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It's been 14 years since Air America Radio launched. It's time to bring it back.

Angry leftists don't have enough exposure. It can't fail. Third time is the charm.

I guess CO2 levels have dropped dramatically?

97 out of 100 doomertists say temperature is the direct result of CO2 levels. Hey doomers, where is the fancy graph showing drop in CO2 levels at Maua Loa?
Did You Know the Greatest Two-Year Global Cooling Event Just Took Place?

Would it surprise you to learn the greatest global two-year cooling event of the last century just occurred? From February 2016 to February 2018 (the latest month available) global average temperatures dropped 0.56°C. You have to go back to 1982-84 for the next biggest two-year drop, 0.47°C—also during the global warming era. All the data in this essay come from GISTEMP Team, 2018: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (GISTEMP). NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (dataset accessed 2018-04-11 at This is the standard source used in most journalistic reporting of global average temperatures.

The 2016-18 Big Chill was composed of two Little Chills, the biggest five month drop ever (February to June 2016) and the fourth biggest (February to June 2017). A similar event from February to June 2018 would bring global average temperatures below the 1980s average. February 2018 was colder than February 1998. If someone is tempted to argue that the reason for recent record cooling periods is that global temperatures are getting more volatile, it's not true. The volatility of monthly global average temperatures since 2000 is only two-thirds what it was from 1880 to 1999.

The same people who want only the government to have guns

complain about the government having guns.
What can we do about this shit???

SPLC backs down

The Stalinist Progressive Lefty Center (SPLC) get some comeuppance.
This week, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) removed a much detested "Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists" from its webpage following lawsuit threats from one of the listed "extremists." The Field Guide was one of many "tools" the SPLC provides to journalists, who then use it as a reference to target those most outspoken against Islam's totalitarian doctrine of sharia (Islamic law) and the ongoing attempt by Islamists to infiltrate our culture, subvert our Constitution, and bring terrorism to our shores.

The SPLC, more than any other single group, has been responsible for targeting and vilifying anyone who disagrees with the extremist agendas it supports. Just two weeks ago, four major Worldview Weekend events in Wisconsin and Minnesota were shut down after the SPLC announced that the events would feature John Guandolo, president of Understanding the Threat. Guandolo is a combat veteran Marine and former FBI special agent who created and implemented the FBI's first Counterterrorism Training Program regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Doctrine, and the global Islamic Movement. This indisputable expertise made him a prime target for SPLC vilification.

Maajid Nawaz, who considers himself a moderate Muslim, was shocked to find himself included on the list and threatened to sue. In a Daily Beast column last summer, Nawaz stated:

Through the counter-extremism organisation Quilliam that I founded, I have spent eight years defending my Muslim communities in Europe, Pakistan and beyond from the diktats of Islamist theocrats. I have also argued for the liberal reform of Islam today, from within. But, in a naively dangerous form of neo-Orientalism, the SPLC just arrogated to itself the decision over which debates we Muslims may have about reforming our own religion, and which are to be deemed beyond the pale ...

In a monumental failure of comprehension, the SPLC have conflated my challenge to Islamist theocracy among my fellow Muslims with somehow being "anti-Muslim." The regressive left is now in the business of issuing fatwas against Muslim reformers.

In a radio interview with Joe Rogan, Nawaz said that every time they challenged the SPLC on its justification for naming Nawaz, "hey kept changing their reasons ... We've got the archive, and they've been changing it each time people point out the stupidity of their allegations," he said.

About time the SPLC got some comeuppance. It has been in the business of destroying lives for decades while building a $350-million nest egg by hyping fears of a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. In fact, the SPLC is a communist-inspired organization that uses Leninist smear tactics to destroy anyone standing in the way of its extremist agenda. It is little more than a continuing criminal enterprise and should have its leaders prosecuted and assets seized under RICO statutes. It may take such action to halt the SPLC's relentless efforts to stifle freedom of speech.

Common sense gun regulations

This is what leftist policies get you.
In the wake of a gun ban, Venezuela sees rising homicide rate

Since April 2017, at least 163 pro-democracy protesters in Venezuela have been murdered by the Maduro dictatorship. Venezuela serves as an example of how gun prohibition can sometimes encourage gun crime.

In 2012, the communist-dominated Venezuelan National Assembly enacted the "Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law." The bill’s stated objective was to “disarm all citizens.” The new law prohibited all gun sales, except to government entities. The penalty for illegally selling or carrying a firearm is a prison sentence of up to 20 years. Despite criticism from the democratic opposition, the bill went into effect in 2013.

Ostensibly, the motive for gun prohibition was Venezuela’s out of control violent crime. In 2015, Venezuela’s homicide rate was the world’s highest, with 27,875 Venezuelans murdered that year. More broadly, the Bolivarian Republic is the only South American nation with a homicide rate that has steadily risen since 1995. In the year prior to Maduro’s disarmament initiative, the Venezuelan capital of Caracas had a homicide rate of 122 per 100,000 inhabitants, nearly 20 times the global average of 6.2.

One effect of gun prohibition has been the increase of lethal violence against law enforcement. Venezuelan law enforcement are targeted specifically for their firearms with 252 officers being killed in 2015.

