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Ha Ha - liberal academia getting its just deserts
Shunned by students, Mizzou opens dorms to sports fans
The University of Missouri is planning to rent out some of its vacated dorms to make up for many of the school’s significant financial woes.

A housing request form available on the school’s website specifies that guests will be treated to a “furnished two-bedroom suite with four single beds” for the relatively low price of $120/night, which includes high-speed Internet access, bed linens, and towels, but not parking. "Guests will stay in a furnished two-bedroom suite with four single beds for $120/night plus tax."

As Campus Reform has previously reported, the racially-motivated uprising that shut down Mizzou’s campus in 2015 cost the university close to a quarter of its freshmen class the following year, leaving the school worse off than it had initially anticipated.

The school continues to dig itself out of a $32 million financial hole brought on by both low enrollment numbers as well as a state legislature that proposed cuts of $1 million to Mizzou’s allocation of state funds and $7.6 million to the System’s administrative funds. More recently, University of Missouri System President Mun Choi announced that he would be eliminating 474 jobs, 307 of which would be cut from the System’s Columbia campus, where the 2015 protests occurred.

The university has shuttered seven residence halls due to the drastic drop in enrollment, but disclosed plans Friday to rent the vacated dorm rooms out to eager sports fans.

How wide is the divide between right and left in this country and is it reconcilable?

I think the gap is very wide. I don't think it is reconcilable? I think the divide wide worsen over time and become more violent.

Doomers can't find any actual problems with the climate

so they aiding their masturbatory climate fantasies by reliving past hysterical predictions from insane doomertists.
Sea level rise at least 10 feet in next 50 years.

Earth’s Most Famous Climate Scientist Issues Bombshell Sea Level Warning
By Eric Holthaus

Monday's new study greatly increases the potential for catastrophic near-term sea level rise. Here, Miami Beach, among the most vulnerable cities to sea level rise in the world.

Translation: the government multi-billion dollar climate slush fund is drying up under Trump and they are ramping up the hysteria hoping for more money. Time for Hansen to replace that hot tub I suppose?

Today I learned the Republican Party controls 100% of the media.

One learns so much from DU.
Where's our Infowars? Where's our Breitbart? Where's our Limbaugh and Hannity?

We need to start getting our message out there. The GOP has all but silenced us. They now control 100% of the media and they're able to get their message out there. To quote one of my all time favorite movies, Spaceballs - "What have we got on this thing? A Cuisinart?"

How cute. Looks who's still trying to be relevant.
Hillary Clinton calls Republicans 'death party' if health care bill passes

Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd

Why do dems keep losing?

Because to many the Democratic Party has come to represent

* hate America/blame America first for everything
* having LGBTQOPXZY jammed down our throats at every turn. Tolerance is no longer enough - they demand accolades and approval for everything from run of the mill homosexuality to the sickest perversions.
* abortion (i.e., killing babies) on demand, at all times, for any reason, at any age
* global warming bullshit
* bigoted divisive racial politics all the time
* calling half the country racist, deplorable, xenophobic, stupid, evil, etc. at all times over everything
* pajamaboy snowflakes
* political correctness insanity
* condoms everywhere
* destruction of the American culture and supplanting it with third world cultures
* partisan all the time
* ends justify the means
* blatant hypocrisy and double standards
* outright hatefulness towards anyone not them
* an all powerful state controlling every aspect of thought, speech, action
* anti-BIll of Rights
* socialism/communism
* intolerance
* rioting
* pooping on police cars
* killing police & BLM
* welfare and government dependency

Personally I hope the dems keep it up.


I hated pretty much everything Obama did and said. But I never went into psychotic despair.
Does everyone else have a knot in the pit of their stomach that twists a little whenever they read or see something else that Trump does?

It's there everyday, a feeling of dread that something bad is going to happen. A waking nightmare we can't escape.

16. I'm so scared, every day.

27. Blood pressure

Nov 8 - 120/70
Nov 9 - 165/85

Every morning, every night Not sure how long I can endure this.

I know I can't endure 4 years of this.My husband and I, both in our sixties, plan to "escape" to Canada if he's not gone by the end of the summer...

had an eye twitch for three months. This is no way to live.

I count it as one of the major stressors in my life

29. Every day, for months I'm struggling with what to do if 2018 also produces an election disaster.

I feel like I'm drowning in fear. Every morning, I wake up with a knot of dread as I turn on the computer to see what horror that asshole inflicted overnight. And every morning that I don't see that he's bombed somebody is like a weight off my chest.

DREAD. I hate going to sleep, I hate waking up.

I haven't been able to truly relax since the election..and won't be until he's gone.

I talked to my doc about it and she put me on Paxil. I can even sleep now.

I've been in physical and psychological pain since November.

I wake up in a state of fear every single day since the "election"

I feel like I'm a hostage in some sort of Bizarro Captivity land. I feel like I'm living in hostile territory these days.

80. Since he awas elected I have put on 20 pounds and started drinking way too much.

It is a feeling of dread and impending doom.

Hug Mungus nets $140K

Ain't karma great?
Hugh Mungus Social Justice Warrior Fail Nets Man $140,000
After thanking police at a September, 2016 Seattle City Council meeting for helping his addicted daughter find social services, and confronted by a frenzied social justice warrior who screamed out that she was sexually harassed by his providing a joke name, Rudy Pantoja Jr. has so far received over $140,000.00 in donations in a truly bizarre story of how sometimes being confronted by Precious Snowflakes can be not only immensely annoying, it has a potential for immense earnings.

Thank you SJWs. Your crazy is not only entertaining but profitable.

FDR and other 1930s Democrats were right.

It's time to bring back the House Committee On Un-American Activities. It's time again to purge commies from all areas of government.
HOUSE COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES. The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) searched for communists and other suspected subversives for nearly forty years. Founded in 1938 as the House Special Committee to Investigate Un-American Activities and chaired by a conservative Texas Democrat, Martin Dies, HUAC became a standing committee of the House in 1945.

Prior to HUAC's founding, congressional investigations of subversion were episodic. The most notable occurred in 1919, 1930, and 1934, and the sponsor of the committee's founding resolution, Samuel Dickstein, a New York Democrat, had been involved in several of those efforts. Where Dickstein was primarily concerned with native fascism and all other forms of anti-Semitism, however, the committee came to focus on ostensible left-wing subversion. Its basic charge was that communists and their sympathizers had infiltrated nearly all of the New Deal's alphabet agencies.
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