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Will people soon start outing politicians for sexual abuse, rape, conduct?

I hope so. Everyone knows this has been going on in Washington DC...from Hastert to Kennedy to Weiner. Bring them down. Send them to prison. Strip them of their pensions.
those to the manner born who’ve been in trouble -- Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd, for instance, who participated in the famous “waitress sandwich” at La Brasserie in 1985, while their dates were in the bathroom -- have tended to get out of it by claiming that their boyish high jinks had simply gotten out of hand.

Drain the whole damn swamp!

Republican. Democrat. I don't care. The corrupt uni-party must be crushed. Anyone with a shred of honesty will admit both parties are corrupt and only care about themselves. Pols in the uni-party lie to their base/constituents on a regular basis during campaigns and then promptly ignore the People after the election.

Screw them all. Kick them all to the curb. Take the lobbyist class with them. Take the consultant class with them. Take the media/pundit class with them. Straight to hell by way of prison for all these fuckers.

This means Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Rove, Podesta, RNC, DNC, et al. I think Trump being more of a hated outsider is probably less culpable than the establishment swamp rats. But if it comes back to him then so be it.

What say you?

What happens when SJWs meet up with reality.

An inconvenient truth: global warming is good for the planet

Get ready for the doomer head spin

The István Markó Interview: Possibly the Best Thing You Will Ever Read on Global Warming. Pt 1: The Science

CO2 is not – and has never been a poison

Plants love CO2. That’s why the planet is greening

There have been periods where the CO2 concentration was many times higher than now. Life thrived.

Animals need CO2 too. And by the way – forests are not the ‘lungs of the earth’…

It is not true that CO2 has a major greenhouse effect. Reports of its influence have been exaggerated

Climate change is natural

Don’t worry about shrinking glaciers. We’ve been here before…

Sea level rise is normal

The polar ice caps are fine too

Extreme weather events are actually decreasing

Recent warming is modest – much smaller than the alarmists’ various computer models predicted

Claims by alarmist ‘experts’ that 2016 was that ‘hottest year ever’ are pure balderdash

No, ‘climate change’ hasn’t led to an increase in tropical diseases

Again, CO2 is greening the planet. And that’s a good thing. So stop demonizing it!

Place your bets

Over the next 12 months, how many people connected to the recent Clinton scandals will mysteriously die, commit suicide, or die in a botched robbery where nothing is taken?

uh oh. Republicans may be in trouble for the 2018 elections.

Here is a Democratic testing their election protest strategy.

Apparently this a backup plan if the Screaming at the Sky plan doesn't work.

I'm worried. How can we win against these master political strategists?

just because

Doomers are being relegated to fringe whacko status.

It's all they have left.
Now 400 Scientific Papers in 2017 Say ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth

Shocking global warming news!

The shocking news is that there is nothing shocking about global warming. Sorry doomers. You'll have to find another hoax to get the vapors over.

Another DUmper reveals why they think the way they do.
I recovered from a serious mental illness 15 years ago

I guess "recovery" is a subjective term.
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