Nevertheless, the Maduro government has intensified efforts to disarm Venezuelans, investing $47 million in 2014 to establish 60 centers for voluntary firearm trade-ins and publicly destroying 1,939 confiscated firearms in 2016 as a show of political might.

Beneath the warm cuddly exterior of a doomer beats the heart of a fascist.

Leftists love using the jack boot of government to get their way.
Greenie Reveals His Inner Eco-Fascist – Unleash ‘Regulatory Hell’

Vollmann is an award-winning author and war correspondent once described as the most “ambitious, audacious writer working in America today” and tipped as a plausible Nobel Prize for Literature candidate. He claims once to have been a climate change ‘denier’ but not any more.

The climate change threat is so dire, he believes, that only the most drastic solutions will do:

It’s not just what some consumer does at home. It’s niggling little issues that add up. In Japan, roughly 50 percent or so of all the methane emissions — and that’s one of the three most dangerous greenhouse gases — are caused by rice growing. All this stuff that seems so innocuous. It seems to me that you have to drag people into some kind of regulatory hell, unfortunately. Maybe there’s a better way to do it, but I don’t see one.

Yes, Im Running as a Socialist.

The only difference between this guy and the rest of the Democrats for the last 40 years is that he openly admits it.
‘Yes, I’m Running as a Socialist.’ Why Candidates Are Embracing the Label in 2018
HOUSTON — There was no question on primary night in Texas last month that Franklin Bynum would win the Democratic nomination to become a criminal court judge in Houston. The 34-year-old defense attorney had no challengers.

But for his supporters who packed into a Mexican restaurant that evening, there was still something impressive to celebrate. Many in the crowd were members of the Democratic Socialists of America, or D.S.A., a group that has experienced an enormous surge of interest since the election of President Trump, even in conservative states. And Mr. Bynum was one of their own — a socialist who, along with at least 16 others, appeared on the ballot in primary races across the state of Texas.

“Yes, I’m running as a socialist,” Mr. Bynum said. “I’m a far-left candidate. What I’m trying to do is be a Democrat who actually stands for something, and tells people, ‘Here’s how we are going to materially improve conditions in your life.’”

Here's a couple of examples of how socialism will materially improve conditions in your life:

Thank goodness UK has strict gun control measures.

Otherwise they'd have a terrible crime problem. Aloha snackbar!
Machete Attack Every 90 Minutes in ‘Gun-Free’ Britain
Recorded machete attacks in the UK have shot up by nearly five times in just three years, with the majority in the capital, London.
The huge number of crimes committed with the deadly, sword-like weapons means there is an average of 15 a day in the UK, or one every 90 minutes.

Figures uncovered using freedom of information requests by the Daily Mail show that police dealt with 928 crimes involving machetes in the last two months of 2017. London saw the bulk, with 425 of the attacks. There were 99 in Greater Manchester, 77 in the West Midlands, and 29 each in Merseyside and West Yorkshire.

Just three years earlier, the deadly blades were used in 100 crimes a month over the same period. As violent crime surges across the country, and even faster in London, the long blades, designed for chopping undergrowth, appear to be a weapon of choice for criminals in the UK, which is governed by strict gun-control laws.

Polar bear update

Reality still is not bowing to marxist ideology.
Delingpole: Climate Alarmists Maul Inconvenient Polar Bear Expert

Susan Crockford is a polar bear expert with a message that climate alarmists don’t want to hear: polar bear populations are thriving and are certainly in no danger from thinning summer sea ice supposedly caused by ‘man-made global warming.’
That’s why the alarmist establishment is currently trying destroy her.

Its findings are summarized here:

• Global polar bear numbers have been stable or risen slightly since 2005, despite the fact that summer sea ice since 2007 hit levels not expected until mid-century: the predicted 67% decline in polar bear numbers did not occur.

• Abundant prey and adequate sea ice in spring and early summer since 2007 appear to explain why global polar bear numbers have not declined, as might have been expected as a result of low summer sea ice levels.

• The greatest change in sea ice habitat since 1979 was experienced by Barents Sea polar bears and the least by those in Southern Hudson Bay, the most southerly region inhabited by bears.

• As far as is known, the record low extent of sea ice in March 2017 had no impact on polar bear health or survival.

Fast food minimum wage workers replaced by robots.

Gee what a surprise. Yet another example of lefty's "good intentions" resulting in lost jobs and more poverty. I've already seen and used these at several fast food places.
Wendy’s Responds to #FightFor15 With, You Guessed it… Robots!
The #FightFor15? Apparently it’s causing Wendy’s to follow in McDonalds and Carl’s Jr. footsteps, in that they will now replace people with computers. SURPRIIIIIIISE!

Seriously, who didn’t see this coming? The correct answer? Only the leftists pushing this idiotic economic policy.

In a move meant to offset higher minimum wages taking effect in states across the country, fast-food giant Wendy’s will be offering self-serve kiosks to many of its franchisees later this year.

Though some reports suggested the kiosks would be made available at all Wendy’s by the end of 2016, spokesperson Bob Bertini says it will be up to individual franchisees whether or not they install the kiosks.
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