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Justice was done. Society won.
Triple Shooting In Aurora Leaves 1 Dead, 1 Critical
Police in Aurora investigated a triple shooting during a robbery attempt that left one person dead, one critical and another with gunshot wounds. “There is the potential that there are three juveniles in this community who have been shot,” said Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler. Police confirmed that one of the males died at the hospital and the other was treated for critical injuries. Another male suffered non-life threatening injuries in the shooting.

“Two of the movers started to hand over their money, the third mover who was in fear for his safety of his friends, pulled out his weapon,” said Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz. During the alleged robbery, the third male who was with the moving party, grabbed a firearm and shot towards the robbery suspects. Police say he shot each one of them.

One of the suspects died, another was wounded and was in serious condition on Saturday afternoon, and the third male walked into an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. He is expected to survive and was taken into custody on unrelated charges. The suspects have not been identified. The man who fired the shots has not arrested or charged. Police say he was questioned and released. “I don’t think we would call this necessarily a make-my-day issue. This is a straight up regular common sense statutorily codified self defense,” said Brauchler.

I have heard that the recidivism for dead criminals is zero. Sounds like a good day for society.

Knife Rights' Knife Owners' Protection Act Introduced in U.S. House

Knife Rights' Knife Owners' Protection Act, H.R.419 (KOPA), has been re-introduced for the new session of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives by sponsor Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ).

"KOPA will protect law-abiding knife owners traveling throughout the U.S. from the vagaries of restrictive state and local laws. As long as possession of the particular knife is legal in the state where the journey starts and ends, and provided the knife is secured in accordance with KOPA, a knife owner would no longer be threatened with arrest simply for traveling from one place to another." KOPA is the first proactive pro-knife federal legislation introduced in the nation's history.

Urge your lawmaker to support the KOPA. Here's a model email that you can use:

I support H.R.419, the Knife Owners' Protection Act of 2015. I urge you to become a co-sponsor of this commonsense legislation that will protect my rights and the rights of all knife owners to travel throughout the U.S. without fear of prosecution under the myriad of state and local knife laws.

Appeals court rules Detention of person carrying gun illegal

Ironically the antigunner wus busybody that initiated the whole incident has ultimately handed 2A rights supporters a wonderful legal precedent by a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Toledo man can sue city police
COLUMBUS — A Toledo man can sue a city police officer for detaining him illegally in 2010 for openly carrying a semiautomatic handgun in his neighborhood, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday.

On June 16, 2010, Shawn and Denise Northrup were walking down Rochelle Road in their neighborhood with their Yorkshire terrier on a leash when a passing motorcyclist challenged Mr. Northrup for openly carrying the handgun in a holster next to his cell phone. The motorcyclist called 911. Upon his arrival at the scene, Officer Bright told Mr. Northrup to hand the dog’s leash to his wife, which he did. The officer said Mr. Northrup removed his cell phone and then moved his hand back toward the gun where the phone had been, which the officer saw as a “furtive movement.” The officer took the gun and put Mr. Northrup in the squad car under suspicion that he was “inducing panic.” The officer learned Mr. Northrup had a valid concealed-carry permit.

Officer Bright had argued he had reasonable suspicion to detain Mr. Northrup, noting he was openly carrying a firearm and that he was responding to a 911 call. But the appeals court determined Mr. Northrup can proceed with the allegation that Officer Bright violated his Fourth Amendment protections against illegal search and seizure. “Not only has the state made open carry of a firearm legal, but it also does not require gun owners to produce or even carry their licenses for inquiring officers,” Judge Sutton wrote.

Full 8 page ruling:

Tips For Going Green

From the Onion
As climate change, pollution, and population growth continue to damage the environment, it’s more important than ever for consumers to make eco-friendly decisions and practice green habits. Here are some tips for going green:

-Burn local fossil fuels
-Ban bath time for all but your filthiest child
-Don’t dispose of old batteries and electronics in the regular trash; put them in that box in the garage so you can deal with them someday
-Carpool with another person to destroy the only precious moment of solitude you have in your day
-When people ask if you recycle, say yes
-Let the fresh ocean breeze dry the linens you’ve hung out in the backyard of your cape home
-Repurposing used water bottles into a decorative door wreath is a fun, pretend way to help the environment
-Pay a consulting firm $400,000 to give your brand an eco-friendly image
-If you just throw everything into the recycling bin, chances are at least some of it will be salvaged
-Remember, it’s never too late to start doing your part. It is, however, too late to save the endangered baby seals that spurred you to care about any of this.

Save a life. Donate blood.

According to the Red Cross, this is a critical time period for blood donation. Most schools will not host a blood drive for another 3 months, and their blood drives account for about 20% of all blood collected by the Red Cross during the year.

The Memorial Day weekend unfortunately has a lot of accidents with the increased number of drivers on the roads. Help save the life of accident victims as well as for existing patients who need blood transfusions.

IPCC lead author exposes the climate hoax

The global warming hoax keeps unraveling. By a former Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) lead author no less. I hear doomers' heads exploding now. I wonder. Do exploding heads release CO2?
Former UN Lead Author: Global Warming Caused By ‘Natural Variations’ In Climate
Global temperature change observed over the last hundred years or so is well within the natural variability of the last 8,000 years, according to a new paper by a former Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) lead author. Dr. Philip Lloyd, a South Africa-based physicist and climate researcher, examined ice core-based temperature data going back 8,000 years to gain perspective on the magnitude of global temperature changes over the 20th Century.

