign policy under this administration is a joke, and the economy is spiraling down the drain; so the left has to resort to ad hominem attacks and talk about anything else– other than the issues. And a cry of ‘racist!’ is what they’ve chosen, over and over again.


7 Things Liberals REALLY MEAN When They Cry “Racism”
Racism used to mean hating someone because of his race. No more.

Today, 99 times out of 100 in politics, the word “racist” is used purely for political reasons without any regard to whether something bigoted was actually said. Yet, the accusations of "racism" never seem to stop. Why? Because when liberals cry "racism," they don't really mean racism. They mean....

1) You disagree with me:
2) I need more attention and/or money:
3) Let’s take a choice away from black Americans:
4) You are disagreeing with a minority:
5) Your attack is damaging us:
6) You won't do what I want!:
7) Stop trying to do outreach to black Americans:

Gallup poll: Government, Economy, Immigration Are Top U.S. Problems
Americans say the government, immigration, and the economy in general are the most important problems currently facing the country. Mentions of government and the economy have been at the top of the list since the beginning of the year, while mentions of immigration rose sharply in July, in response to the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, and remain high this month.

Twelve percent mention jobs or unemployment as the top problem, down from earlier this year. As 2014 began, jobs, the economy in general, dissatisfaction with government, and healthcare were the problems Americans mentioned most often. But last month, mentions of immigration surged 12 percentage points while slightly fewer Americans cited jobs, government, and healthcare.

An interesting side note: global warming doesn't even make the list as an important concern.

Democracy in action
Castle Rock voters have taken away the town manager's power to restrict the open carry of firearms in public buildings and parks, while insisting that any future decisions on gun restrictions in town of 50,000 go to a vote of the people.

AFL-CIO boss says economy sucks
Mr. Trumka, who leads the AFL-CIO federation of 56 unions, with more than 12 million members, said repeatedly that the working Americans were still “hurting” amid a lethargic economic recovery.

“For most folks, it seems to be an economy of stagnation,” Mr. Trumka said.

It looks like even some prominent libs are recognizing the 'hopey changey' really meant 'major sucky'.
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