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Former Pa. attorney general ordered to begin jail sentence this week
Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D) will head to jail Thursday, more than two years after she was convicted on charges related to leaking grand jury documents to exact revenge on a political rival.

Montgomery County Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy on Tuesday said that Kane must be at a Montgomery County jail by 9 a.m. Thursday to begin serving her 10- to 23-month sentence, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Nice 30 minute summary of the spying campaign on Trump by the Dems and real reason for Mueller.

Only Anti-Science Suckers Believe Climate Change Hysteria
Here is a very simple question for all of you upset over the fact that I do not believe in Climate Change: How many scientific doomsday prophecies do I have to see debunked before I am allowed to be skeptical of the next one?
How many?
Give me a number.
How about if I give you a number: Thirteen. Thirteen, y’all.

I am on the dark side of 52 now, which is not young, but it also isn’t old. And yet, I have lived to see so many media and scientifically-driven end-of-the-world predictions collapse under the weight of reality, I have nearly lost count.

This is how old I am. … Old enough to remember being told that by now…

We would be living through a new Ice Age by the year 2000.
We would all die when the ozone layer disappeared.
The oceans would be dead.
Global Cooling would destroy the world.
Acid rain would destroy our forests.
Overpopulation would result in worldwide famine.
We would deplete our natural resources.
We would run out of oil.
The polar ice caps would melt.
Manhattan would be underwater.
People who live in cities will have to wear gas masks.
Nitrogen buildup will make the land unusable.
“Decaying organic pollutants would use up all of the oxygen in America’s rivers, causing freshwater fish to suffocate.”

And that is just the Big Stuff, the world-shaking predictions the oh-so holy scientific consensus got horribly wrong during my lifetime. Yes, that science was also declared settled.

Over the last half-century the Holy Scientific Consensus has gotten everything wrong, from your breakfast food to the literal apocalypse. But now we are supposed to roll over and play socialist because the Holy Consensus says Climate Change will wipe us out by 2050.

Sorry, no.

My Instant Pot Ultra arrived today.

I finally broke down and bought one. I'm looking forward to seeing if I like it. I'll be trying out some recipes over the next couple of weeks.

Thanksgiving poll

It is easy for us to forget the blessings we have. We are caught up in the day-to-day politics, health issues, family problems, paying bills, etc. However, when we consider the arc of human history most of us are living a life of ease and comfort and safety few humans have ever experienced. Those of us born in and living in North America at this time in history are truly lucky.

For most of human history
* lifespans were 30-45 years
* lived under tyranny and/or draconian laws
* did not have clean water
* no toilets or toilet paper
* awful and ineffective healthcare
* no anesthesia
* no antibiotics
* limited selection and quantities of food
* drafty, cold, dark, and dirty homes
* no/little leisure time
* no/little education
* subsistence living
* dental care consisted of a rock
* slavery was common

To put things in perspective. Would you rather be who you are right now in your same circumstances, or king/queen of England in the 17th century?

Oyster Dressing

It's Thanksgiving. Time for oyster dressing! recipe link:

If Democrats succeed in banning guns what should people do?

More and more the leftists are more forthright and open about their desire to ban private ownership of guns. If they succeed in doing that what should the People do?


We're all gonna die.

Let me summarize for you. Doomers gotta doom.

The Earth is in a death spiral
Climate breakdown could be rapid and unpredictable
avert collapse
We could see changes of state so abrupt and profound that no continuity can be safely assumed
grief and fury
We are facing extinction
existential crises
Hopeless realism
collapse is yet inevitable
collapse of civilisations
past civilisations have collapsed
The oligarchic control of wealth... explains the comprehensive institutional failure now pushing us towards disaster
Think of Donald Trump
rightwing organisations;
the Murdoch empire
oil and motor companies
environmental breakdown
economic growth is incompatible with sustaining the Earth’s systems.
beyond environmental limits
physically impossible.
planetary death spiral
failed institutions
averting collapse
we cannot save ourselves

An Ice Age in 120 seconds: Timelapse reveals how the Alps changed over 115,000 years

a 24 week old baby

or as some may say "a mass of cells"
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