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reality is still not cooperating with doomer propaganda

Don't worry. I bet a slew of doomertists are already vying for federal grant money to do a study on this. Whereby they will find the temp data needs to be 'adjusted' thus showing a warming trend.

Remember global warming doctrine. Temporary warming in a small area/region is the result of global warming. Temporary cooling in a small area/region is the result of natural variability, or aliens, or George Bush....but definitely not global climate change.
Absence of 21st century warming on Antarctic Peninsula consistent with natural variability
Here we use a stacked temperature record to show an absence of regional warming since the late 1990s. The annual mean temperature has decreased at a statistically significant rate, with the most rapid cooling during the Austral summer. Temperatures have decreased as a consequence of a greater frequency of cold, east-to-southeasterly winds, resulting from more cyclonic conditions in the northern Weddell Sea associated with a strengthening mid-latitude jet. These circulation changes have also increased the advection of sea ice towards the east coast of the peninsula, amplifying their effects. Our findings cover only 1% of the Antarctic continent and emphasize that decadal temperature changes in this region are not primarily associated with the drivers of global temperature change but, rather, reflect the extreme natural internal variability of the regional atmospheric circulation.

This critique of Fox News idiots segment on guns is too funny.

The stupidity of mainstream media on display. Journalists should be prohibited from ever discussing anything about guns.

Is the country headed for break up?

An interesting and relatively non-partisan commentary on current political events in the context of history. This is a non-rant about the political fragmentation in the country and where it might lead.

For those who like history I recommend you try Don Carlin's podcasts. He has two podcast series. Hardcore History which is academic discussions of historical events. Common Sense with Don Carlin is commentary but with his historical perspective.
Common Sense 306 - Disengaging the Lizard Brain

Publish Date: Sat, 4 June 2016
Duration: 44:09 minutes – Size: 32.5mb

Hate is a very strong word, but increasing numbers of Americans hate their countrymen. Is this a danger to the stability of the country? If it were deemed such, what can be done about it

The ultimate Hillary supporter?

This guy supports HRC "100%" (timestamp 2:23)

Mexicans want border wall with Central America

See what Mexicans say about Mexico's illegal immigration problem.
Mexican Newspaper: Build a Trump-Style Wall with Central America
One of the largest newspapers along Mexico’s border with Texas is calling for a border wall with Central America, similar to the one being promoted by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump.
The editorial board of El Mañana, one of the largest newspapers in the border state of Tamaulipas, penned a piece called “Yes to the Border Wall … but in Mexico’s South.” The piece praises the idea of border wall, not on the border with Mexico, but on the border with Central America.

One of the issues mentioned in the editorial piece points not only to the hordes of Guatemalans, Salvadorans and Hondurans that flock to Reynosa in an effort to get to the U.S., but also to the large number of Central Americans that are left in Mexico after deportation. According to El Mañana, illegal aliens left in the city are unable to find a place to stay since most shelters can only provide them with three days of food and bedding. “Many of these migrants when they are unable to find an honest way of life turn to robberies, kidnappings, extortion, and in the worst cases join the ranks of organized crime,” El Mañana’s piece revealed.

Trump’s idea of a border wall is a good one but it should be on the southern border with Central America in order to stop the flow of Central Americans from entering both countries, according to El Mañana. The newspaper also calls for proper immigration checkpoints where documentation must be presented in order to gain access into Mexico.

Black Lives Matter activists plan not to vote in November

Now here is an idea I can get behind. Spread the word. This needs to go viral.
Some Black Lives Matter activists plan not to vote in November
Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome is calling for people to abstain from voting until the major parties listen to African American concerns.

But one thing that Newsome and his friends say they won't be doing in November is voting. For anyone. "Neither party has stepped to the front and made Black Lives Matter a priority," he says. "Hillary Clinton has the votes of millions of African Americans in her hands. But she's promoting herself. And the problem is that we are settling !"

Newsome is leading a new campaign to get African Americans to do something that few civil rights leaders have recommended: stop voting. He believes that only by withdrawing support from the major parties can black communities force politicians to address their concerns about police brutality.

He calls it "I Ain’t Voting" — and he says he’s aware that it could be seen as a rejection of the struggle that a previous generation went through.

Global Temperatures Are Mostly Fake
NOAA claims global temperatures are the hottest ever, based on some rather spectacular junk science. NOAA doesn’t actually have any temperature data over most of the land surface.

They never had any data from most of the southern hemisphere.

The US has NOAA’s best data, and almost half it is also fake.

No serious scientist would make claims based on fake data, which is why NOAA does it. Their climate people are propagandists, not scientists.

Clintons are corrupt "stem to stern"

This pretty much sums up the Clintons.
Hillary and Bill Clinton are the two biggest single grifters ever to run for President of the United States, and I throw guys like Roscoe Conkling and all the Tammany Hall corrupt S.O.B.s back in the 19th Century in that. These people are corrupt. They are corrupt from stem to stern, and if they get in the White House, it’s gonna be like the last days of Sodom, as far as the money-changing goes. It’s nothing but a money laundering operation.

George Carlin on Political Correctness

Aloha Snackbar!

Yet another reason to be armed at all times.
EXCLUSIVE: France ‘Suppressed Reports of Gruesome Torture’ at Bataclan Massacre
HEAT STREET EXCLUSIVE – A French government committee has heard testimony, suppressed by the French government at the time and not published online until this week, that the killers in the Bataclan appear to have tortured their victims on the second floor of the club.

The chief police witness in Parliament testified that on the night of the attacks, an investigating officer, tears streaming down his face, rushed out of the Bataclan and vomited in front of him just after seeing the disfigured bodies.

According to this testimony, Wahhabist killers reportedly gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls. Women were reportedly stabbed in the genitals – and the torture was, victims told police, filmed for Daesh or Islamic State propaganda. For that reason, medics did not release the bodies of torture victims to the families, investigators said.

Elsewhere, the investigator says, women were sexually tortured, stabbed in the genitals, and their eyes were plucked out. People were decapitated.
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