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Climate doomers claim 200 million American will go crazy over the climate hoax

So according to this report virtually every adult American will suffer "serious psychological distress" from global warming. ----- doom doom doom oh the horror ---- Well I do agree that doomers need professional mental help. Me thinks they are projecting here.
An estimated 200 million Americans will be exposed to serious psychological distress from climate related events and incidents:

The threat of global climate change to the psychological well being of Americans has yet to become a priority concern of the U.S. mental health community, but it surely will become one as the damages from climate change mount in its many compelling and disastrous forms. Mental health providers and their professional associations are making note of the problem and responding with new guidelines and policies, but more is needed. The looming disaster that is global warming begs for greater public and professional attention. The sheer scale of mental health impacts from violent weather, crop failures, water shortages and more will put pressure on the nation’s mental health care systems as never before.

The economic costs of ignoring the real impact that climate-related disasters will have on our national psyche and the American spirit are potentially immense. The human suffering associated with these disasters will be widespread and run very deep. The national security implications are likewise as yet inconceivable.

American mental health care needs to be ready for the coming climate-related pressures it must address. It can begin with improved training and preparation and can add its credible and important voice to stopping the problem at is source by supporting the lowering of greenhouse gas emissions. The health community stepped up on the threat of nuclear war some 30 years ago and it had a huge effect on making the world safer from physical and mental harm.

Concealed carry now permitted at Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Frequent visitors to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science may have noticed something different about the facility's entrance area this holiday season. Since the beginning of December, the museum no longer has any signs banning handguns posted on its premises.

That's because early this month, the museum's Board of Trustees decided to allow Colorado concealed-carry permit holders to bring firearms into the museum. The move is a dramatic policy change from the museum's prior position, in which only police officers and deputy sheriffs within their jurisdiction were allowed to carry guns inside the museum.

The museum didn't make a public announcement about the change, but has received positive feedback from concealed-carry permit holders who've learned of the change, O'Neal adds.

Several other large public venues in Denver already allow concealed-carry permit holders to carry guns inside, including the Denver Zoo and the Denver Art Museum. The Denver Botanic Gardens doesn't have a policy on the issue.

He is why the military should not be a giant liberal social justice experiment.

Weak, mentally unstable, overly emotional female wrecks like this poster should be weeded out in boot camp. IMO allowing women in the military is a big mistake.
While I was shopping I passed by a gentleman in the store and happened to glance down. He had a handgun strapped to his belt. He was not a police officer. I know what those holsters look like and this had elastic bands. Not only that, the man was extremely overweight and he wasn't wearing anything to signify he was any part of law enforcement.

The further I got from him, the more upset I got. I brought my grandchildren to the store. I spoke with a young woman who said she was a manager. She shrugged off my concerns as if it was nothing. I decided to not finish the shopping and went to check out. The cashier saw how upset I was and I told her about it. She wanted to know what the man looked like because it upset her as well. As I was leaving, she spoke to another person who looked more like a manager than the young woman from before.

I got to my car and I was pretty near crying. I came home and called corporate about this only to find out they have practically zero policy when it comes to open carry. I was still pretty upset on the phone with the woman I spoke with. She said she was sending my concerns up to the higher ups which I doubt will do any good.

We're in the South and have been here for a while now. As conservative, rebel flag waving and Obama hating as they get around here, I've never seen anyone blatantly open carry like this before. My sister is like that and she has enough common sense not to do something like this. I'm an Army veteran. I've been around guns for much of my life. My husband is a hunter. We have a hunting rifle in the house. I'm not a woman that rattles easy, but this shook me to my core and I'm still quite upset.

global warming arrives in Colorado
Colorado Weather Station Hits -51°F, Ties One Of Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded
DENVER (CBS4) – It’s one of the colder temperatures ever recorded in Colorado, and a tie for one of the coldest at this particular weather station!

On the morning of December 17 the thermometer at Antero Reservoir dropped to an astounding -51°F.

The last time that happened was on Feb. 8, 1989.