What Lloyd found was that the standard deviation of the temperature over the last 8,000 years was about 0.98 degrees Celsius– higher than the 0.85 degrees climate scientists say the world has warmed over the last century. “This suggests that while some portion of the temperature change observed in the 20th century was probably caused by greenhouse gases, there is a strong likelihood that the major portion was due to natural variations,” Lloyd wrote in his study.

Lloyd arrived at his conclusion after the “differences in temperatures between all records which are approximately a century apart were determined, after any trends in the data had been removed.” Lloyd noted the “differences were close to normally distributed.” But Lloyd’s study hits at a larger debate within climate science: how much warming is attributable to mankind or nature. Clearly, Lloyd and the IPCC he once contributed to now represent different ends of the spectrum.

“The magnitude of natural climate variability over the past 1000 years and even the past 100 years is hotly debated,” Curry added. “Personally, I think the role of natural climate variability has been substantially underestimated in our interpretation of recent climate change.”
An Estimate of The Centennial Variability of Global Temperatures
There has been widespread investigation of the drivers of changes in global temperatures. However, there has been remarkably little consideration of the magnitude of the changes to be expected over a period of a few decades or even a century. To address this question, the Holocene records up to 8000 years before present, from several ice cores were examined. The differences in temperatures between all records which are approximately a century apart were determined, after any trends in the data had been removed. The differences were close to normally distributed. The average standard deviation of temperature was 0.98 ± 0.27 °C. This suggests that while some portion of the temperature change observed in the 20th century was probably caused by greenhouse gases, there is a strong likelihood that the major portion was due to natural variations.

Wouldn't the election be exciting with Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz?

I think it would be exciting to see Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz as the Democratic and Republican candidates respectively. It would be refreshing to have a distinct choice in ideologies and not some homogenized status quo candidate. Like them or not, I think each believes in the ideology they espouse.

I don't see it happening. But I can dream.

Once again Obama uses words he does not understand.
Obama At U.S. Coast Guard Academy Commencement: Denying Climate Change "Dereliction Of Duty"
President Obama delivered the keynote address at the United States Coast Guard Academy commencement Wednesday in New London, Connecticut. In his commencement speech, Obama warned graduates climate change is one of the largest threats they will have to face as they defend the United States and our nation's interests abroad.

In his speech, Obama said denying climate change or refusing to deal with it is negligence and "dereliction of duty."

"If you see storm clouds gathering or dangerous shoals ahead you don't just sit back and do nothing," President Obama said Wednesday. "You take action to protect your ship, to keep your crew safe. Anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty. So to with climate change."

What an embarrassment of a President.

Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat
Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979. Since the end of 2012, moreover, total polar ice extent has largely remained above the post-1979 average. The updated data contradict one of the most frequently asserted global warming claims – that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to recede.

The timing of the 1979 NASA satellite instrument launch could not have been better for global warming alarmists. The late 1970s marked the end of a 30-year cooling trend. As a result, the polar ice caps were quite likely more extensive than they had been since at least the 1920s. Nevertheless, this abnormally extensive 1979 polar ice extent would appear to be the “normal” baseline when comparing post-1979 polar ice extent.

Updated NASA satellite data show the polar ice caps remained at approximately their 1979 extent until the middle of the last decade. Beginning in 2005, however, polar ice modestly receded for several years. By 2012, polar sea ice had receded by approximately 10 percent from 1979 measurements. (Total polar ice area – factoring in both sea and land ice – had receded by much less than 10 percent, but alarmists focused on the sea ice loss as “proof” of a global warming crisis.)

A 10-percent decline in polar sea ice is not very remarkable, especially considering the 1979 baseline was abnormally high anyway. Regardless, global warming activists and a compliant news media frequently and vociferously claimed the modest polar ice cap retreat was a sign of impending catastrophe. Al Gore even predicted the Arctic ice cap could completely disappear by 2014. In late 2012, however, polar ice dramatically rebounded and quickly surpassed the post-1979 average. Ever since, the polar ice caps have been at a greater average extent than the post-1979 mean.

Ramifications of minimum wage hike begin
On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council passed a minimum wage law by a 14-to-1 vote margin that continually cranks-up wages for the next five years to $15 an hour. Meanwhile, employers are responding by investing in machines over people.

Four in 10 employers surveyed in the eighth annual poll by the Los Angeles County Business Federation say they expect to hire more people this year, up 10 percent over last year. But the numbers of employers that say they intend to make the type of capital investments that eliminate jobs through automation doubled, to 59 percent.

L.A. businesses are especially frustrated with the bureaucratic nightmare they experience dealing with of local, county and state building and safety planning departments. The BizFed poll found that the burden of securing operating permits was the most frustrating issue for local businesses, other than taxes and compliance fees. For companies that do expand, they “must navigate what’s been called a spaghetti bowl of permit requirements”, according to the Times. Rafter worries that technological advancements have made it easier for frustrated local companies to just go “mobile” and conduct the bulk of their business elsewhere.

Due to anti-business burdens and costs, the City of Los Angeles won the booby-prize last year as America’s Poorest Big City, according to an analysis by the American Community Survey-based Census Bureau data. L.A.’s poverty rate of 17.6 percent made California the top poverty state overall, with a 16.8 percent rate.
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