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Sherriff's org calls fedgov “the greatest threat we face today,”
National sheriffs’ group, opposed to federal laws on guns and taxes, calls for defiance
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is intent on strictly enforcing their view of the U.S. Constitution and, according to a long new piece by the Center for Public Integrity, “its ambition is to encourage law enforcement officers to defy laws they decide themselves are illegal.” In essence, they are troubled by the overreach of the federal government in matters concerning guns, taxes and land management, and founder Richard Mack has described the federals as “the greatest threat we face today,” and his association as “the army to set our nation free.”

In an interview with Julia Harte and former Post reporter R. Jeffrey Smith, Mack said he had enlisted “several hundred” of the more than 3,000 sheriffs around the country as members of the CSPOA, and that hundreds more are sympathetic. At the association’s 2014 convention, dozens of sheriffs signed a declaration that they would not tolerate any federal agent who attempted to register firearms, arrest someone or seize property in their counties without their consent.

I woke up to 6 inches of fresh global warming

and they are predicting another 6 inches of global warming before the day is done. Wait. I'm sorry. I forgot. Incidents of snow and cold are just regular w-e-a-t-h-e-r. Only incidents of warm weather = global climate.
Unseasonably warm weather a clear sign of climate change, say scientists
Unseasonably warm weather across Australia, which is set to continue through the coming month, might be putting a spring in people’s step but is a clear sign of dangerous climate change, according climate scientists and meteorologists.

“It’s evidence that climate change is already happening – and increasing the risks of hot extremes.”

The current spike in warm weather is happening partly because of the monster El Niño that spread a pulse of warm water across the Pacific Ocean in 2015. That El Niño is dissipating, spreading the warmer water around Australia, raising temperatures.

But all that was happening on top of the background of global warming

More doomer tampering with data
Icegate: Now NSIDC Caught Tampering With Climate Records
NSIDC – National Snow and Ice Data Center – is the US government agency which provides the official statistics on such matters as sea ice coverage in the Arctic. Naturally its research is of paramount importance to the climate alarmists’ narrative that man-made global warming is causing the polar ice caps to melt. At least it was until those ice caps refused to play ball…

Where the alarmists have for years been doomily predicting ice free summers in the Arctic – according to Al Gore in 2007, 2008 and 2009 it would be gone by 2013 – the truth is that multi-year ice has been staging a recovery since 2009.

So what do you do if reality doesn’t suit your narrative? Simple. If you’re NSIDC (and NASA and NOAA…) you just change reality. NSIDC’s latest attempt to breathe new life into the corpse of the alarmist narrative comprised a press release a few weeks ago claiming that 5+ year old sea ice is at its smallest level on record. To prove it, they’ve produced a new chart that looks like this.

public bathroom laws we really need

* every bathroom shall be cleaned at least once every week
* single ply tissue shall be banned
* every bathroom shall maintain a wide selection of current magazines
* every stall shall have have shelf or holster mounted to the stall wall for temporary placement of your carry firearm
* every bathroom shall be well ventilated with fresh air
* every stall shall be equipped with a flashing strobe light that automatically activates when the dispenser is out of TP
* anyone incapable of keeping their waste inside the toilet bowl shall be sent to reeducation camps on basic bathroom etiquette.
* every stall shall automatically photograph anyone who doesn't flush and the photo of the perp's face uploaded to youtube and facebook pages dedicated to criminal non-flushers

Endless entertainment here

Vegetarian activists and Doomers join forces to promote their pet political causes.
Denmark ethics council calls for tax on red meat to fight 'ethical problem' of climate change
Denmark is considering proposals to introduce a tax on red meat, after a government think tank came to the conclusion that “climate change is an ethical problem”.

The Danish Council of Ethics recommended an initial tax on beef, with a view to extending the regulation to all red meats in future. It said that in the long term, the tax should apply to all foods at varying levels depending on climate impact.

In a press release, the ethics council said Denmark was under direct threat from climate change, and it was not enough to rely on the “ethical consumer” to ensure the country meets its UN commitments.

“This requires society to send a clear signal through regulation.”

Of course the solution is ... wait for it ... no surprise .... bigger government and more regulations to control people.

World heading for catastrophe

Guardian article on global warming. Trigger warnings provided below. Reads more like a movie script for Sharknado.
cascading crises
international disaster risk
civil war
destabilising effects
inconceivably bad
woefully underfunded
world’s failure to prepare
“inconceivably bad” consequences
catastrophic droughts and floods
people dead
world already “falling short”
things would only get worse
huge amounts of money
unable to meet the humanitarian need
frequency and severity of natural disasters
Zika virus
Failure to plan
steep rise in the vulnerability
simultaneous disasters.
cascading crises
years of protracted drought
It’s inconceivably bad
huge sense of urgency
big challenge
can’t wait
financial cost of disasters.
be able to cope at all
huge challenge
devastating floods
earthquake in Nepal
are destroyed
very sad fashion
huge disasters
mega disaster

“Climate Hustle” documentary movie will be in 400+ theaters nationwide on May 2

For those interested in getting the 'rest of the story' about the global warming hoax.
The skeptical view of global warming are explored in the film “Climate Hustle” (in theaters
nationwide on May 2nd for a one-night showing) that reveals prominent scientists dissenting
on man-made global warming claims and highlights a comedy of failed “tipping points” and
claims regarding how just about any malady of society is now blamed on “global warming.”

You’ve heard the arguments in favor of global warming fears. Now “Climate Hustle” and Marc
Morano present the other side of the argument to give you the full story, revealing how even
some politically left scientists are reexamining the evidence and declaring

If you dare.....

It is easy for the lay person to not comprehend the dramatic realities represented by scientific data when shown in graph form. It requires smarter-than-you scientists to understand the catstrophic nature of the harm man made global warming has done to our precious planet.

But seeing photos of actual devastation wrought over the last 150 years by man made climate disruption really brings home the dire crisis facing humankind. See dramatic and terrifying evidence of unprecedented climate caused sea level rise in the photos below:



Even the most stupid and ardent deniers must recognize the problem now. I don't know how I'll be able to sleep at night.

Europe will soon be hit by deadly 'once-in-a-century' extreme weather every year

An excellent article detailing impending doom. Trigger warnings posted below for the faint of heart
Heavy flooding
will soon be hit by deadly
"once-in-a-century" extreme weather events
Severe wildfires, river floods and windstorms
“historically high levels”
overall climate hazard
will be confronted annually with extreme droughts, coastal floods or heatwaves
warning to governments and institutions
In Spain, you will see at least two hazards every year
multiple climate extremes
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