Denver and the Colorado Rockies, as you’ve never seen them before
A New Kind of Landscape Photography
On September 10, 2015, a satellite named WorldView-3 was whisking on its regular path from pole to pole, locked in orbit 400 miles above the eastern Pacific Ocean.

WorldView-3 is one of the most advanced privately owned Earth-observing satellites in use. It’s owned and operated by DigitalGlobe, a corporation that supplies imagery to the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and Google Maps. If you’ve seen an orbital view of the planet that showed streets and buildings, it’s likely you were looking at an image captured by WorldView-3 or another DigitalGlobe satellite.

On that late summer day, though, WorldView-3 followed an unusual path. In the late morning, as it passed over the Pacific, it turned back and looked at the continent to the east. Gazing over Los Angeles; the Mojave desert; the Grand Canyon; and the southern tip of Utah, it captured an image of Colorado.

Here is that image, which has never previously been released to the public. I give a detailed breakdown of the image below, but first I recommend you make it full-screen and play around with it:

super high res pic at link

Star Wars with a social justice twist

Climate change may put the survival of crocodiles at risk

Doomers are funny. Crocodiles have survived relatively unchanged over 200 million years of climate change. Yet this doomer reporter thinks a few tenths of a degree is going to doom crocodiles to extinction. I was torn whether to put this in the Science section or the Fun section or Beliefs section. But I put it here because some people actually think the global warming hoax is science.
Climate change may put the survival of crocodiles at risk, researchers say
A week after a UN conference wrapped up in Paris, researchers at the University of Queensland have discovered how global warming is placing the survival of crocodiles at risk.

Their study found climate warming meant saltwater crocs were spending less time submerged in water, which they must do in order to eat, socialise, rest and recover and escape predators. Professor Craig Franklin from the UQ School of Biological Sciences said saltwater crocodiles exposed to long-term elevated water temperature spend less time in the dip once the water temperature exceeded 31.5C.

“We thought that crocodiles — like many animals — would adjust to temperature changes so life continues,” he said. “However, we were surprised to find they had little capacity to compensate for water temperature changes and seemed to be hardwired to operate at certain temperatures.

For Trump supporters

What's the main reason you want to vote for Trump?

Inching closer to revolution

hopey changey
Pat Caddell: Country Closer to Revolution Than Ever
Veteran pollster Pat Caddell says he agrees with the premise that America today is closer to another revolution than at any time in recent history, adding, “The strength of this country comes from its people and it has a political system that is run, now, to the exclusion of its people … you have three quarters of the American people saying the government in Washington does not rule with the consent of the governed.”

“By the time you get through this bill, every special interest will have been paid off,” said Caddell. “Everyone will have done what they wanted to do. The Republicans … will have sold everything out to please the oil companies”. Caddell also chastised Republican presidential candidates for not saying anything about it in the recent debate. expressing his frustration that the issue doesn’t seem to be being addressed by any candidates, Caddell said.

“If Donald Trump wants to seal his victory, all he has to do is stand up and attack McConnell and Ryan and what they’ve just done.”

Talking Productively About Guns

A decently balanced article talking about how different sides might engage in productive discussion about guns.
I confess from the start of this: I enjoy unproductive talk. Boasting, bloviating, berating, shouting, snarking, and swearing are all pleasures, indulged with little if any guilt. My purpose is not to condemn such behavior. How could I? We just brought on Marc Randazza and the man swears like a drunken Newark stevedore with his dick caught in a French press. At least most of the time, I grasp that my self-indulgence doesn't accomplish much. It pleases me, it entertains like-minded people, and it reaffirms that which people already believe.

But it doesn't persuade. It neither seeks nor finds common ground.

Much of our modern American dialogue about gun rights and gun control is like that. We yell, we signal to the like-minded, we circle our wagons, we take shots at opponents. But we don't change minds. Take a look at the discussion of guns on your Facebook feed right now. Do you think it's going to build a majority on any issue?

Say we wanted to have a productive conversation. Imagine we wanted to identify our irreducible philosophical and practical differences, seek any areas of agreement, persuade anyone on the fence, and change some minds. What might we do?

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